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  1. Living with 'a' parent, moving out in 6 months time or so. I have a job, full-time. Don't know how long that lasts though. As far as generosity goes, I suppose so.
  2. I didn't expect the topless finish. Need to adjust myself to the NSFW aspect of the new forum.
  3. Now that I think about it, it's not so much beng single that gets me, it's more the peer pressure from my family and some friends... almost every time I meet older folk (or even not-so-old) from my family in some social gathering, someone is bound to quip along the lines of "you should really meet a nice girl" or "I was looking forward to seeing you here with a date" or "You're such a dashing and positive young man, yet you don't have a girl on your arm". Dashing, my ass. *Waiting for the day when someone asks "Are you gay?"*
  4. To be honest, I don't like being single. That said, as much as marriage is no doubt a great thing, I have my reservations about that. I can't really explain what those reservations are, though. Perhaps a fear of some sort that one day I'd come to the realization that I've married the wrong person. Maybe
  5. IIRC, there were no douche bags in my highschool; everyone was cool. Grammar school however, had a couple.
  6. Sunshine. I found it great, and I'm recommending it.
  7. I have a 17,3" laptop screen, with 1600x900 as the native resolution
  8. I hate you. Not really.... but, you know. I'll drown my sorrows in Tales of Innocence. Also, Tales of Xillia is most likely slated for an EU release.
  9. On that note, I think that what Capcom did to he hackers was entirely justified. Some gamers hacked the game in order to get access to content that was not yet slated for proper release at that time. In Capcom's eyes, that's more or less the same than pirating a game and playing it before the actual release date -- it doesn't matter that the content in question was not a game in itself, nor does it matter than the hacked content was already on the retail disc. Sure, I hate on-disc DLC as much as the next guy, but at least you should wait until release day before hacking the DLC if you're not going to buy it "again".
  10. Trying to finish Resident Evil 5. Also, Portal 2.
  11. I don't know about .gdl, but if you meant .gdi, then yes Demul should support that format.
  12. Anyway, you should probably look at Demul sa well, since its in active development unlike nullDC and has better compatibility.
  13. I still use DC every now and then to get some old, hard to find stuff, but BitTorrent took over several years ago. If you ask me, DC is on the fringe nowadays, but DC++ is still in active development. Ther are quite a few users on certain channels as well.
  14. On-disc DLC is the bane of all DLC (I'm looking at you Prince of Persia: Epilogue, who started it all), otherwise I think DLC is a very good thing.
  15. Played the demo on the PS3 and liked it very much. "Cerberus as antagonists" and "The Reapers will fuck your shit up real good" angles worked for me.
  16. Make sure your VF4FT romset is up to date. I can't really help beoynd that since MAWS went dark. Do you have the right BIOS as well?
  17. I kinda liked the new Star Trek movie. John Cho as Sulu made my day.
  18. Not really. Provided that you have Project64 and a good ROM, N64 emulation on PC works just fine, except for a few kinks.
  19. I find it really strange that you haven't heard of FileSonic. As far as digital lockers go, FileSonic is/was probably the biggest after MegaUpload.
  20. Hell no. Sure, there are boring days when I can't be bothered with most of my regular sites, but in the end there's always something intriguing on the Internet, and that's hardly a negative experience. I don't use Facebook, so....um, the Internet is less shit when I don't have to deal with stuff like Facebook.
  21. My technique is simple - While the applicant is waiting for final approval, I enter the given username and IP address into Google. if on the first page I see a reference to a site dedicated to logging Spmmer's IP addresses, I immediately delete the account. If instead, I discover that the user has signed up for a dozen or so forums in the last few days, all of which are unrelated --especially if the user signed up to forums in several different languages, I delete the account immediately. If I find references to the user that show actual posts being made in other places, or no reference at all, I approve the registration. It takes about 5 minutes or so to make a determination on a registrant at most. I do this same thing on a few boards, with the exception that I don't manually approve all member accounts. I just go through the member list like once a day. Spammers and bots aren't exactly known for their impeccable ability to choose decent usernames, either.
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