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Found 2 results

  1. GAME: Mass Effect 3 (DEMO) Systems: PC, PS3, Xbox360 Soooooo yeeeeah.... The demo came out today and if you didn't know please get up from the rock you've been under and smell the sweet smell of ME3... However... I expected a fresher smell. Btw I'm reviewing based on the Xbox360 version. Single Player: I played the single player session and found that part to be underwhelming. First off the game is set into 3 different types, Action, RolePlay, and Story. The first being COD style, an what do i mean by that? Well all the cut-scenes and conversations can be skipped and - I love this- you don't make any dialog choices because the game will do all that for you! Gotta love the new-age RIG theses days. The second being "standard" ME experience which seems fairly true. AS for story... it's just roleplay but a lot easier(??). You'll also notice quite a few set pieces in the first map but i guess that's fine. Now MIND YOU, all of these different styles are changeable in the settings menu so I'm sure they wont ask us what style we wish to play in the real deal. hopefully. Half the demo you are on Earth with a pistol and an assault rifle and fighting off new fat Geth who pretty much just walk to you while shooting, The second part, you're dealing with human armored dudes and they perform the usual shoot and cover stuff. I was hoping some aliens to mix it up but i chalk that up to bad decision making on the demo. THe action is there! The intensity, the way the guns feels when shot. It all feels awesome! The graphics are beautiful and there are some slight audio sync issues i ran it during the talks but these were glitches. Everything is smooth for the most part and did i mentions how nice it feels to get a head shot in this game. ANd don't get me started on the BIonic Charge MultiPlayer: The multi-player is basically horde mode for M.E. You fight wave, after wave, and if you lose your health(incapacitated) a friend can heal you. But if you dot get revived up in time you die. Also the enemy can curb stomp which kills instantly(GOW type thing). The slight difference is you will occasionally have to hack a few terminals during a wave or kill a certain group of enemies in a time-frame but the latter makes the horde mode seem sillier to me.You can level up just like in single player although from what i saw, they gyve you five or six powers(four are usally used for the ammo change, grenade power and the passive things like "Fitness" and "training" powers and you just keep upgrading those powers. This caused me to raise an eyebrow, especially on the campaign( which does provide slightly more to work with, by giving you about seven or eight powers to upgrade) since they stated they were gonna address the concern for the game being more shooter than rpg--- I didn't see that addressed at all. Bottom line is it fun?... Well yea..kinda. The single player was dull because everyone did the same, duck, cover, and shoot. It would have been better to demo Shepard fighting some Krogan or Asarians who usually posses powers and specific attack patterns. Other than that, it was standard cover action. The coop/horde was really fun with friends who know what they're doing. It becomes thrilling but i guess i feel a little empty due to my expectation of thinking the coop would be Single-player-like missions but with friends. Instead we're on this one map that doesn't expand and we fight until we die..... Doesn't fit right at all for a ME game. But i will keep playing it and I'll see if my seemingly negative opinion changes, but there isn't much left to do but level up on coop now. If it does i will love to come back on and retract my statements. Keep in mind, so far the game does not seem bad, and i'm still gonna get it, its just a franchise like ME- if you're gonna go with a demo, then go hard. Plz comment an lemme know what ya think.
  2. Whooops, Admins please close this thread, Also everyone check out the review i posted in the review thread! Sorry about that.!
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