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  1. yeah, bu how do i get the four v roms and the 8 c roms? the crcs aren't the same neither is the s rom
  2. yeah, that's what i'm doing, exept the video doesn't work right, that is what i wrote in the asr for the loader to kawaks 1.46, what i'm asking is are those the right files that i have. if not where can i get them, or what do i do. i already replaced the p1 with the new p1, but the words are screwed up and the sprites are screwed-up, i don't have 8 c roms or 4 v roms like i saw someone write on an asr in another post.
  3. okay i've read the other posts, but here's my prob. my crcs don't match, and i have only one v rom(16 megabytes), and 6 c roms, as well as a different s rom, the game loads when i put my crcs in the asr.dat Here are my roms and crcs 271-c1d.bin-C29ACD28 271-c2d.bin-328E80B1 271-c3d.bin-020A11F1 271-c4d.bin-991B5ED2 271-c5d.bin-A47CA14A 271-c6d.bin-A47CA14A 271-m1d.bin-0E86AF8F 271-p1bl.bin-8B729F56(i replaced the old one with this one) 271-p2bl.bin-BF7BF5FE(i did not write this one down in the asr file) 271-s1bl.bin-98d1896b 271-v1d.bin-2058EC5E 5 and 6 are repeated, these are the roms i u
  4. aunt may? dude shes cool man. i wouldnt replace her with anyone else. she fits her persona. i think so.. I know she looks like Aunt May, but she overacts badly, not in this one as much but in the first one she was terrible.
  5. just saw it, glad that the charcters match the comics one complaint is the arms that doc oc had controlled him was the worst part of the movie everything else was golden, i cant believe they kept that terrible actor who plays aunt may.
  6. Vice City Metal Gear Solid 2 Espn sports games Dynaty Warriors 4 (very fun) I will not include any capcom games(i hate the camera angles and akward controls, especially Devil May Cry, which i haven't beaten because it's hard to see and you can't block) i know i don't have 5, but i'm hoping to find the 5th
  7. I like the story, the child survived, but i wonder what his parents were doing!! How can you be so careless, I hope it serves as a wake-up call.
  8. All those movies are terrible, i hate them and so i boycotted this one and never saw it; and never will!
  9. That site is stupid and funny, i like it!
  10. You need Xzibit to Pimp Your Ride, a cassette player, come on man.
  11. I hope not, that would make me sad! hm let me check. How about this? Oh and thanks about the Durden thing i know but i keep forgeting it's Durden Not Durton,
  12. sqare-enix as well adnd rockstar, oh i would make their games better with my great ideas.
  13. so what am i supposed to do for movement, that's why i need to use a controller in the first place.
  14. Man i have been doing that trick for years, My TI86 is the coolest, oh how i hated accounting classs, that must be the worst profession ever.
  15. Really? my post was meant as sarcasm and a joke forgive my attempt to make you all laugh. I was joking too. A different smiley would have given away the dead pan manner in which I was trying to deliver it. Damn text!! Ha Ha Ha, I know i was trying to make you look like a jerk by writing down my previous post, anyways it was meant to be a joke as well, i'm not mad at you though.
  16. Really? my post was meant as sarcasm and a joke forgive my attempt to make you all laugh.
  17. Are you from the south???? i thought you were, if you were from the south you would not have made that statement.
  18. soccer???? you all like soccer??? wow i am hispanic and i don't like soccer, the world cup i watch but i'm usually drinking with my friends and we don't really care about the game we just laugh, what i do love is Football!!!! yay!! oh and how the Lakers were demolished by the Pistons hahahahahahahaha.
  19. You know what can someone just email it(the select file) to me and some characters up to 10megs per email with my yahoo account, i have windows or maybe a link to the most recent mugen application that will run on xp, whoa i sound needy as hell!!! sorry. Oh one last thing where are the best completed characters at?(site) thanks.
  20. Can someone post up exactly what they write in in their select file, do i put in in quotes or what i just need to see an example the explanation that comes with mugen just confuses me. it would be better just to show me the whole file like copy and paste the contents into your response thanks. I just want to use this program so bad and i finally upgraded my conputer which will now run mugen, but i am finding it more difficult than i expected. Also does anyone know why i can't access the elecbyte site i swear everyone's link is useless it just won't load in my computer.
  21. how do i add my joy pad to mugen's list, i read where you add it to input, but what do i write in? i have a logitech wingman pro, please help!
  22. Okay guys i have the original games which i want to play i know you can't play them off a cd drive, and you are supposed to load the image file into a virtual drive, my problem is making the iso file, i tried DOA and the file was only 29 megabytes, jet grind radio was 912 kb so i'm doing something wrong but i don't know what i'm supposed to do , what should i use and how do i do this, i have nero. please help.
  23. Really, i saw the movie and didn't feel it at all, but hey I rarely like a scary movie now adays. The movie felt like it was missing alot of info and little was explained.
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