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  1. hey what emulator plays Samurai Showdown RPG for Neo Geo CD?
  2. i thought to say somethin but thanx ya'll i got it going!
  3. hey thanks pimpin! i will get try to get this going!!! thanks again yall! nate
  4. hey ya'll last time i got my ass handed to me cause i asked the wrong question. but i'll let that go cause whoever you are you guys are losers(oh yeah)!!!! but i was in the wrong too so i guess that makes me a loser(LOL)!!! but anyway, i got the roms for samsho5 right for neogeo and i cant get it to work for mame32. why is that? if anyone has a solution it would be most welcomed!!! (for you smart asses out there with no life, if you dont have an answer dont reply!!!! but to those that do i thank you!!!)
  5. i dont know if it is allowed but if it is can anyone provide the link or something to get the samurai showdown 5 rom or a website to get it from please! thanx!
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