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  1. i like people from here here is mine P.s. SWEDEN 408100-754589 Add me
  2. But i want to use kawaks or nebula but maybe i have the wrong files??? i have downloaded but maybe i have the wrong size??? Whats the true size of ms4 and ms5 that are supposed to work on kawaks or nebula...
  3. Sorry to be an ididot but i have forgotten everything... Nebula loader is? And how do i check if they match the sets? Thanks for helping im kinda slow on the neogeo thing.. lol
  4. Its been a while i used neogeo... So anyways i have downloaded metalslug 4 & 5, but they dont show up on kawaks or nebula to even load... help plz As fot the metal slug 4 (i have only 1 file 263-p2.bin) I dont get why the rest is there??? Anyways arent they made to play on kawaks or nebula...? Thx
  5. Im not giving yuu any links just help of how to search for the bios 1. Google and try different key words and you could find it... 2. Try using P2P such a kazaa, Dc++ limewire or whatever 3. The easiest way is probably through bittorrent Just write in either google or bittorrent tracker pages "Psx bios" or whatever and there is a 99% chance that you shall find what you are looking for. I found PSX bios through google so its not impossible remeber that also russian and South american laws differ from EU and USA rulez. No please STOP ASKING for BIOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. how should i know..!? Where can i check up that my processors support sse2...!?
  7. ok so here it goes! in load games section in kawaks it says; Supersidekicks 2 (misses rasters) i dont think you can enable rasters since why would it be saying misses rasters in that case.. !?
  8. when i play on kawaks super side kicks (soccer game) i cant see the sidelines or any lines why!? all i get is the background on the field... Nebula plays it fine.
  9. 1.Do you have bios!? YOU MUST HAVE BIOS search google "neo geo bios download" 2. Download neo geo roms and put in you "ROMS" folder 3. Open nebula. press on load rom. Then before you play rescan all roms. and voila. play
  10. But i cant even get it to start whenever i start ssf i get a pop-up screen some funny jap writings and i have to press ok then the emulator closes...
  11. alrighty lol thx guys But i have some games here at home which have multiple games on it how come that works...?
  12. I have downloaded SSF 007_alpha_12 Girigiri_gav_lite Satourne V1_1 Bios Eng, Jap. US Ok which one should i use and how do i get them started i want to try out the SSF since it (probably is the best emulator around) runs most games. But when i try to to start it i get a message and everything is in jap. i think anyways its strange help plz... Links to how to would be good. Thx
  13. What does AFAIK mean!? And ok ill put them seperatly then... Btw games am going to burn is Salamnder deluxe and tactics ogre and tsubasa (why cant you do that btw?) Thx
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