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  1. Wouldnt it be cool if you could have a program where you could select consoles from a list and then view the games with covers and manuals before of while your running them ? Just an idee I would do it myself if I only knew how to program ) There isnt by any chance anything like this out there somewhere ?
  2. Super Mario DS doesnt really crash on my computer, right after its loaded, the emulator just freezes (and stays like this until i force it to shut down), but i dont get a crash message like i did with the Metroid Prime demo.
  3. Hi everybody, new guy here I tested the DSemu with the Metroid Demo as sonicjam did, it crashes after a couple of seconds everytime. Framerate is on my computer around 18-20. (I have a 2.4 p4, geforce fx5200 (dont know if it uses the gpu, but i mention it anyway). I dont however get any colored dots or anything on the screen like robbbert metioned. just black all the time. From the looks of things, this emu is getting really close to running actual games.
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