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  1. anyone got a link to the samurai showdown 5 special fatalities video?? I know it is out there but I can not find it
  2. SO this patch is for the bendermame xbox ver of the samsho5sp rom? How do I use the patch (if it is for the xbox rom) and where do I get it Thanks dude.
  3. the Unique Fatalities have been removed from the game. There is also no splitting in half or decapitations at the end of the match. This is because the rom was dumped from a AES (home version) cart. The JAMMA arcade version STILL has the fatilitys. Can anyone here get the ball rolling to get us a TRUE Samurai Showdown 5 dump. The fatialitys ARE on the AES dump but they are censored out....they can be unlocked on the computer with a unibios to unlock it this unibios is avaible at http://unibios.free.fr/ can anyone implement this into the bendermame?? I know that there were verry few jamma carts of SSVS released and no one is willing (yet) to open theres up to dump it. I will help in ANY way that I can. P.S. can someone post a link to some good move lists for SS5 please.
  4. Quick Question...does Samurai Showdown 5 even work yet...or am I trying in vain to get it to work Think I got it narrowed down tho..am missing a program file P2 I believe. Old neo Geo games just had a (1) program file..seems newer games have two as my metal sludX has 2 program roms...and my sam sho 5 says that I am missing the 2nd Program rom...Phewey
  5. I need a link to a WORKING copy of a samurai showdown 5 rom please. My rom is missing 270-P2.bin and also has a whole bunch of checksums!!
  6. kool man...let me know if there is any way I can help.
  7. I have the BenderMameOx 01.21.2005 Fixed Version and it works well, however, I only have stock 64 MB in my xbox. When I try to load some of the bigger games like Samurai showdown5, SVC Chaos..ect the game loads well until it says that I am out of memory I am aware that there is a fix for this if the right data is added to the VM.txt file in the emulator. Am I correct in thinking that this file allots virtural memory to the games?? Does anyone know where I can download a version of the VM.txt that has the newer games in it and is optimized for a xbox witj 64mb of memory. just some help editing the file myself as it is just a text file.
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