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  1. I believe the technical term used is "Sausage Party". Emulation is a fairly niche interest, I could probably count on one hand the amount of girls i've encountered on emulation sites. Still, girls are always welcome to join in. (as long as they don't mind numerous requests for pictures of their breasts)
  2. Readng the instructions isn't going to do him any good because he upgraded to sony's 3.30 firmware and there is no downgrader for that. You're out of luck. The only thing you can do is maybe return the psp where you bought it, and by another one somewhere else. And don't upgrade the firmware to sony's official one.
  3. Should have read this article before posting on Digg http://blogs.tech-recipes.com/davak/2005/1...rs-should-know/ It seems like there isn't much benefit from the digg readers. Glad to see the site back up though. Thanks to everyone involved.
  4. Damn, dragonkeeper lives in the future. Scary.
  5. Br1NG BaCK TEh R0mZ!!1!! Ha. Actually, I got every single rom/iso i ever wanted. Hell, I don't even play most of them. Maybe Gamecop could do a celebrity blog and post about britney spears and paris hilton. That seems popular these days.
  6. I liked it. I played it in the arcade and I could juggle people with the weak dragon-punch forever. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about.
  7. VSO ConvertXtoDvd The fastest and easiest. Converts almost any format (mkv, ogm, avi) and gives good quality. You should be able to find it at any participating bittorrent site.
  8. Crazy, we'll still have to wait and see if anything comes of this. They should have just used another game's engine instead of trying to build one from scratch. Been waiting a loooooonnng time for this game.
  9. Wow, awesome news. A lot of noobs will be very happy about this. (except for the fact that they'll need a copy of GTA)
  10. Try to use your most recent system restore point and see if that works. If not, maybe try to install this mp3 codec. Yours might be corrupt. http://www.free-codecs.com/download/MPEG_Layer_3_Codec.htm
  11. Well, you shouldn't notice any speed differences with dsl. I use Tune-up utilites. It has an internet optimizer that works great. I was having problems with my internet speeds using bittorrent and the newsgroups, and after optimizing, the speeds were perfect. Try out the free trial http://www.softpedia.com/get/Tweak/System-...Utilities.shtml
  12. Memorex is crap. Never ever use them. Verbatim is the way to go, you should shop around and maybe get them online. If you cant find them, Fujifilm aren't bad, they're cheaper, but still alright.
  13. Dark_Alex is my gosh darn HERO. This firmware is the bomb. I've been playing around with a bunch of old psx games, and they work great. The recovery console is a work of genius. I bricked my psp a couple of days ago, and thanks to the recovery mode, I was able to fix it. I highly recommend this firmware.
  14. 3 minutes to 2007. Happy New Year everyone.
  15. There is a way to fix it, I just can't remember how. It's just easier to use Zenith. http://www.aep-emu.de/Emus-file-emus_detail-id-910.html It's a really good front-end, and everything works properly.
  16. Thanks. I just successfully updated to 3.02 oe B.
  17. Oh yeah. Fully verified. I just finished downgrading my psp. At long last the ta-082 owners get some love. It's a great time to be a psp owner. Now, I can update to the custom firmware. Ha ha ha. Sadly, if you updated your firmware past 2.71, you're out of luck for the moment.
  18. Lots of excellent psx games. How about: -Dino Crisis -Ehrgeiz -Hot Wheels: Turbo Racing -Sledstorm -X-Men: Mutant Academy 1 + 2 -Tobal 1 + 2 -Soul Reaver -Street Fighter Alpha 3 -Street fighter Collection -Street fighter Collection 2 -Street Fighter EX2 -Hydro Thunder -Rayman 2 There's a whole bunch more. But that will do for now
  19. I hoped this would happen when I first heard the psp would have a psx emulator in firmware 3.0, but I never expected it to happen so quickly. Sony should just give up. lol. Release all the technical specs for the psp and just let the hackers and coders do what they want.
  20. There's a couple installers on other sites. They are supposed to be safer. Damn, still no love for the ta-082 though.
  21. No one? Come on, someone has to know. Just type in the answer. It will be fun. Show some Xmas spirit.
  22. I seem to have lost my manual How the heck do you do a nose press in SSX on Tour? I've been trying for an hour now, and its starting to pith me off.
  23. Please, look into these things before passing on your knowledge to noobs. There is in fact homebrew for 2.80, even an eLoader. Also, I'm just assuming, but you must have heard of the libTIFF exploit, which is alive and well on 2.80. Above 2.80, though, you are correct, there is nothing. Get games, eLoader, and TIFF things for 2.80 from here:http://forums.qj.net/f-eloader-and-201-hom...ames-70890.html Well, you can't play isos on 2.8, now can you? Would you recommend updating firmware to 2.8? I highly doubt it. I stand corrected on the homebrew issue, but I would still recommend that Shibathedog not get the psp if it is firmware higher than 2.71.
  24. If you want to play homebrew and your legally backed up isos, you must make sure the firmware of the psp is no higher than 2.71. I repeat, no higher than 2.71. (and never update your firmware either) If it is, you will not be able to play any of the cool homebrew, or use any custom programs. Also, it would be better if the psp was not a ta-082 motherboard. The way to check that is here - http://img123.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ta82spot10ar.jpg You can still play isos and homebrew, but some of the custom firmwares aren't available.
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