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  1. Thanks mooney i will do that and this is offtopic but thanks for the tutorial on how to use the flashme for NDS iv been looking for something like that for months:)
  2. is there a downgrade being made at least so i can wait. and one other thing cant i just upgrade to dark-alex edition 3.40? since its an upgrade not a downgrade
  3. Hey guys im new to this forum i just wanted to ask one simple request ok heres what happened recently i brought a Psp and i used it on my wireless connection at home ok heres the prob i done the stupidest thing ever and updated the firmware to 3.30 after i done this i decided to check Google for any hacks or stuff i can do and i was amazed of what its capable of but noticed i could not use any of it cause the firmware upgrade. my request here is if there is anything i can do with it like play psx games emulators hacks any thing. please id really appreciate it.
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