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  1. I updated my XDVDFS Tools package to include the new finished Crosslinking verson of the ISO maker. I also completely recoded the Version Swap batch script to allow the user to choose which version is active through numbered choice, instead of rotating each run. You can download the new package: HERE
  2. I know all about CloneXB. The program is extremely buggy, and corrupts just about everything it makes. He dissappeared from the scene before he could fix it sadly. Many many problems with layout optimization. In fact I recall reading a post on XS somewhere when CloneXB himself (both program and developer share the same name) said his latest version was forked. Are you actually using it yourself?
  3. Okay, minor hiccup along the road. I spent a couple days working with someone on extending the functionality of XDVDFS tools to support cross linking files manually. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, download this and give it a go: XDVDFS Tools It's the ultimate tool for making Xbox ISOs. Forget Qwix, Cxbox, Craxtion...etc etc. They only produce Xbox ISOs with files in alphabetical order. This utility is all about SPEED. You can create backup discs with all files ordered identically as the original pressed disc. It's also a godsend for homebrew, as the entire disc structure can be manually organized and optimized. Now, down to business: This is getting really out of hand, so I'm just going to spell it out here. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP MESSAGING ME ASKING FOR LINKS TO WHERE YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE FILES. They arn't on Xbins aka "the usual places". There's no magical torrent link either. It's really not that hard to find people. Just follow my signature and READ CAREFULLY. Think of it as a "smacktard check." If you can't figure out, you really don't have the smarts to be using these discs in the first place. That may come off as harsh...but guess what, it's suppose to be. Tough beans. I'm treading along the thin line of board rules already. I'm not looking to get my ass smited with the ban hammer. [/rant] Now that I've got that out of the way, info on what's coming up this week: -A couple new team members possibly coming on board. We'll see how things unfold. -Herbald pointed out to me that his Sega roms collecting work covered a lot more than just Genesis. So I believe I'm renaming the next release to "Sega BAED Evolved" It's due out shortly. Just squashing some bugs with the interface. -BritneysPAIRS has been receiving warm attention from his MAMEdOX Platinum package. I think I'll just spice things up a bit, and push forward on our MAME release. wmxp out
  4. All of the games the official MAME plays have always been considered abandonware. The companies no longer sell them or make profit from them, and no longer give support to those titles. It also helps preserve against hardware failure, such as the famous "CPS suicide" where the battery dies on board. The website www.mame.dk operated freely for years under this premise, and was an official outlet of the MAME team! The MAME.net site LINKED to it. The problem was, where the line was drawn. Modern hacks of MAME and FBA added support for titles that are classified as Warez, such as KOF2003. Copywrites are not active forever. They exist for a certain amount of time, and then they are void. The official MAME team has always respected that. I'm not trying to argue with you outright, I'd just like to shed some light on the subject. (Though I guess this is snes now isn't it. MAME argument not so valid. >_<)
  5. Nooo. You are foiling my plans for world domination, starting with 1Emu post spamming. ~shakes fist~ Hehe...yeah, I know this whole package is a complete grey area. I have the consent of two moderators already and perhaps you'll be the third. You know you wannnnt it. (On a side note about the over posting; I'm use to forums where you receive an email when a user posts in a thread you're currently active in. So the peeps would have the 411 on the latest update.)
  6. ~cough~ http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=17460
  7. As the topic says, BAED Evolved has kicked off! -SNES BAED Evolved is online first. -MAMEdOX Platinum has also been mirrored! -Genesis BAED Evolved will be uploaded in two days. A release schedule for each disc will be worked out. In case you missed the official press release thread, you can view it HERE So where can you get your hands on the goods? Well..all I'm going to say is explore this forum post....
  8. Not really. BritneysPAIRS and I had a long discussion about this, and we decided to go with seperate MAME projects. MAMEdOX Platinum is BritneysPAIRS pre selected "best of MAME" games, where he wanted to cut it down to his top selections of games. He openly stated though, during development he was completely open to suggestion on what should be included. Nobody seemed to care to provide input, so the games list was left as. The package we created was designed to offer the complete MAME game archive. For those perfectionist type who want *everything* Get in touch with me about the MAMEdOX Platinum. Your newsgrups post seems to be gone now, and I plan to mirror that package on our server.
  9. Super Nintendo BAED-Evolved will be ready within the next 24hours for release.
  10. The 1Emulation forums grew rather famous after forum member Shasta Orange Soda released a multi DVD package of Xbox emulators and roms titled the "Big Ass Emulator Disc." Since then, many people have requested updates to this series on these boards. Well ask no longer as I'd like to proudly present: *pause for dramatic effect* So yeah...this project started back in December 2005, and should have been ready by January...but do to complications (entirely my fault, sorry guys) it's been delayed untill now. The project is a joint effort by herbalb, BritneysPAIRS and myself. As it stands, we have created the following: -Super Nintendo BAED-Evolved: 1 DVD approx 3gigs. Contains one copy of every game released. USA version of the rom is always chosen first, and if unavailble the European/Japanese version is used instead. -Sega Genesis BAED-Evolved: 2 DVD approx 4.5gigs. First disc follows the same guidelines as the SNES one. Second DVD is a small compilation of Sega CD titles to be released with Xport's newly released NeoGenesis v19. Second disc is still W.I.P -GBA BAED-Evolved: 2 DVDs approx 6.8 gigs. Contains ALL roms from 0-2320. First disc is roms #-M, second is N-Z. Same filtering rules as Snes/Genesis -MAME BAED-Evolved: 1DVD approx 4.38 gigs. This DVD has small front end with a switcher to choose between MAMEdOX 1.1 and MAMEoX 0.84 B3 The reason for this design is each emulator has a few holes in it for supported games. Some titles, notably ST-V games run better with the older MAMEoX. All Capcom CPS1/CPS2 and NeoGeo titles have been removed and ported over to... -FBA BAED-Evolved: 1DVD approx 4.37 gigs. Capcom Play System 1&2, and NeoGeo titles using FBA XXX Pro. Clones and non working games removed. -N64 BAED-Evolved: Still W.I.P. as N64 emulation is extremely hit and miss, but it should be a 1(2?) DVD release with the complete USA roms collection and the missing pockets from Euro/Japan. It should be running a multiboot setup with several copies of Surreal 64 and Surreal 64 XXX in different stages to allow as many games to be played as possible. The save directories of each emulator will be modified so they don't conflict. -Daphne BAED-Evolved: Laser disc games collection. 2 DVDs, first one complete. Missing a few popular games so help is needed on this one. PM me if you think you can contribute to this project. Frame files are a pain! ....what's next? Huge amounts of time have gone into using Rom Center, CLRMame Pro, GoodTools, etc to ensure all rom dumps are the best they can possibly be. UnleashX is used as a front end on several disc to provide emulator switching, HD install options and Tdata/Udata pre-configured setup installs to make this as noob friendly as possible. All the final ISOs have been manually optimized using the fantastic XDVDFS Tools system for speedy loading times from DVD. Because of the file system limitations of FatX (file name length/maximum path length), running from DVD is required, despite how we all want to load from the HD. *IMPORTANT NOTE* With the recent wave of updates from +T+ and HK$ for FBA XXX Pro and MAMEoX128Plus, the current MAME/FBA discs might be scrapped in favour of a new design. Since they could be using identical rom sets/DATS in the near future, users could play the same games with either MAME or FBA and not be forced into our current layout. More details on this later. Anyone SERIOUS people with good technical skills who can help with this project, don't hesitate to contact me. Anybody who messages any member of our team with crap about when will so and so be released or general whining, I'll make sure to add your IP/hostname to the distribution server ban list so there will be no soup for you! As for actually releasing the files, we have a dedicated server for the job which will be semi-private. The method used for relaying the information is a system which is accepted on the Xbox-Scene official forums by the admins/mods and shouldn't tread on any toes or break any rules on the 1Emu forums. Any mods wishing to discuss this method with me, feel free to contact me. ~ That's all folks! ~
  11. Request please! Can you change the save folder, so it's different from the one MAMEox 0.84 uses? Bump it up another notch like MAMEdoX did? Thank you kindly!
  12. Herbalb and myself have a little something up our sleeve we're working on together. Stay tuned to 1Emu this month.
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