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  1. An argument and a debate are different, an argument contains an emotional approach where the person who doesn't agree with another person, converses with no respect and takes personal offense of someone else who has a different opinion. A debate is a respectful discussion where emotions do not get in the way of conversing, and where people tell various information about whichever topic is involved. I'm registered to two other forums that aren't very active, I hate it though, I can't seem to find a forum that's balanced in activity. Other forums like khinsider, gbatemp, or ngemu are extremely active, and I can't deal with that, there are more naive idiots there, who just post 500 times in each thread just to gain phony reputation, and stuck up now-it-alls who think that they can dominate anyone in a debate. Your individual profile and posts get overlooked, because there are so many other members, posts, and threads for people to pay attention to. I have other forums to visit when another one isn't very active. Debates are usually one sentence away from arguments round' here. I Post at this other forum i Mod in lifeonwax.com A Hip hop site. Small community, active, and not usually very flamish, but the debates get intense. lol And 1Emu is my Home forum so i wont ever really leave.
  2. Arguments get too Personal here. Not many people have the will to constantly get into heavy e-arguments
  3. Im sorry guys, but it is EXTREMELY difficult to enjoy such an ugly game like FFVII on an HDTV. Its such a good game, but the graphics are near intolerable at this point. Playing on the PSP however is pretty nice.
  4. keep believing that. meanwhile I'll play some more UT3 (still unreleased in the states) on live. Ehhh UT3 is def not a game meant to be played on consoles. But, il play as Cloud right now on UT3 just for fun. The PC version of this game is a bit more comfortable. How many times has it happened to you??
  5. Halo's storyline is subpar at best. Nothing close to the MGS storyline at all.
  6. You can play MMOs on the xbox with the K+M?? That actually sounds frickin sweet.
  7. What about it was bad?
  8. I Guess i stand corrected So i am the ONLY one here who wants to see FFVII Remade?? I cant be the ONLY person who thinks that it would be amazing to see this game done over. MGS1 is a perfect example of how a great game can be made to be redone perfectly.
  9. I STRONGLY think that game needs a Remake. Make its way to the PS3 in 1080p. I dont think ANYBODY would disagree aside from you.
  10. The 360 can stream all of the above, except it can play full 1080p WMV instead of VOB, as well as upconverts lower resolutions to 720p/1080p. Keyboard and mouse support, online play (not free but miles ahead), themes. Upgradeable HD. Plays HD-DVD movies, and DVDs, and DVDs full of video/music files and HD wmv/mp4/h264. Try listing some advantages instead of Linux/Blu-Ray Just the sheer fact that the 360 can play 'backups' is more than enough reason to choose it over the PS3 for most people. While playing backups is fine and dandy, not being able to use LIVE sucks ass. Also, what function does the Keyboard and mouse use if the 360 doesnt have a browser??
  11. I personally dont see any FPS matching up to COD4(Including COD5) But FROM the screens i saw, Killzone looks quite nice. They need to Focus on the Multiplayer a bit more and they may have a very successful game. Disgaea comes out August 26th. I Loved Socom so i will be picking that up, Resistance 1 however was boring, so il have to play either a Demo, or borrow the game before i pick it up. Also, that new Naruto game looks really Nice as well. Tekken 6 is also around the corner, motorstorm 2 should rack up some sales. PS3 isnt disappointing this year IMO
  12. The Update Just Went Live. Time to Update. BRB BK: Socom, Resistance 2, Disgaea 3 and Bioshock is making its way over as well. And all of the other Multiplatform games coming out as well.
  13. I Strongly believe its the system of the Future
  14. Lol yea its cool, very chilled out
  15. http://digg.com/people/The_Guy_Friend For the Guy who has a girl as a best friend. Read it, its SOOo perfectly right.
  16. Sony's 2.40 FW which releases Tommorow Only thing they need to address is a centralized Server for the games. i Think thats what Qore should be doing, giving us the Option to pay for that.
  17. Haha dude, I loved that place! My 3rd cousin from Japan took some pictures of us there. I didn't grab anything though, expensive siht. So do you work IN RCMH? Or is your place just outside of it. I managed to grab a picture of the Marquee which made me happy. Next step is get tickets to a show there next time I'm in NYC. Yeah I carried my Phat iPod out pretty much all the time I was there changing tracks on the fly. TS isn't really an area where some heavy shizzle wouldn't go down. I got pictures up and plan on making a few blog posts bout my trip. Just like to have a discussion thread here since no one reads the blogs XD (funny thing since I have the 2nd most read blog in all of 1emu yet NO ONE bothers to comment). LOl Nah, i work at Del Friscos(Resaurant) across from it. Most expensive restaurant ive ever seen....EVER! Its also right next to the FoX News Building. Did you go on the thing that tells you which M&M you are?? I was Brown xD
  18. I work in front of Radio City, That area is 100% safe. lol You wont get robbed at all. I carry my iPod Touch at all times and ive never been approached. Did you see the Big M&Ms store??
  19. Doom 3 was boring to me. Im not really looking very forward to this,
  20. It doesnt. The game looks perfect in 1080p. Its 30 Bucks Mag, at least in the stores around here, and its worth every penny.
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