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  1. yea i think that does sound kinda stupid hehe even tho that would be awesome, but in my opinion, highly doubtful, at least not yet but i really dont know. lets see if anyone else does
  2. ok, i recently took my nephew to chuck e cheese and while we were there, i played this trucker game called 18 wheeler. ive yet to see it on any website so i wanna know if the rom exists at all?? and if it does, does it play well or slow?
  3. It isnt incredible hulk nor altered beast. he has on blue clothing, almost looks like cyclops you might say, and when he rips his shirt off he gains crazy muscles and even pecs
  4. i remember when i was alot younger, we had the sega genesis. and there was this game that i cant quite remember at all but i do remember that after a bit of fighting, he would get mad and rip off his shirt and became a bit more powerful. might anyone know the name of this game??
  5. Where can i get them?? or is that considered asking for a rom?? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No rom requests. You need to find the mshu.zip set your own. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ok sry for that
  6. I Have downloaded this game a countless amount of times and everytime i load MAME32 it always says im missing files, and kawaks just doesnt even recognize the game at all, any help plz. when i load up the rom these are the missing files: mshu.03 NOT FOUND mshu.04 NOT FOUND mshux.03 NOT FOUND mshux.04 NOT FOUND is there something i should do or somewhere i can get these files?
  7. oo ok. i have a problem like that sorta, When i play duke nukem, i can play the first missions of training but as soon as he gets on the helicopter, after that nothing happens, is this the PJ64 doing this or might that be the rom? edit: I just made the enitre list appear here, and for my duke nukem zero hour it says: status:Region Issue Notes (core):fails@level1;use(E)Rom also, my star wars battle for naboo, which never starts says: Status:needs video plugin interpreter Only? Notes(default Plugins):{video Unsupported What should i do??
  8. I have v1.6 and i always wanted to know how to put them there too. But u dont have a problem loading the roms tho???
  9. LoL, its funny cuz now that i think of how many times i played it, i dont recall ever beating it. by the time i would even get close to beating it, i would have gotten tired. I do recall beating the deluxe version for gameboy color, but thats because it has the save feature.
  10. Just a question out of the blue. How well does it compare to Halo 2??
  11. i listen to rap/hip-hop alot. but not the commercial idiots who talk about the same thing over and over again(girls/cars/guns/jewelry) Im talkin the real deal(Papoose) i love hearin these idiots beef over the radio. I also listen to bachata and some reggaeton, Rock
  12. Aint that the truth They also almost never had the save feature. So beating games like megaman would have you writing down some long a$$ code or just playing all day without turning it off.
  13. veiwtiful joe, it gets ridiculously hard for absolutely no reason
  14. Sonic Adventure 2(DC/GCN) Megaman X4 Megaman X6 Super Mario World Metal Gear Solid:Twin Snakes(the best remake of the best game on psx)
  15. o wouldnt i be able to back them up onto my computer?
  16. So are you and i find it weird its outselling the psp.
  17. well it says ther that some psx->usb converters are compatable with the "dance pad code" would it work for this one?
  18. YES thats exactly what i wanted to hear What else does shark port do??
  19. 000 i Neva thought of getting DDR. But now i find out it wont work For which system u get it?
  20. Ok Sry, Where can i get MUGEN? I Really dont kno almost anything about it so i wanna try it.
  21. Where can i get this emulator?
  22. http://www.answers.com/topic/m-u-g-e-n <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Wait, so its basiclly like a "create your own" fighting game??
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