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  1. lets forget xbox360 for a moment... i was watching the nintendo wii advertisement, promoting the various games coming out for the wii (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AULgEKabQ80) and i must say that it look very, VERY impresive... heres another clip for e3 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YP9Vi...elated&search=) i always supported the playstation because of its core machine and some fantastic games as well and was thinking of getting the ps3 when its out. however, after watching the clip, i must way that the nintendo wii is so freaking cool.... the games are just out of this world. who would make a game on cooking skills?? who? yeah, the japanese. what im saying is that the wii looks more like "money well spent".
  2. wow thats old, it was the fastest p2p for dial up at the time but there were almost never any satallites --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I first started in 1997-1998(cant remember). My brother had came home and told me that in his school he had saw some kid playing Dragonball Z Hyperdimension(i think) So he made me look for snes9x and the rom. While looking for it i luckly came across Super Mario World And then i just kept downloading games on my Windows 98 32 GB hard drive 128 Mb RAM. After that i just kept going till in 1999 my computer messed up. Then my Brother Bought another PC in 2002, And he used to let me use it. I downloaded all my old Genesis/SNES/NES/GBA roms and emus and made a cd with them. One year ago, my moms bought me a new PC and i got hooked. I downloaded Project 64 and i loved it. I then started to look for epsxe but everytime i found one, it was missing plug-ins and i really didnt understand anything about that(still dont) So i tried my luck with a P2P(limewire) and it came with all plug-ins and everything ready. Then i Downloaded MAME32 But i didnt know how to play the games. So i went on google and was searching and all i kept finding was forums where other people like me had to be explained how to work it. So one i came to this site and signed up and asked for help. Agozor answered quickly and now im here. Here i learned alot, Like how to use MUGEN/Neorage/Chankast/epsxe. Thanks to all that helped me out as a newb/noob(whichever you prefer to call me)
  3. 00, ok see now i learned something new. teh difference between "newb" and "noob". Interesting.......
  4. For some reason, everytime a noob says something dumb/funny in the forum it makes me just wanna yell EffInn NOOB. But then i remember how it was when i was a noob, I was welcomed harshly by ****** and ********(you should know who you are) I was wondering do you remember how it was when you were a noob to Emulation or 1Emu because even Gamecop was in level 1 once......
  5. Thats Just Funny................no Punchline for that, Its just stupid funny. Wii hasnt come out yet and you're expecting one for FREE??! good job You're gonna get so much...............(I guess you can call it) mail. Well lemme not jinx it. You might get it Just hope you dont get beat in the head And if you do get one, Congrats Good Luck I do have to say, this site is very convincing. The best scam ive seen in a while
  6. Yup, Plus the DC controller was better for it (except the almost guarantee blisters from playing MVC2 or Guilty Gear X)
  7. When i bring down the datatype menu, all i says is customize
  8. I need help MAKING The Image. Ive downloaded Alcohol 120%/PowerISO/DAEMON Tools, and ive gotten nowhere, Im so confused
  9. Ive beat it with him too, Hes garbage. You're just probably really good. but if u were to fight vs. someone very experienced like me, I would make short work of you.
  10. The best In the Game are Falco and luigi, But my favs are Dr.Mario/Sheek/Luigi/Fox. I HATE jigglypuff!!! Hes there for absolutely nothing. PICHU is better than him and pichu hurts himself.
  11. Unfortunatly No but thanks for asking And your jealous That Im a Premium Member And as for my level, My level is going up as you type GoRDoOnE attacked The_DeadMan with a Plasma Grenade (127 str) and took off 167! The_DeadMan has 20 HP left! The_DeadMan counterattacks with a AK-47 (15 str) and takes off 27! GoRDoOnE has 106 HP left! You gain: 63 EXP points!!!! Congratulations you've went up a level!!!! Your Max Hp went up by 3 and your Max Strength went up by 7.
  12. Great Review, This game is awesome. I also like Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero (PS2). But i Played Tokyo Extreme Racer 3 (PS2), And it is a complete disaster. The graphics are Ok, the sound is the same as the others but The highway cars consist of only one yellow bus! The car graphics was for some reason not as good as the DC version. The only good thing about the game was the boost feature but besides that, it isnt any better than The DC version. For some reason The DC version was a bit more enjoyable.
  13. Thanks for clearing my name up there I dont really understand what you mean by safedisc and ignore media type but in another site i read that daemon tools doesnt encounter problems with the sims 2. it can make the image and work perfectly. cause if it does, i could borrow it make the image, mount it and play all i like.
  14. GodPigeon

    Firefox 2

    yea Firefox 2 ownz 1.5 and IE!!!
  15. I used alcohol 120% to try and make an image of the sims 2 and it didnt work, would it work with daemon tools? I went through hell to get the full version of alcohol 120% and the crack, i just hope it wasnt for nothing
  16. Sorry i dont post as much but you have ALOT more time here than i do and the post count is a bit higher on my part
  17. i tried that and it didnt work either. It might be because the game is a bootleg, do bootlegs work on the emus??
  18. Thanks for all the hospitality and harsh sweet FAS violence that makes this site great.
  19. Thanks, and after a bit more messing around, this site changed alot. almost every feature has been fine tuned AWESOME!!!!
  20. Im having a problem getting this game to start on epsxe everytime i start it it shows the loading screen for like half a semi second and then it says epsx (error) recompile block too large how could i get this game to work??
  21. Just got Back from my awesome vacation in Dominican Republic but its over now. Back to school and work anyways compliments to whomever made 1emu look real nice with the new(to me) layout. Its Cool
  22. Holy shlit!! thats crazy, even tho goatse sounds like fun(i kno, what a hypocryte) Thats horrible.......having ur parents think ur masterbating everyday. i wouldnt know how to look at my mom. Unfortunatly i learned the hard way as a newbie
  23. Well Im leaving tonight to Dominican Republic. Scary part is, Im Coming Back on........................9/11 so this is me signing out. While im gone, attack me like crazy, I can use the EXP
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