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  1. What is M.U.G.E.N?? Ive never heard of it b4??
  2. I Made the image, now how do you mount it?
  3. Downloading from a P2P only really requires a good anti-virus. Its Common sense that when u download off of a P2P, to scan watever u just got. but its alot easier to find what u need like those protected roms or hard to find emulators. I dont do it often but its like a last resort.
  4. theres two different memory card files for both slots so that cant be it. Well since i cant really get this thing working, how can i get the mounted image?
  5. Like i Said b4, You Should Download epsxe from a p2p like LIMEWIRE. Heres the name of the exact download i got, u can jus copy and paste this into the search box. "Playstation Emulator (Best One Out) All plugins & Psx Bios Set Up For You" this one is all good and ready to go.
  6. well i just tried to load it on MAME32 and kawaks and it wont for some reason. Ur best bet is downloading EGCG NeorageX. Thats where it works for me. Agozer can give it to you if u want it.
  7. Did u put the game inside the rom folder? and do you have the neogeo Bios Rom?
  8. As do I, though it depends on the games in question: Emus on PSP > emus on DS Homebrew on PSP > homebrew on DS Commercial games for PSP < commercial games for DS <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Let Me Just add to that Graphics PSP > Graphics DS Sound On PSP > Sound on DS Price of PSP < Price of DS
  9. ----3P/4P---- Fantastic 4 (isnt too Bad) NHL HITZ (GC/XBOX) Conkers Bad Fur Day(N64) Any Mario Kart(SNES,GBA,N64,GCN) ---2P--- Halo 1-2 Splinter Cell 3 Marvel Vs Capcom 1/2 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Jus Some Off the top of my head
  10. it didnt inform me anything, when i loaded the memory card, it had two different datas on it that werent mine. i deleted them. So the emu definatly detected the memory card file. But thats when i run BIOS. When i play, i run CD-ROM and it always says memory card not detected even after ive done all of the above.
  11. How do you format it from there??
  12. I dont have the memory card manager, is there a website i could get it?
  13. Two Problems 1.The Emulator Works perfectly but the background music doesn't play. The sound effects are there and all but no music, and when i go to the sound menu, i check all the options and what i get is a funny sound over and over again. I'm Playing Mega Man X6 Straight from the CD-ROM. 2.Everytime i try to save a game, It Tells me there is no Memory Card. How do i Save now?
  14. Yes it does, you have to make sure the analog button is on.
  15. Ive yet to play the arcade versions, but today i will see
  16. OK Thanx!!!!!! that works perfecly
  17. How do i remove the scanlines while using winkawaks?? Its makes the emu experience soo dull!!
  18. Ive Had Some Problems like this too, Not as severe as You But still. Like in Conkers bad fur day, the pause screen is warped as if u dont have cable tv and u put channel 1. On Spideerman, when you go up into a vent, u should be able to see through the walls(like in the PSX version) but u cant which makes it hard to see where ur going. KI:Gold Alot of the backgrounds are just left blank. Would downloading these plug-ins make the difference??
  19. You Cant Murder Me - Papoose/Murda Mook Papoose, The Greatest lyracist alive right now, and The Next Best Rapper!! Jay-Z Is Not The Best
  20. I think Bio F.R.E.A.K.S Is the worst fighting game of all time, i would go and explain why, but its a tell-all as soon as u play it.
  21. The Best KI Was The First One For Super Nintendo (to my opinion) ahhhh The Memories ......ULTRA..... ......41 hit...... SUPREME VICTORY KI:Gold has to have been the worst of the series Espesialy because of the auto combos and the horrible N64 controller. The graphics were ehhhhh. What made the Super nintendo Version the best was all of the combos and the long hours of practicing to get to fight a newbie who will most likely pick cinder. He'll push ->MP all day!! Ur Better off getting ZNES and downloading KI there.
  22. What would i be able to do if i connected my PS2 to my computer via USB? The PS2 obviously has two usb ports in the front, and i wanna kno if i can connect to my PC. And if i could, what would be possible??
  23. o0o0o Ok. that Makes Sense. Il Be ready By Tommorow. I see alot of u have ________ champion. Im gonna get me one soon enough.
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