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  1. Its a great idea but Yu-Gi-Oh Dies a WHILE back dude. But it is a great idea, i used to use my TI-83 by putting 8000.8 and if i lost 1200 LP i would put -1200 and it would be 6800.8 but if i took away 2300 Lp away from my opponent, i would put -.23 and it would be 6800.57 It worked pretty well back in the day since it saved paper
  2. Thas Cool, gotta buy the flash cart first(just bought my DS But does it download to the cart or does it just play it in the DS while the computer is on. I wanna be able to go outside while listening to it.
  3. Is it possible to turn my DS into an mp3 player(sorta) Would i be able to listen to music off of it???
  4. U see up there in the screenshot, the option "STV bios" does something belong there, because at the link above, people got the drive_status error but their game still plays, Mine just stayes blank while the numbers on top just keep going up.
  5. So What should i do?? Both the cue and iso give me the same response. And i heard im supposed to place the plugins into my system32 folder..am i??? I tried with Both Alcohol 120% and daemon tools
  6. Ok Now this is the screen i get sfter about like 10 seconds.
  7. If not another owner, the return of tobias!!!!
  8. When i open up SSF it tells me "Not Game CD" I have Nights, and i mounted with Deamon Tools. I Have the plugins but not sure if placed right, lemme know These are my configurations, Not sure if they're right either What should i do??
  9. No, Capcom needs to stick to making capcom games, Midway doesn't need help, or assistance. Midway needs all the help they can get. They havent been able to hold a good stable game since NFL Blitz. Mortal Kombat is no exception. mmm....ok CAPCOM was a bad choice But i still do agree that the someone but midway should own MK
  10. Hey, you know what i think would be nice. IF CAPCOM were to buy the MK title. Maybe they would be able to fix up the erors that midway was doing. Or they might mess it up like they did to street fighter cause street fighter ex 3 was trash
  11. Personally, they should kill the series unless they make a 2D game. I wish that they wouldve never changed sub-zero and scorpions costumes. The old ones look WAY better. And MK4 doesnt do them justice in 3D. They are giving up on Mk cause they know that its failing. Why would they kill Liu Kang??? And then do what they do in the movies........magicly say that they either didnt die/revive/bring back a ghost. Midway always has ways of letting us down. Just like they did to slugfest 2006, they did to MKD. Its priced at 40$.......coincidence?? i think NOT!!!!
  12. OMG r u serious?? MK4 is not an IMPROVEMENT over UMK3...its a disgrace compared to it. MK4 shouldnt have been 3D, Mortal Kombat in general wasnt ready for 3D at the time. But this is only my opinion.
  13. PC version still plays online. I'm just waiting for PSU now, that looks like it will rock. PC VERSION???? oook looks like i gotta download that one instead. And what is PSU???
  14. I wonder whats the launch title for ...air
  15. Like everytime u jump, they jump and attack REALLY quick.....EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!! And the combos just dont ever stop...even while ur on the ground. Anyways, the Mk series doesnt Compare to the Street Fighter Series. Especialy since thats where most fighting games adapted that fighting style with the famous "Haduken" Button Combonation which is(for the ignorant) Down, Forward + Punch Off Topic: Has Anyone ever played Street Fighter 1??? Ive never seen it. i saw a screenshot recently on a capcom classics collection for PSP but ive never played it. And if so for what system??
  16. Adobe audition 1.5, or cool edit pro 2.0 (same program really, but adobe audition is the more later version) These are for the cutting of audio but not too sure if it can rip audio off of video, i think it can
  17. Good Point, But any good Player can beat them easily. The one thing that i dont like about MK is how ridiculously Hard the game gets. I know that games gotta be hard, but thats crazy cause they wont even lat you stand up in the hardest difficulty.
  18. mine used to be Windows Media Player, but its very messy. So My Fav now is iTunes. U night say im crazy but ive finetuned everything to be so organized so its really easy to get to my songs. And i dont mean iTunes 7(which is tottaly CRAP!!!)
  19. AGREED!!!! I did not Like MK1 either, too slow. But of all the series, they made the uppercut look the best never played gold.....how is it?? I dont like the N64 version for that and the worst conrtoller for fighting games is the N64 Control!!!! And any begginer can win just by picking scorpion(GET OVER HERE!!) and then an uppercut. And if they cant do that, just keep jumoing and punching
  20. I dont like MK4, thats when i started to see how the series was falling. But My Fav one is Ultimate MK 3. Wierd tho, i havent heard anyone give props to the ACTUAL best Mk Game, Trilogy..... Its Kinda too late for midway to try and pull back by making say a MK7 2d But i think they would have a chance by doing this for the PSP And DS. Ive played the handheld ports to Deadly Alliance...not impressed but a new 2D MK wouldnt be too bad, and Then they could probably even port it to the home consoles
  21. LMFAOROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG O W0W My heart hurts, Thats a HISTORIC MOMENT OF 1EMULATION HISTORY And it should be posted up again. o w0w i think i would beat someone up if they did that in school around me!!!
  22. Umm dont take them as insults, that wasnt my intension but i am curious to the whole baseball thing
  23. AGREED *whips out bat and knocks the disc outta the park* I wont ever do that again(the baseball comment), but that game sucks
  24. Baseball Comments.......too bad the yankees lost
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