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  1. I would Turn SSJ4 and multiply Kamehameha as much as i can like 10000000000X and throw it at brolys ass for thinking he's tuff
  2. niiiice, im surprised noone has told him yet
  3. well lemme give u a heads up, ur not supposed to resurect REEALLY old topics, tha last post on it before yours was on my birthday but someone else will tell u anywas, jus givin u a heads up.
  4. What Do You Guys Think, Should I Keep it or put back the other??
  5. How do you format the PSX memory card. Cuz everytime i try to save a game it says memory card not formatted. Im using epsxe FYI.
  6. Whenever i see them, you guys are just the first thing that come to mind. Im actually gonna change or edit with photoshop my avatar. Any Ideas???
  7. The Last Three links Dont Work but the first one explains it all Thats just being a douche. I guess some people think that everyone has an answer to every problem.
  8. OK i was on gamespot checking out DBZ:Budokai Tenkaichi 2 and well i checked into a forum topic that said "I have tenkaichi 2" http://www.gamespot.com/ps2/action/dragonb...id=m-1-30645559 And well lets just say thank god 1emu has board rules. Ive never really liked rules but i see y there are so much, cause a forum without rules looks like that. Edit:I want you all to go about like 3 pages forward while at that forum and see how idiotic they get. Or maybe only i think its retarded....
  9. Well ever since i joined the Everyones avatar has just been stuck in my head. What i mean by this is, like i was playing SSBM and when i saw Link, i automaticly thought Robert!! And when i was playing Metal Slug and when i saw the zombie i automaticly thought Agozer. Same with Marvel Vs Capcom with War Machine And So On and So Fourth. Any One Else??
  10. Of course its worth having, but thats like me buying an N64 now and trying to play zelda for the first time. I dont wait like 4 years untill it flops to get the system, I wait about a year at most. I find it alot better to talk about games most people are playing. Cause when u play FFX, everyones gonna be like i already beat that LONG AGO. ya catch my drift??
  11. Yea man, I actually got lucky with this emulator. I first had it, but i didnt understand anything about plug-ins and such. So i tried my luck with Limewire and i found one that hadd all plug-ins and everything was all prepared for use. Its alot easier(But Riskier) to download roms and emus from P2P's.
  12. OK i got it to work, even tho it wasnt the cd plug-in im still gonna thank you because if u never wouldve told me to check there i neva woulda got it. I have 5 cd plug-ins and i tried them all and i got the same results. But then i clicked on default and it unchecked "enable accurate cdrom timing" after that i tried it and it worked so thank you anywayz. I am VERY grateful.
  13. OK sry to bring this up again, but i still cant get my NFS:highstakes to wrok. Any other suggestions??PLZ
  14. Anybody else see something reall stupid in this qoute... Ps2 Has been 150$ for about two years now. And even cheaper if you buy it secondhand. At this point there is no point in getting one, You might as well just get the emulator.
  15. He's not the The Worst (I think.....) I Like Pichu Even tho he hurts himself, Hes Cool but u may be right..... Hey, The Next Time you play SSBM, Use This Sinario. Play You Vs. Samus Aran And Captain Falcon on teams So its Them Two Vs. You, With Friendly Fire Off. Using Stock With Six Lives Each. At Hyrule Temple. Its a tough challenge and for newbies its a must if u wanna learn how to play better. Make sure both thier difficulty levels are nine. Let me know what you think and how you did. Edit:Its Hyrule Temple. hehe
  16. Yes but hes too slow, He doesnt have too many good moves. Someone fast like fox would make short work of him. You can dodge rool all around him if you're experienced. Am i going crazy or are you saying You can play with giga bowser and sandbag???? META KNIGHT??? maybe im losing it........
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