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  1. O Really?? ok Ju Wanna Play rough? Ok SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND GoRDoOnE attacked Dooz with a Pump Action Shotgun (23 str) and took off 30! Dooz has 0 HP left! Dooz is now dead, therefore cannot counterattack!!!! You gain 1 frag(s) (0 stolen). You gain: 6 EXP points!!!! Winner GoRDoOnE Ju Horse!! You can Thank Mooney For That One, he taught me
  2. But u can make people think twice about using this feature
  3. Can someone plz try and remember i really want this game
  4. well yea u got me there ok i dont aggree with the jail time but i do like the fact there is some action against this stupidness
  5. Well yea it is in japanese but i went to the pinball machine and it doesnt freeze. but i dont think its the pinball machine so i went the the capsle where the doog is in front of and it doesnt freeze their either. But im not using it on the dreamcast. Im using chankast. And it took me nearly a week to download this version so maybe when i get highspeed il download jet grind radio.
  6. i aggree with the opposing side. Besides the fact that goatse pranks are for people with no lives, freedom of speech has nothingn to do with this. Its like if youre a black male smoking and selling crack and the cops catch you, then u decide to say that "its because im black" NO. its bacause u got caught. Stop using freedom of speech as a scapegoat to get little kids to look at porn when hes trying to play games or sumthin....geeze
  7. ok now that i finnaly finished downloading jet set radio(PHEW, downloading 343mbs is no joke )How do i play it?? or burn it?
  8. 1. i would like to see some more vs. fighting game series. like maybe even capcom vs dragonball to see if violent ken can beat ssj4 goku or if pan can beat chun li kind of like what they do with mugen but lisenced 2.a mixture of a game like need for speed most wanted and like a real life hustle game. And by that i mean, like you would go and sell w33d or cr@ck and if the cops catch you, you hop into an evo or a skyline and outrun the cops like in most wanted. If u say gta, i dont mean like that because if u have more than a 2 start wanted level, you cant lose the cops. they will just spawn out of nowhere. and of course guns and stuff. 3.and i would like to have games that were in 2d, TO BE KEPT in 2d. games like megaman x7, castlevania ect have been horribly messed up because of it. Megaman X8 was an improvement but still boring, i would love to see axl in 2d with new powers and such.
  9. I think Monica leuinsky is gonna have an affair with George bush, then shes gonna find the receipt for the weapons of mass destruction in saudi arabia. Then hes gonna call osama and give him an ok to use them
  10. OK thanx, that worked like a charm.
  11. i downloaded dvdfabdecrypter, but i when i downloaded it, i canceled it first then i downloaded from another website, so the icon for the cancelled download is on my desktop and everytime i try to shred or delete or move or rename it tells me: Cannot Delete DVDFabDecryptor29:Its is being used by another Person or Program Close any Programs that might be using the file and try again. no Program is using the file, i only have one account om my pc so it cant be another person and the file is 0kb so it isnt really being used at all. I have tried turning off my pc and delete it but it still says the same thing. Then i went into safe mode and tried but still the same msg. I checked my task manager and no programs of the sort is open. How would i be able to delete this thing thats basicly stuck on my desktop??
  12. I kNo I Kno, the only reason i still have dial up is because its a free isp. Im going to Dominican Republic on sunday for a month and a half so when i come back maybe il get it
  13. Nah, im cool. i got the hang of it already. My only problem is im trying to download a dreamcast iso with Dial up its gonna take a long time to get this file which is 343mb but since theres a pause option i can just download some here and there.
  14. Yes it did and thanks, now i will download and enjoy one of the best dreamcast games ever JET SET RADIO!!!!!!!!
  15. im at a website about to download a dreamcast iso and it tells me i need a torrent but i have no idea what that is, might someone tell me
  16. Hey, just off the topic, when you do manage to work the game, you should download the MVC2 complete save from http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/dreamcast/save/914427.html After you format your VMU. Unless youd rather do it the old fashion way and thats alot of fighting
  17. Or just Backup all ur files to DVDs. Thats what i do when i reformat. I bought my computer recently and it came with SP2 and ive never evr had a problem with it. Besides the annoying security center, its all good...for me at least. hehe
  18. o0o ok. That makes sense well i do have another idea. Im gonna find it for dreamcast
  19. i guess so, i figured mame being an arcade emulator it might be
  20. And im proud to american, even tho reading that article just made me flip the switch behind my ps2 which is always on standby
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