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  1. weird i did try out the f5 thing before, it just kept flickering the screen, ut now it works thx mate, now im just gonna be patient and wait for the converterr and joypad to appear in 2 weeks or so, man i cant wait to be playing all those games i grew up with again,mario party all day! >Gordoone: no m8 i can load them up, just some of them doesnt go further than then company credit screens, like resident evil2 or yoshis story but zelda,banjo,mario games are at the moment starting up well and havent seen a issue on those yet
  2. Secret of Mana Final Fight 1 Super Mario World Super Ghouls n Ghosts ISS Deluxe Turtles 4 -turtles in time Mickeys Magical Quest Zombies ate my neighbours Goof Troop Flintstones- Treasure of sierra madrock Mega Man X and X3 Street Fighter 2 Super Smash TV R-Type 3 Pocky & Rocky Super Mario Kart Catlevania 4 Edit:ah how can i forget castlevania 4 and mario kart elazul, castlevania was one of the best games,and the music in those games are only matched by the mega man series all those delicious games slurp now i wanna finally play zelda3, i didnt get it back when it was released because i didnt know any english , i just kept going from one end of the map to the other, same goes for secret of mana but it was fun hoping to complete the game
  3. lo every1 im new to this site, and am a crazy rom maniac, i just have a question. i found a site to project 64 v1.0 guide but didnt get the part of how u get ur game roms to appear on the first screen when u start project 64, the one with the "good n64 name" and "status" to see which errors the games have, can any1 help me? btw is project 64 1.5 the best emulator for this or do i need to get another one? also on my old computer i had "jnes" for 8 bit nes games and "znes" for the 16 bit nes, are they still the best around or is there others u guys can recommend? i havent really followed the emulation scene since i had a crap computer before, so pls help
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