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  1. mmm how bout either sonic blast man 2, Streets of rage 3 or brawl brothers...all i can think of Whats the difference between the English and the Jap version to Castlevania 3??? I actully thought Part 2 was the best one. W0w, technos did almost every sport Well did u play the one i mentioned earlier??
  2. Well i have to agree that these games are loads of fun. I just downloaded one called Bikkuri Nekketsu Shin Kiroku! - Harukanaru Kin MedalIt is INCREDIBLY fun, kinda hard at first but fun. Anyone know of any good NES games to download, most of them are boring. Very few games are fun for this system, especialy since i cant play Duck hunt
  3. I wanna watch that movie soo badly but like Gryph said, the theater count dropped tremendously and the clostest theater to me doesnt have it so i might just buy a bootleg if i cant find a theater that has it. I dont think the movie is gonna be as good as the skits from da ali g show, especially since most of the skits have been put on myspace and commercials.
  4. True, the only problem that both these games have and almost all nintendo games(not all) are thier repetetiveness. This hockey game is rediculously easy to win, all u gotta do is go close to the top right of the screen, and aim your shot downwards its a guarenteed score if u dont get the puck stolen. But besides that a good game. Mind you that this is the first time i played this game about a minute ago.
  5. "ehh u thank thats bad, I once took a kids parents grinded them and fed them to him" - Cartman Took long enough. If he were to be black, the trial wouldnt have lasted this long.
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    Cool, what tools would i need to make this happen???
  7. Even though ive never played the game(but i will today ) I see a resemblence to River City Ransom
  8. GodPigeon

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    Sry Robert, I fixed it. So yeah what is it???
  9. GodPigeon

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    What is DS2Key, i just wanna know. It sounds cool, how does it work and what would i need to use it?? Recently got my DS so never really looked into it.
  10. Im used to it, but this week was almost record breaking for its n00bness..........that i have seen. Has anyone seen worst????
  11. This week for some apparent reason, has brung a SWARM of n00bs man. I havent kept count of how many threads just this week that have had to be closed due to "Non-Forum-Rule-Reading" n00bs. Would any Admin like to bring in the actual numbers?? I kno i saw many Rom Requests, That one "God-doesnt exist guy" who wreaked of advertisement all over and shouldve been banned the second time. One guy who gets his forum closed, makes another and says "i dont know why my other forum was locked but..." And they all have about 2 posts all of them. I wonder whats up next....
  12. I think agozer missed Final Fantasy X-2 (PS2)
  13. Uh Change the skin? Most of the other themes are too colorfull or too plain. Some are Just plain dumb, Like K' said, sessionsaver or session manger need to be updated, its one of the best things about FF so its 1.5 till then for me
  14. What extensions are those? I haven't had a single compatibility problem with my extensions, and I use quite a few. Alot of them cant really remember but i do know that none of the Shift themes worked and i cant get used to none of those other whack themes. So i had to download all of my extensions over again.
  15. Sorry, almost none of the extensions that make Firefox allthemore Better dont work with 2.0. I will wait till lots of the extensions gget upgraded, until then its 1.5 for Me
  16. Off Topic: OMG ive never seen so many Newbs At the same place at the same time, everyone here has like 1-2 posts
  17. Sure thing, Make sure to add me too
  18. I kinda dont know how to use that. I open the that menu. And i pick open, after i do that i get my file and it opens it up and shows me the file i downloaded. But i dont think it saves on the Mem card file bcuz it doesnt load into the game so it must not be on the memory card.
  19. I downlaoded a save file From GameFAQS and i wanna kno how could i import it onto my memory card file for epsxe
  20. Disoblige: I was trying to use Alcohol and instead like u said, i manuallly mounted the bin file with DEAMON Tools and it worked. So from there, i used Alcohol and made another Image from the Phantom drive and got the working MDS, so thanks Agozer: I did what u said and got the Cue working. It said "CD.bin" instead of the actuall Filename so i tested it and it works. Thanks
  21. I downloaded DBGT Final Bout for epsxe and it came with a cue file and a bin file. Who i try to mount the cue file i get "Cue sheet:line 1 - File not accesable" Im using Alcohol 120% and DEAMON Tools gives me a similar response. Any help???
  22. Well, if I understand you correctly (And I'm not sure I do ), "backup" DS games do NOT work with single card download play if they are the host. However, they work fine with multi-card play, as well as Wifi play. Yes you can play download play like that. He was using that and he had sonic rush( i think) but i didnt. So he did download play and we played. Maybe its not for all. Thanks for that guide Mooney, im gonna hop to it quick Also how much $ would that all run me??
  23. ummmmm, y do that if i could get them for free??
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