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  1. what is a gui. does m3 perfect have a gui??
  2. i cant find a screwdriver small enough to get open the battery pack. does anything else work.
  3. is there any web browser for the ds that displays more than text besides the opera one. thank you.
  4. http://www.PetitionOnline.com/WiiRes5/ everybody should sign this petition saying resident evil 5 should be on wii. please sign it if you agree, I did.
  5. because my ds was 130 dollars i dont want it to become bricked. it is not a lite. so your saying as long as i have it plugged in to a power outlet i will be fine. because tony hawks proving ground is coming out and i would hate to have my ds bricked and not get to play that game ) :
  6. well I would hate t have my ds bricked, how can i prevent it from being bricked?
  7. Mooney i have a few quick questions. 1. What does it mean in the guide when you said your ds could get bricked. 2. With flash me installed, can you still run nds games from slot 1.
  8. what losers they take someone elses work and sell it.
  9. NES- zelda SNES- zelda link to past Nintendo 64- oot Gamecube- smash bros brawl Wii- excite truck Sega Genesis- sonic Sega Saturn- ??? Sega Dreamcast- crazy taxi Playstation- crash bandicot 3 Playstation 2- gta(any one) Playstation 3- tony hawks project 8 XBOX-Halo 2 XBOX 360- dead rising
  10. well i tryed converting four songs to mp3 and it said error, can you give any advice?
  11. well i have super, but can that convert audio files i thought it could just convert videos
  12. I am looking for two kinds of programs. 1. One that converts the itunes music files to mp3 2. one that converts itunes video files to avi, or mpeg or anything else.
  13. I'm on xlink right now anyone wanna play. i would also like to go on a modded server sometime they are fun!
  14. so does this emulate every thing that runs on mac on nds.
  15. I was talking to someone who i suggested to go here because he is into ds homebrew and he said he couldn't even navigate off the homepage. i remember i couldnt when i first came here. its easy i just don't know why new people can't navigate
  16. I have been wondering is it possible to put better speakers in a ds. the speakers that come with it aren't that good, and that'd be cool putting better speakers on it. So if anyone knows if its been done or how to do it please post here.
  17. well i have no idea how do i find out what socket it is! this much i know. it is a pentium 4 processor. 4-6 years old.
  18. well mine is about 6 or 5 years old. dang. now i have to get a 478.
  19. i heard that all pentium 4 processors were socket 775. how can i find out wich socket mine is? i have pentium 4
  20. brawl is an Awesome game preordered it already!
  21. hey my friend left his xbox at my house and i play halo 2 on xbox connect. anyone wanna play in about an hour, if so pm me or post
  22. ben2dx


    the new tony hawk game thpg sounds awesome. if anyone have info please post here.
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