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  1. well.... im just going to re-install all the good program and just cut paste video and music files, thanks ne ways guys.
  2. people just buy macs because they smoke crack.
  3. well. i just want to get everything from the 60gb on the 160gb because 160gb is a faster drive. is there a cloning program that will do this.
  4. yeah i just upgraded from 512mb to 1gb yesterday and i have pc2100!!!
  5. thanks for info ive been having same problem
  6. ok i just upgraded to a 160gb hard drive and its awesome (used to have a little 60gb). now I need to get some stuff from the 60gb over on to the 160gb, is there a good program that will do this, i have a demo of norton save and restore 2.0 but i dont know what the heck its a werid program.
  7. well vista is a memory hog so thats why it may be running slow and the hard drive, whats the buffer and transfer rate?
  8. ok ill try dat! edit: ok most games run fine just dk country is laggy.
  9. yeah thats what i thought about the ds but it doesnt hurt to ask.
  10. ok so my brother has a psp and ive always wanted to play ps1 games on it, is there a ps1 emulator anywhere for psp. one more question which is probably a stupid question because there probably isnt, but is a there a ps1 emulator for nds.
  11. well i have an m3 and it dected games without any patching thing, but i played for 5 seconds then the gameplay slowed down for 2 seconds, then i play for 5 seconds and it slowed down for 2 seconds then i played for.... well you know it repeated the process is this just because the emulator has not been perfected yet?
  12. ok so im a newb to this stuff so whats the dldi patching thing???
  13. halo combat evolved this game is freaking!!!!!
  14. ben2dx

    Good DS games?

    tony hawk's proving ground comes out tommorrow. gonna be a good ds game!
  15. mooney i am using the emulator you suggested and i have 2 roms on my sd card and the emulator says select rom but no roms show up???
  16. well sorry for asking for roms, but i thought it was legal if you purchased the game. which i have. well i figured out i got so many files because it came with a bunch of other super mario disco version, and super crazy mario world, i just wanted the game!
  17. ok because i got like 50 smc files per game, where do you get roms?
  18. 1 more question. I extracted a snes rom using winrar and i got a bunch of smc files what do i do with thoose?
  19. I know there is a snes emulator for the ds, but does anyone know of one that works perfectly, or close to perfect. thanks -Ben
  20. haha i love it that video makes fun of that guy so badly hahaha
  21. yeah i know, but i dont understand how to disable the gui
  22. i'm loading it from the gba slot, and on the m3 it says for nds.gba so is it a gba flashcart or a ds one
  23. well this sucks. I bought a tiny flat head and philips screwdriver package at wal-mart and they forgot to include the philips..... and how do i disable the gui
  24. I don't know. in resident evil 4 i think all the zombies are white
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