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  1. well moonshell doesn't work right. I use the same setting as you and it lags and has bad quality! I don't know what to do! Are there different versions of moonshell?
  2. *bump* please help! I am going on 20 hour road trip and i need a good converotr to put movies on my ds.
  3. does anyone know of another movie player other than moonshell that works on m3. I've experienced problems with moonshell lately. or i may have an old version of moonshell. i have the moonshell intregrated on my m3, does anyone know of a newer version, because maybe i have an old version and thats what is causing problems.
  4. well man i need help. I tryed that and it came out worse. I'll mess with it a little tonight, but maybe its my m3, I don't know.
  5. I have a question. I've been looking at tigerdirect.com for a new motherboard and some of them say nvidia cipset, and others say intel chipset. Whats the chipset thing, is it the type of intergrated graphics? and i plan on getting windows vista in about a year, do i need a special mobo to get vista, because some say vista ready others don't. Thanks!
  6. thanks I'll try it! btw: does your quality come out fine? Oh and one more question. Do you know of a good dvd ripper, and do i need a special dvd drive to rip dvds, or just a dvd rom reader, not dvd writer.
  7. i know i just wanted a fast answer! I'll take a screen shot and post it. <I'm thinking its because i don't have enough frames per second.>
  8. this may be a nooby question, but where do people get thoose little bars in your signatures that say stuff like nds owner, or html programmer?
  9. so it an't display html...
  10. I have a question about converting movie files to work on moonshell. Last night i converted about 4 video clips to .dpg and when i watched them on my ds a bunch of little black circles showed up when the clip had lots of movement. Is there any way I can make the quality better by changing settings on the conversion setting on moonshell dpg convertor. thank you if you post help
  11. are there any free downloadable web browsers that work with m3
  12. I tryd to convert a .avi to .dpg and moonshell said video length not found. and it closed the program. HELP
  13. ok where can i get this wonderful convertor? btw: mooney how much for the comp you are selling
  14. does anyone know about a program that converts wmv to dpg. I have an m3 and I use the built moonshell. I have a moonshell dpg convertor, but when I try to convert wmv to dpg, it converts it into an mp2! somebody please help!
  15. ben2dx

    a dvd ripper

    where do i get dvd decrypter?
  16. Does anyone know of a good dvd ripper so i can watch my dvds on my m3.
  17. hey mooney what is the point of getting backup roms, is there any advantage than just playing the regular cartridge.
  18. I downloaded a pdf file telling how to make basic homebrewed nds games. It says i need devkit, libnds, a program that converts pictures to right nds format, a program that converts music files into right nds format. Can some one tell me where to get all this, and if more programs are needed from creating homebrew games for nds i would like know where to get thoose.
  19. i downloaded this game, but it wasn't compacted into a nds file, it was just a bunch of files.
  20. this looks like an awesome game i hope its good.
  21. ben2dx


    is oprea web browser out on ds, and where can i get it if it is. cool picture
  22. Can anyone tell me a site with ds homebrew games. I just played one i got a long time ago(forgot where) and it was pretty fun
  23. well if you have a flash cart that plays mp3s just put mp3s on it. and get the newest firmware upsate for ur flash cart.
  24. ok do you have more detailed instructions, i dont really understand
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