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  1. how can i get movies i got off i-tunes on my m3. I need them in a format that the m3 can play. can someone please help me im desperate!!!!!
  2. Then make a DVD. i wanna watch it on my ds. and i dont a a dvd burning drive
  3. people please help me!!! cause i wanna watch "Mind freak"
  4. ben2dx


    I want a Ds lite badly but i need to 1st no if my m3 adapter sd version will work on it. Also if there is a passme for the lite
  5. make sure u have the right ip adress
  6. does anyone have a program for the DS that plays mpeg4 movies or a convertor that converts them to a file that the m3 can play. I got an episode of mind frak on i-tunes nad i wanna be able to put it on my DS. And if there is no possible way to do this can somebody tell me a site to get mind freak episodes cause that shows awesome. I love the intro. The guy is screaming "MINDFREAK" "MINDFREAK"
  7. but mario cart ds on ds has better graphics than the one on n64. The Ds is said to be more powerfull than n64. Im not in school rite noow so i aint gona spil rite okk
  8. ben2dx

    Mac apps

    but its just a script. how do i convert to file
  9. ben2dx

    Mac apps

    Like SylphAMP, but for Mac? http://www.sylphds.net/ev2/contentview.php?id=461 <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ahh but i have windows.
  10. well i no the ds has good enough graphics thats why i thought it would be possible.
  11. My friend can play n64 games on his psp becuae he got a n64 emulator on it. is there a n64 emulator for the ds. dat would be sweet i would be kicking a on zelda while my moms shopping. So if anyone knows about one please post a link.
  12. yeah i got the newest firmware update for the m3 and now it plays them so alls good
  13. ben2dx

    Mac apps

    that would be cool to control itunes with ur ds but only if u could play the songs with ur ds so the music is playing on the ds
  14. when ever i try to run some homebrews on my m3 it loads up and then when the loading bar is full it just stops there and the program does not boot? I have the latest firmware update. whats wrong. nvm i fixed it its all good now
  15. thank you so much now i can run homebrews!!!
  16. if someone has a program for the ds that plays dpg. movie files please post it here. I put the file on the sd card but when i go to movies on the m3 it is not there?
  17. when i click on the firmware update it says i do not have acess to that page. but i hav no parental controls on my computer?
  18. awww ok so how is the quality
  19. Is there a homebrew app that plays music. Kinda of like windows media player but on DS. if ne has one post here please.
  20. I think the DS could have way better games than it has. they need more games like mph, not theese games that they worked on for like 1 second with horrible graphics. Remember cell damage on gamecube, well i think that would be great for the ds. they also should improve the wi-fi on games. Make it more like mph where u creat games and people join them but not just people on your friends list, anyone could join. Well leave yo thoughts
  21. ok meto is like a jappenese version i cant understand a thing???
  22. ok guys thanks for the help i also need a passkey whats the cheapest price where i can get one?
  23. my m3 perfect adapter came with a movie converter. It crashes every time i use it about 1 minute into converting. I need one please because i cannot put movies on my ds . If anybody has one that does not crash can you post it here. Some other bad news is my music converter crashes too so i need one o them.
  24. I am a complete noob to this site and i want some homebrew apps because even if they suck i will probably think they are cool because i have none rite now.
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