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  1. YES use it once you will see
  2. i thing that scale version will be the best. i dont know how to play that game. there are three different mouse modes: Digital --> move using d-pade Scale --> moves using stylus Windows --> moves using stylus in window mode ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- new version is coming soon! http://kintesh.bravehost.com/vmacds.htm
  3. download new version of vMac DS now visit for more info: http://kintesh.bravehost.com/vmacds.htm. this site will give you all information you need. how to get vMac.ROM mod: i just removed vMac.ROM from it and you cant find vMac.ROM on my site.
  4. why dont you use this. my new version of system disk (do not patch, other wise it wont work) i got r4ds and i am using this. hi people who want to play games on vMac DS. and people who want more apps? now you can ahve both on your vMac DS by downloading my new version 2.0. download: vMac os 6.0.8 DS v2.0 download now by this link : http://kintesh.bravehost.com/vmacds.htm New in this version:- Added 3 more programs: 1) Adobe Illustrator 2) MacPascal 3) WordPerfect Works: this include- Word processor, Spreadsheet, Database, Draw, Paint, communication. Added 10 Games: 1) Glider 2) PT09 3) Orion 4) Colony 5) Shadow Gate (R.P.G) 6) Stunt Copter 7) 1000 Miles Backgammon 9) 3D Tic Tac Toe 10) Accordion Mod edit (Mooney): I'm pretty sure Mac ROM images (vMac.ROM) are illegal to share online. Thus, they must not be posted on this board. Link removed.
  5. hi i am using R4DS and i have same problem. but when i use Win2DS v2 it work fime so try to use Win2DS v2
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