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  1. thanks, so if i have a pentium 4 processor it won't work.
  2. yes everything is a threoy, and then they go changing it 10 years later thats why all science i don't trust.
  3. My mice always die after about two years. the one i have now is starting to flip out a bit.
  4. i had that. i would stay up until at least 2 am every night. I would lay in bed ofr 4 hours with no sleep
  5. is there a n64 emulator that works on psp. My friend told me about one but he forgot where he got it and then he got rid of it.
  6. I'm shopping for a new motherboard. when I look at the supported processors lists some say Pentium 4 and others say Pentium 4 LG!775 is it the same thing, because i have a pentium 4, but i don't no if its Lg!775. Does the 775 just mean that it is a socket 775? Then whats the Lg! mean. That you for the help if you help. If not then play halo2.
  7. I really agree with Cinder's idea. We should go with it. I could custom build pcs for people.
  8. sorry for double post, but this is a good idea we could build custom computers for people that don't know how, or instal new parts on old comps and sell them.
  9. with halo 3 coming out maybe you should add a section to discuss halo. In fact add a whole section for first person shooters like bf2 aa halo 2 and 3.
  10. I'm getting a new motherboard, but im not sure which to get. What do you advise, 150 is the most Im going to spend. and it has to be socket 775.
  11. RIPPP OFF NO MORE MODDING!!! Did they also crackdown on nds flashcarts because they can play roms.
  12. i tryed using that dvd ripper and it didn't save the dvd as a file instead it saved it as a bunch of files and no audio. any other good rippers?
  13. thanks ill look it up. but i won't need a dvd writer cause im just putting the movies on my nds.
  14. Mooney thank you so much! 1.71 works gret no lag and yes its so awesome thanks so much!
  15. Thanks i got it and ill try it out. And you have a psp so heres a question. I know psp has better movie quality than .dpg, but is it a lot better or just a little better. Oh and when you convert to .dpg, what file type is the original. cause im using mpeg.
  16. can anyone tell me where to get a free dvd ripper. and do i need a special dvd drive or does a dvd rom drive work fine?
  17. Only overclock if you know exactly what you are doing because you don't want to fry your parts. I don't recomend it because i wouldn't want to risk frying my computer parts. so your saying if im going to get an nvidia graphics card get an nvidia chipset?
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