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  1. hers is about as clear as English sounds to me with little accent. Id say mines a lot thicker. Send her a message on her youchoob channel and tell her you are going to give her a right good bit of pasty.
  2. Wahey! A good old fashioned 1emu review! Nice one.
  3. Anyone else tired of this shite? Average movie, and for some reason nearly all the battles take place at sea, I wanted to see more ground fights, and the cool narrator of the first movie is no place to be heard. So many movies are portraying women as some kind of unflappable force its becoming rather grating to watch. I'm a believer in the slow feminisation of the west and I also believe through Hollywood it preaches that BS every chance it gets. (usual not all women/i like women safety line) If you go see this movie watch for it, you cant miss it. Its shite.
  4. Im without a PC and staying at a place for another night with access to the web. Just knocking about net. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScELaXMCVis My accent isnt as thick as the old blokes in this but do use a lot of the old words.
  5. I just cant deal with the place. Its utterly random, depends what peoples moods are like and what they have been getting worked up about. It really pushes scattered thinking, now 4 months down the line my thinking is well not perfect but its not as "zig zaggy" I also got shit from an ex on there who liked to call the cops on me and yes they took me in and asked me shit about "messages"... You see a post for example, then a second later the next person might be super pissed/going ratty political/ moaning about the ex, or a race hate post and its like Ffs........ You need a drink to process it but then you guessed it, I start rolling round the place and making it worse. and for whatever reason i couldnt keep the place in check... Not for me.
  6. Its loaded with bullshit. i aint had a facebook since last year and i dont miss it at all.
  7. a movie about gay men being gay with other gay men, it was gay.
  8. Got a copy of captain Phillips, great movie with a decent twist. Hanks really draws you in.
  9. Money must be good mate, I could never work xmas period, thats why I'm trying to work for my self. Cant tolerate how companies treat their workers nowadays
  10. Applied for a barbering course. I'm a tradesman and that shit is slow in England at the moment. So thought what the hell. Hopefully I will start next month, worth a shot if it works out.
  11. Ill look into that one thanks. Aye supes, a lot of stuff to take into account now, I remember jizzingover my pentium 4 single core at 3ghz, with my gtx800 agp card. Christ I still remember my first rig. 1800xp processor amd, and a hercules 6400 card . My card is a hd6800 ati btw rikki.
  12. I had to strip down my rig a few weeks ago and the processor magically attached it self to the old thermal paste, so I cleaned it best I could but it was totally fucked, anyway im needing a new processor. My main board: http://uk.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4122#ov My old processor was an AMD Phenom™ II X4 970 Processor (4 CPUs), ~3.5GHz. (black edition) And I'd yet to overclock it, as these suckers could way over clock. The site im using to buy my replacement from: http://www.cclonline.com/search/?q=AMD+Phenom%E2%84%A2+II+X4+970+Processor Supports Supports AMD AM3+ FX/AM3 Phenom™ II & Athlon™ II series processors I have £90 to 120 to spend only. So guys, whats the most bang for my buck? overclocking V stock Vs price? Cheers all! (I also have a bad ass heat sink and fan and its huge)
  13. I still feel like its 2005....
  14. Bill gates probably practices eugenics. I dunno why my brain thinks like that but it does, also they know a mass percentage of people around this rock are going to buy this shit. Man I wish Bill Hicks was still around, his LSD altered brain would nail this shit.
  15. Xbox one and ps4 are not worth the price ATM. The games available are trash. Im sticking with PC and have considered getting a nintendo WII u, i have a feeling nintendo are going back to their roots. How shit have this generation of gamers got? They actually think its normal to buy an expansion pack on the day of release. Boils my piss. I have used shittybook, but i just cant help but see through it in a way, im off there now i just cant hack it. I was on the bus yesterday and this guy logged in and he scrolled his feed (yeah i was being nosey) all i saw was adverts, pictures of food, then he closed the app and a minute later LOGGED in again. I was like "we are so fucked" This generation is gripped by the balls. I walk past a a school a week ago and the mums are in their cars fucking around with their phones waiting for the kids to come out. Anyone who thinks its not a control method are fucking deluded. I still cant see any way of the place losing traffic though, its mindless shite, its ok for having a laugh but thats it. You kind of get fed up after the 5000000000000000 meme picture dont ya?
  16. One flew over the cuckoos nest again... And Fargo. Killed a few hours!
  17. I just bung a tenner on my phone once a month and i get just enough web data. 500 minutes of calls, unlimited texts.
  18. Aye, I've seen idiocracy. The movie is the warning. We are kind of lucky in a way, we have seen the web start out as something useful, into what it is now. Some guys on message boardsnow take them so seriosuly, like its plugged in to their head... you know we all take it a bit seriously but fuck me! Im totally limiting my sons internet time.
  19. Why does all traffic go to twerking? Why do dullards only find time to like/share meme pictures? Why does horrible music have 40 million hits? Why does really good music only have a few hits? Why do more people like david cameron on facebook than Ghandi? Why are shit sites that list "7 ways" so popular when they are so full of shit? Why does a youtube video with a still image of a cleavage get a million hits, but anything else is just shit? How does a teenage dickless prick, accumalate 100000 likes on shitbook when all he does is share the same shit as the next 10000 pages doing the exact same thing? Why do people make shit pages on shitbook and it out performs good independent websites? Why do web users communicate with pictures instead of words? Why are people so smug and smarmy in their replies? Its like watching something die in its own stupidity.
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