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  1. I just hope you are getting what you deserve after all your hard work my friend. I know too well what its like to work hard and get zero rewards. Right now I cant give my work away for free and im not kidding! I volunteered to help with the homeless and fixing up their houses over 8 weeks ago. Its a charity project where they get run down houses and you help out, keeps you up to speed and you get a very good reference, plus simple perks like CSCS cards etc. I have heard nothing back from them. You cant give it away.
  2. Gabe, the salt of the york. Aim for self employed!
  3. Other than the obvious one of full time employment (which is rare in my area unless its minimum wage - basically means if you are single and take a minimum waged job you suffer) what cheeky stunts have you pulled over the years to make money? My trade is a painter and decorator, I can restore old wood to look like new, and I can do solid plastering. Basically I can make the old look like the new inside the house, or I can start from fresh brickwork. (easy on the large ceilings) You would think that would get me a steady income, well thats wrong ATM. You need a van to really be able to reach potential for my type of work, or you are relying on others getting a large job and you end up being the lesser paid one. A van is just out of the question at the moment. So I'm thinking about a change in jobs, the best one I come up with is barbering. It only takes 18 weeks to learn and become qualified and you can take it wherever you have to. Then you work for your self or get taken on by a busy barbering shop, the last one I was in they were making a MINIMUM of 30 quid an hour. 7 hour day, 30 times 7 = 210. Thats real money, thats the kind of money when you wake up on a morning you think "Man Im so happy im going to work!" Even the Immigrants round here, they have no qualifications in their shops but there is always somebody in there! Always! I'm pretty good at spotting ways to make money but you know what the problem is, you got to have money to make money and that is the hardest part. What ideas have you got cooking for your cash?
  4. I read a few anti EU blogs about sweden and they are basically overrun. I even saw a video clip where a guy posted anti immigration stuff online and you get a knock at the door... Bad.
  5. Exactly. The UK gets fuck all out of it other than a housing crises, strain on schools, public services, god the list is endless and when you speak up about it the come in firing the R word at you like retards.
  6. Of course! Agz is a finner! Yeah was going to ask have you noticed any resentment to the european union, because in the UK (England) it is massively disliked. A party called UKIP are seriously challenging the establishment, everyone is turning right wing! Have you noticed any mass immigration in to areas that were populated by your natural fins? Right now London and birmingham are shadows of the cities they used to be. My home town is slowly being invaded. For instance local houses were given to local people, now they bump immigrants to the front of the line, its not good. Liberal lefties are going to destroy this country!
  7. Would be nice to see how you are handling the EU crises and what party you are backing to get your country out of the shit. Cheers.
  8. Shite! Oh well, wait for the next one now.
  9. Was in court yesterday and the ex never got a letter according to the judge. I asked him for more hours and he wouldnt budge saying the mother had o be here. Well the time I wasnt there due to an admin error in address they reduced my hours, proof the system is biased, and the sad thing is this is how it works in countries with liberal viewpoints. IE feminised.
  10. http://www.chromium.org/chromium-projects cant see a download mate?
  11. Monies tight at the moment, should probably sell or PX the wireless pad because its next to brand new. I think I have 70 bucks to last me 11 days.
  12. Her number has 666 in it. Right im not a paranoid person but fuck that!
  13. I use chrome, but I'm not trusting it one little bit lately. Using gmail and chrome although handy, it likes to log you into a bunch of stuff IE youtube/google+(who the fuck uses this?) and when you post a youtubevideo it logs your posts if you log in with gmail. For me this is suspicious, at what point did creating an email account to logging into three different things with your digital shadow following you? In truth I reckon chrome has harvested loads of data on people. I was wondering if you clued up lads knowwhich is the browser that proper ninjas use?
  14. I got the game a few days after it came out, I was enjoying it at first then slowly It started to grate. The graphics are not as good as the first two games, and the combat! Christ! As you collect more gear the options to attack become a bit too much. You have a shield guy, a stun baton guy, two knife guys, two regulars and guys going for guns. There is just something wrong with it, in the other two games I had no problem laying everyone out, but in this I kind of just think - man this is pissing me off! I'm at the firefly bridge now, and I managed 25 minutes of playing before I quit out. I dunno, like there is too much going on in any one section? 5/10 From me.
  15. so it will take the wire if i can track one down? I just remember once i had a 360 pad and it would only charge from the PC.
  16. Will all XBOX360 pads if I get the lead to connect it to the PC work? This is a black wireless one of a newer model 360. I have a ps3 pad but my pad lead is really tiny so its not playable, besides windows takes the 360 pads much better than say motionjoy for the PS3. Motionjoy has a habit of crashing my rigs.
  17. Alright man cool. Women do get the Lions share when it comes to contact with your little ones. I know of hardly any men who say "its fair" i dont know any!
  18. Yeah fuck it, I thought it felt uncomfortable. Not had a nice bird for a while now. I'll carry on a s normal, but if in the future it all gets done and dusted it'll be worth a pump.
  19. Id put this into Good advice brah. short term, the last time i was magnetised with attraction like this my ex had the kid so i better be careful if i go playing around.
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