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  1. So firefox stock is the most secure from all of them? (evil bump)
  2. Its going to deeper than what attracts men to women and vice versa. Its going to explain a lot of stuff so men cant be tricked anymore. They of course will be as thats how the system is rigged for us, one of the major hanging points is child courts and why the women are treated as pure Alphas and the men like shit. Its not about hating women, not at all. If anything the book aims to wake up women as well as men.
  3. Don't fuck with the Aussies! Onwards my 1emu friend.
  4. It will cover those ideas you raised Jit. Like I say I am slightly nervous, and there is no publisher that would touch this with a barge pole as it is going to get worse the further into the book I write. The patterns I show to people will be regarding the ideas in the book are totally happening round the world as we speak. Im getting support just now on facebook, a guy I know has come in with some guys from an independent radio for my Leeds team that I support. This is the right thing I can feel it in my gut. I have never taken the cream in an open public forum, as when you go on facebook i
  5. Sup 1emu. As you know I'm not right in the head so I thought this would be a good idea. Basically, this book is a very dark look in to the world of society. You all know about necronominicon from evil dead right? Well, I'm calling the book Neocreamicon to go with my site's name. It just seemed like a reasonable thing to do. For years I have studied the "psyche of woman" as it has always interested me, and this is what the book addresses. After many years I think I have finally cracked it, confident enough to write a book that should be around 100 to 150 Pages. This book will offend
  6. Morning 1emu. I'd just like to aware you that another child abuse scandal has emerged in Rottherham. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/rotherham-child-abuse-scandal-child-safety-officers-will-not-face-disciplinary-action-9709250.html Our media seem to be shifting slightly from total blackouts or minimal coverage to actually noticing these things are linked directly to Islam. For the past few years "right wing" have been banging their pots and pans over abuse and steadily all over the country people are aware that local councils, local governments, and the media are a bunch of lyin
  7. Everything goes up in price there, even wages but cost of living reduces any raise in wage. Did you notice there arnt many "english people" in London? HAHA, yes, you are right a lot of indians as far as i can see. But saying that, Indian food in London is quite good i tried out a few of "local" delicacies like beff wellington, lobster burger etc. very nice! As long as you had a good time mate. Oh yes you cant argue with some of the food thats for sure.
  8. Everything goes up in price there, even wages but cost of living reduces any raise in wage. Did you notice there arnt many "english people" in London? Right wing bruvva. I cant get work, and shit like "zero hours contract" is on everyones lips... you know what i mean? getting fucked mate.
  9. Yeah it did that to me, windows.old folder. I thought it was going to erase everything. Thats the one. I formatted the shit out of my drive during windows install, obviously if you do that you wont get that "old windows" folder, you clciked the fuck out of those screens bambi
  10. fresh install works best, plus windows 7/8 shove all your old stuff in to one folder once it boots up.
  11. Everything goes up in price there, even wages but cost of living reduces any raise in wage. Did you notice there arnt many "english people" in London?
  12. Best wishes Shibat. It does get easier. I had a dog that had to go to a dogs home as it was too aggressive and unpredictable. It was put to sleep three weeks later as its aggression came through at the home. Fucked with my head majorly mate, but now i dont think about it much, dwelling on it is asking for a remind, give it time and it will get easier.
  13. Its just so phased can get some positive feedback. Cheap easily sellable things to get a few +.... I read about this guy who started up like that, he would buy a bunch of toys from a mum or whatever, then put them up for a buck or two and he would make money. You can start that hustle with 20 bucks, I just imagine taking 30 envelopes of stuff to the post office and everyone fucking groaning........
  14. Sell a few bits of junk, a DVD for a buck, kids toys sell, you buy a load of them from someone whos kids no longer plays with them and put them up for 50p/£1. Shove them in a huge bucket and jet wash them if a bit dirty or old.
  15. im still thinking about barbering.
  16. now i know why i wannamove to aus
  17. What are you doing? What's going on in your life? These are the questions I wish to ask 1em.
  18. I just started the first season but a movie is before that with the look of what I downloaded. Ends with some guy shooting at this dude with a dog. When they rob the store and ricky is a fucking spaz and walks in, that dude with glasses opens up with an Uzi.
  19. I know im behind but I find this show funny as just about anything I have ever seen. That randy guy who just walks round with his shirt off all the time. It reminds me a little of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phoenix_Nights Do Canadians really say about "aboot" hahahahaha! I know im Yorkshire and we sound like severe retards to the rest of the world but "aboot" wtf!
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