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  1. I raise you happy hardcore trance, clearly the victor. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5x52kD_6rI0
  2. World War Z. You got to see this. Star trek in to the darkness. They did it again. Worth watching. Oblivion. The new tom cruise movie. A plod along pace and a bit boring at times. I must be getting good at predicting movies, saw the slight twist coming a mile off.
  3. im off this week. Just want to rest and eat. Im doing 48 hours of no beer and relaxation. I've been up since ten, just watched oblivion with tom cruise (not bad a bit slow) its half 3 and I just want to nap.
  4. it is a primitive thing. you rarely see a woman taller than a man when they are together. it does happen but its rare. check couples out and you will see.
  5. nice one. wish someone would offer me a full time job... but it looks like ill end up working for my self.... less stress that way and more days off!
  6. agreed. I just changed the tone of the convo with her. I knew that opener went too easily!!!! bah! I miss the days I just used to have fun with chicks. what happened to just drinking some beers. I hate getting wiser!
  7. Yeah I've been out of the game a while.. I just think it makes it difficult when I just want to have fun. hey if they had one kid or something and they were grown up that would not be so bad. nappies and waiting for dates, I fully understand she is anchored with them but hey, I don't have to be.. ah well if she just wanted fun it would not be so bad but meal thing to me sounds like a drawn out wine and dine thing. keep looking!!!
  8. I need 7 through a working week on an evening, but do need 8 a couple of times a week. or I look wired. I'm not very good at getting to sleep and can take 45 to an hour to doze off. so if I want my sleep I have to be in bed an hoir before... sometimes have a few beers and I'm out like a light. in fact been a bit naughty this week just gone and been tipping a few every evening. drunk sleep is not very good sleep I can tell the difference when I sleep witout it, after three nights I start to get better energy.
  9. Anger is fine, means you still have passion and drive... Obviously how you release it is important, I don't get angry much lately as I have just gotten busy again so don't dwell for too long on the shit. Last time I got angry is when I messaged my ex and she did not reply, after all we had been through I wanted to rip her fucking tits off. She won't message me because she will hook easily lol I can understand why she would not message back, as a few of mine if I reply I can't get rid of them. So yeah I get it, Its still irritating though. But yeah that's the last time I got angry.
  10. So I figure what I'm saying is would you even bother... Seems like a potential time waster when I want casual stuff. Oh, I have dated women with kids before so its not like I'm a snob with all that stuff, just think I'm wise enough to know not to bother, always ends up sucking.
  11. I'm gonna vent a little as I can't do it on Facebook. I'm talking to this good looking lass on shitbook and its all going well, I started dropping the 'I work' stuff early on or it just makes it impossible to get a meet up if you don't mention that early on. I have never been one for meals on a first date just never done that. I like a few beers or just a walk in the park and maybe buy some fish and chips etc... In fact my cheap ass method normally works wonders and by the time the walk is finished I have normally hooked them. The only way I'd pay for dinner is after a good first date and some good banter, I'm no cheapskate when I'm in with them. But like all guys won't be taken for a mug with dinner dates. I don't want to sit there troffing my grub it just seems like something I'm not good with. And here is the bombshell, this lass has 3 kids....................................................................(found out after good start chatting) . Like fuck me, I don't want to sound like a wankmaster but three kids is a warning. I don't want to hurt any ones feelings but 3 kids you would have to be fucking impervious to the after effects of birth. I don't think of my self as one of those guys that does all the dating stuff only to be jumped on by kids when we get home or some shit. I know these types of women, they have a long term relationship then pimped the online game then a sucker takes all that on.
  12. Aye cop, plastering for my self would be a lot better. But I'm out of practice. You don't want to be quoting a price then doing a rough job. Building quotes are simple enough.
  13. Fucking hell what a scattered thread. The biggest assholes I have ever bumped into in my life were when I was working at a building firm learning to plaster. I got stuck with this old school guy who was just plain awful to me but I was stuck with his bullshit because the positives outweighed me leaving the job. So after two weeks of his bullshit he couldnt grind me down and I got put with another guy, in the space of two weeks of real training I was plastering full walls and taking on small ceilings. THEN the boss back at the depot just didnt like me, I did what I was told, was never mouthy or a cunt. Just got on with my work. Got left on a job by my self that was too much for me, I didnt do a good job. After that it was a matter of time before they pushed me out. I must of done 100 jobs spot on, but my two jobs i screwed up were thrown in my face. THAT is the true definition of humans being unhelpful and working against you. I got a letter telling me I was gone in a week, My pal at the time said to appeal it, I asked him to drop me off up the road, I got out of the van and never went back. Fuck them. Cunts. There was nothing I could do, now I plan to work for my self but im out of practice, no boss, no strict time keeping, I can just do what I want when I want the only thing i have to worry about is keeping the customer happy. Im broke but I'm trying. People who have more power than you especially in a working environment tend to let the asshole shine right on through. I walked out on a few jobs over the years, I remember at this warehouse job I had that I applied my handbrake when not moving, the gaffer noticed this and laughed "You use the handbrake...." They are just fucking cunts, soon shut him up fucking harassing me, he blabbed that much at me I started to lose focus on the job, This is how they do it if they take you on the realise you are not fitting their fantasy work force. What are you gonna do yell at him to fuck off and get off your back? = Fired. Go higher up and report him? Punch him? = arrested. he wont ever leave you alone. I turn up and do my job. Even thats too much for some. Dont get me wrong I have had GREAT managers over the years... I just cant see me working for anyone now unless its for my self or by some miracle I get taken on by a great bunch of guys. Which i cant see happening. Im workshy now with anything to do with constant employment, shitty jobs usually = shitty people, i dont have the patience anymore. Give me a house to clear, and some building work with some good guys and im sorted.
  14. There is a pattern with it, Im not that tall 5'8 I think, anyway Most of my girls have been short not stupid short but i bet i have dated a few 5'5 types., I was seeing one who was an inch shorter than me and the natural height thing is creepy. Come to think of it the tallest i dated was the biggest bitch.
  15. One a day for maybe 20 minutes, sometimes an hour. My brain tires through the day so mentally yeah i get tired. My sleep patterns vary, sometimes Ill just have 6 hours (I will nap during the day after 6 hours) normally I have 8 hours. If I have something to do I can stay awake all day, but there aint many jobs in the UK. Also boredom can cause you to sleep I fucking hate it!
  16. strangest forum i know now is this place.
  17. Abra-abracadabra,... i wanna reach out and grab ya
  18. He still has not replaced it, acts like nothing is wrong, still not talking to him.
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