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  1. Im not asking for any links guys, but does a hacked rom of Street fighter alpha 2 and donkey kong country exist? They have copy protection on them, this is for a homebrew project I have going.
  2. This gig is coming down bro. Buying a big old bag of rice wouldn't hurt though, tinned food stuff like that. I mean I worry for people with kids and babies more so. The rich are already buying tickets to stuff like this: http://terravivos.com/
  3. No my dear Bambi. When you dream the dreams i have dreamed, seen the things I've seen, felt the things I've felt. Its happened before "the end is nigh" n all that, truly I say to you all this year you will see. The end? I dont know, but things are moving, shaking. Read the book heaven is for real!
  4. LOOK AT ALL THE DROPS IN STOCKS. http://www.investing.com/indices/indices-futures -1% Normal. -2% People getting fired if it happens again. -3-4% This is interesting (look out of window to see stock brokers leaping out of windows) -5-7% Somethings coming. -8-12% Hide under bed, relocate to rural area, pray without ceasing. Baltic dry drops below 400 for the first time. http://shipandbunker.com/news/world/323829-baltic-dry-index-falls-under-400-for-first-time-ever-demand-recovery-could-now-be-as-far-out-as-2018
  5. Have you seen the stuff thats come true from the bible in the past few years? The odds are huge for even a handful of them to come to pass. Even if you look at it logically and with no spiritual air, it still predicts stuff. Stock market crash this year for sure, nation shall rise against nation, kingdom against kindgdom. matthew 24.
  6. http://www.end-times-prophecy.org/animal-deaths-birds-fish-end-times.html Better get repenting guys. EDIT: Ok Guys, im just gonna post and add to the thread what I know, its up to you if you read it and believe it.
  7. http://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-conservative/2016/01/canadians-panic-as-food-prices-soar-on-collapsing-currency-3093988.html Whut?
  8. Hey, anyone talk the motherland tounge?
  9. I tried adding a pic Also I can't see the image tags on mobile.
  10. Thanks mate. You had a near miss, you must be here to do something. .
  11. All i know is that he had all his jabs. I just live day to day with a part of me missing. My memeory as a kid is weak, I remember very little things from ages of 3, remember more stuff aged 4. Then by 5 i remember everything
  12. I did get on with you Bambi, we just crossed wires is all and I drank a bit. lol I've been talking to Will and he has been pretty good with me, others like Jitaway have lost a kid too so the empathy is there. A good day for me is getting out of the house, and not having anxiety attacks and my stomach/guts going to whack with panic. Its a cruel f***ing world man.
  13. Hey. July 28th My son became ill with flu/cold symptons. I'd just got finished in court for my "access" to my kid when my old man showed up at the door and told me he was in the hospital and had been diagnosed with meningitis. Two hours later he died, doctors put him into a sleep so he could fight it but it wasn't to be. He caught the worst of the worst kinds of this illness. It's took me a while to post about this as many of you are my faceywacey book friends and already know, but tonight I just thought I would let some of you know about this. People often say "i dont know what you're g
  14. I missed this, but I will say...Shenmue sucks donkey nuts. I tried getting into the games, it's worse than grinding an MMO. I was mental for the original shenmue, I adored that game when it came out over here. I remember a guy I worked on a job for was a 56k dial up beast, he downloaded virtua tennis on it! At the time you could download shenume but it was not translated to English or voiced, so if you got it you had to put up with the jap/chinese subs. Anyway I got it on the day of release, remember walking round that little town and the sun used to go down and ho home for sleep. That c
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssnYIecuC6I Abalat!!
  16. I watched a lot of trailer park boys, you definitely say aboot not about.
  17. http://metro.co.uk/2015/07/02/warner-knew-about-batman-arkham-knight-pc-bugs-claim-sources-5276029/ Muh fix it now, kk.
  18. Loads more than average this year, its hard been a christian as the sings this year alone are immense.
  19. Your system specs are pretty high mate, impressive rig to be fair.
  20. This was my legitimite experience of Final fantasy 7 on the PSone. 1. Got it. 2. Loved it. 3. Leveled up. 4. Did EVERYTHING. 5. Time to put in disc 3. 6. Dragon fight. 7. Not enough levels. 8. Try to go back. 9. Cant go back. 10. The end. Happened.
  21. I knew about this, they seriously have been sent a warning shot across the bow with the steam refund system, ok it might be peanuts for one game but if more people got a refund then these corporate beyachis cant be so cock sure of projections without releasing a working game.
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