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  1. Yeah I normally behave on here but do occasionally say things out of turn. Over the past 3 years I have had fairly serious issues, my ex was pregnant and i was getting flashbacks to the one before that that pulled a DNA trick on me, so i figure i had hatred for some not all women. Then when my son was born and I got to meet him, my ex pulled a shitty trick on me, she lived down the road from me and got this guy in with her that she was cheating on me with. (when my kid was born we tried a test of time back together again.) but she couldnt come clean and I found text messages and she couldnt weight up with me. So I had to go, im not one of those guys that gets cheated on and secretly lets it sly. (as long as i have a clue) then i had housing issues, and she stopped me seeing the kid, this stretched my mental health to the limit and i started drinking, my dad retired and i was home with the parents. my dad turned into a massive fucking asshole and i still dont forgive for the shit he did or still tries to cover up now with his sober mentality. My sister also took shit out on me as she was drunk a lot too (she had major things going on) so basically i was at rock bottom, then my money was cut in half, this resulted in a swim or sink point in my life, at the time i was just slogging it out and i become more naturally depressed in the winter as the UK sunlight is shit at the best of times. I bet if i went back through my posts i would see more ill shit in the winter times than the spring summer times. The fight continues to see my son, my hours are reduced but im back in court soon, and they better sort it out this time, i had my ex and the new partner teaming up on me ina hand written book, it was awful some of the stuff they were writing but i held, yes i fucking held as hard as i could and did not bite or lose my temper, and i have eventually won them over with kindness. (i would of liked to have headbutted them but then i would of really fucked it up) kill em with kidness. Now the realise how hard i have tried, suire work is still not around but i got shit lined up. Im happy in my political ideologies for now (its bullshit but its summat) I have rejected a fair few women over the past few years i was damaged and i knew it. I still am now but thats me its part of me. But maybe its time now after court to move forward. So yeah i say crazy shit sometimes, and if i came across as a dick sorry about that. I just feel oddly a little more happier now. I think some of the things i thought were everyday life were actually worse than I thought. and its gnawed at me. anyways, cheers all 1emu.
  2. Some of the women in these pics if you met them in real life you would have a boner, they would be hypnotic, true sirens. All they would have to do is flick their hair near you, fill your nostrils with womanly smells and you would be fucked. Women can control men to the point of insanity, just by using their natural womanly woman stuff. As long as they dont fart at last second.
  3. Yeah its a tough one. but you make good points. I'm, not sure what ground im standing on here, i dont want to trigger jealousy thats for sure. it does work a little different in the UK to one of your points. like "do you mind if i hang out with her" might be pretty normal in the states but in the UK thats a red flag. That has to be earned and both parties have to know each other very well, and i only just met her. She is consoling him you show your guile there buddy i saw it on his FB (im back on now but keeping low profile) but and this is the but - part of him must be hoping for the gal to hook up with him, if i size 9 that he will be eternally pissed off at me. Maybe if i give it more time and he realises she is not going to go with him, then say we just got talking, its still going to ick him, but it wont be as bad as just wading in right now. Part of my spider sense knows this is a girl can pick and choose, ALL the guys were beaming when the saw her come in she is deffo an 8. she actually followed me outside when i went for a smoke and hinted at me! she didnt even smoke! dam! on the way back in after i told her i would FB her inbox, she said "dont say anything" so i figure there is something lurking there. if this was just a guy i kind of new, who hadn't just broken up with his ex i would definitely be less thoughtful. Yeah ill just wait a bit longer, might send a FB message tomorrow just saying HI. blah blah.
  4. I know not all women are hoes and not all dudes are bros. If your buddy had just split with his ex and was down in the dumps, and brought with him a friend, who was female, and the two of you were attracted to each other like magnets, and she wanted you to call her, would you call her? Baring in mind the girl even said we are just "friends." Because there is no way on this planet my pal only wants to be her friend. ?
  5. I have to agree. I can't put it in any other way than "It just sounds wrong". "Wrong" in what way, I can't really say. Thought Iceland was pretty national?
  6. Alright mate, Probably start with the very basics on Tuesday i;e No, yes, good, numbers to ten.. I can command a squad to attack the left flank in flawless german but cant ask someone their name.
  7. Was thinking about learning the basics of german and seeing how I go. Just watched a few beginners videos and they are boring! I can tell my brain has not processed anything this complex for a while now, it willingly forgets what I just said 30 seconds later! Only learning german because It sounds manly and I find it hilarious when germans get angry and start yelling. Good a reason as any aint it?
  8. I used to have a mate who nicked shit, I was always close to him when he did steal but I was always smart enough to just distance myself enough if he did get caught. He used to nick girly mags from local shop, then we would go behind back of shops and be like "Dirty bitch!!!!" Those were the days.
  9. Nice to see the younger lads have woken up! Game is stacked brutally for guys in the west.
  10. The one thing I do notice on a constant basis with women is the list of requirements. I'm not been cruel but say a single mother will be more open and friendly, but once you start getting the more attractive kidless ones the demands start happening. Its more of an interest for me. Stuff you see women say a lot: Height, you got to be a min of 5'11 so if you aint blessed in the height department online is already pretty superficial. You dont see guys saying "Well fuck this! you got to be at least 5'10 etc! Build, you got to be toned and big now, I see some of the guys on that place and if you dont spend half your life in the Gym taking roids you are off the list. Even in my city where I would say women are not as americanised/feminised you get a lot of women asking for this, one of them said "My last boyfriend was a roid head so i dont want that again." Like its normal!!! Tattoos, I see this constantly, you must have a sleeve tattooed on your arm. Uh.... Alright.. whatever. Obviously if you don't have a car and she does it makes things awkward, and you probably need a steady income before you pass the screening phase. Looks: The be all and end all, you can be tall but if they think you are ugly it wont rub. Its a loaded game thats for sure.
  11. Nice one pal, I have a son too. I dont get to see him much but im working on more access through the courts.
  12. I only did it once on POF and got a few dates but then I noticed some kind of embarrassment creeping up my neck. I didnt even meet them I just got a date then felt nothing for it. This generation of web users think its pretty normal. It aint really is it? If you walk in a room and some one puts down photos and some basic info and writing, then puts a yes on it, takes it to another room where that other person is and they look it over and say yes or no.. Just has massive gaps dont it? What do you reckon, has it worked for you? Very easy for a woman compared to a guy.
  13. German has to be the most manly language ever! I learned the basics from the Original MOHAA in multiplayer.
  14. we all dream of a team of michael browns#1 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Brown_(footballer_born_1977)
  15. Scored a shitty three G dongle today and just got round to fixing my rig the new processor weighed in at £81 and I am now the proud owner of an FX6300 6 core processor. Have some of that! I will be enriching your trips to 1emulation for the foreseeable future (or until the 3G dongle loses signal) no need to thank me its all in a days work. Going to get round to updating the old blog, looking at some tits, drunk posting, and of course a healthy dose of so called harassment of women online. Tune in or tune out fuckers.
  16. Yeah there was nothing wrong with the fighting and action at all. I cant do spoiler tags so cant quite explain some of the weird shit that goes on in this movie.
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