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  1. My neighbour says I can hog her line till mines set up and paid for, but wanted to know who hard can it be? I have access to a router a pretty good one but before I go messing around with it I have been told it might be more difficult than I thought to get it working. What I thought would happen: Plug in my router and install all the drivers, scan for wirless networks, see hers and connect to it after she gives me the password, voila high speed bullshit. What I got told would happen: I would have to configure her wifi to accept mine, then manually enter a load of bullshit to each wifi
  2. A socialist hell hole. But You might find that a biased opinion as im UKIP voter
  3. Upgraded yesterday.. Wolfenstien was the first to get to go ahead, have watchdogs (i think it will suck) and call of duty ghosts to try as well. Will buy one more stick of ram, i still think 4gig of ram is a shit load
  4. Yes my friend I am struggling in my first week to get the idea off the ground. What Items have you found to be easy to flip? I will go look at car boot sales, in the UK this is a bunch of people in a field selling stuff out the back of their car. I want to work, I want to get a job but thats not happening at the moment. I offered a family relative one bedroom for free to make sure she likes my work then i would charge after that room. It was going to be fully plastered, and professionally finished including the ceiling, radiator restore, skirting boards restored and base painted with jo
  5. Since I first posted this topic I have gone at it. Firstly I'm trying to increase my capital, so I have put up for sale all kinds of stuff, golf club set (washed it all) blu ray box sets that still hold value, possibly a brand new electric cooker and fridge freezer. Im planning to sell my brand new items and replace them with second hand in good condition items, its a flip but it adds capital. I got these on a rehousing scheme that I qualified for. Near flips over the past two days: High quality mountain bike, I even put the advert up before I'd bought it generate interest. I got one
  6. You are full of surprises old lad, thanks for that PM lots of info to make sure how to gauge a phones price, nice! I'm not doing a lot of deals lately like I said im just starting up but will keep this in mind man, thanks. My theory is roughly accurate to get a constant stream of money ticking over. I have working capital of £350 which isnt a lot but its just enough to get it started. Right now I can get access to broken Samsung galaxy's, case screen is cracked and touch LCD screen isnt working. So a replacement case and screen, this is the stuff Im still learning about. As long as you hi
  7. I was thinking if I could make £10 to £20 per item and managed 5 a week it would be a return. (eventually move on to more expensive items) After looking at this idea for a long time today it seems to boil down to more luck than anything else. I've noticed people sell for a bit more than what its worth, but as a seller this becomes tricky as getting the item for a price that leaves a sell on margin is incredibly tight with items that are in the low cash range. It appears PS3s are a pointless exericse now, but Phones and 3DS's are the ones to aim for. Anyone got any experience in this?
  8. Germany always do well at the world cup. ISIS is a code word for taliban, when are these fucking idiots going to learn that the middle east is for muslims. They dont want democracy, if they did they would of fought harder for it instead of just slinging all their guns on the floor when the Taliban showed back up. Major, major embarrassment for the ignorant politically correct asswipes we have in power in the UK and USA. As for the passenger flight being brought down that is really really really bad. Israel and "the strip" have always been at it, doubt owt will ever change there.
  9. I did what i wanted to do, thanks.
  10. Ok. I installed windows 7 32bit about 9 months ago, and I got this weird start up glitch. It took a while to get the installation disk to suck to the hard drive, and then it would go to boot and restart the loop of installing again. After a few attempts it gave me a different BIOS screen, so now everytime I boot i haver to hammer F12 to get a choice of boot options. It does not matter if I set the boot disc in BIOS it still does the same thing, i only have one hard drive connected so its strange it cant find it unless i manually hit F12 and then i get a few options. I just grabbed
  11. Just going through a creative spell and was wondering whats a good piece of kit to record what you see? Im on chrome, just tried "screencastify" and its bullshit.
  12. Simply cant afford to travel to London, as soon as you pass into the place prices increase something stupid like 80%. So a sarnie and a bottle of water could be something like £8. (not for certain but i know its expensive) Then id have to book a place to stay, or if im coming back it would have to be train tickets, again a two way ticket is is like £100. Massive headache and £££
  13. Canada has strange weather, in the UK its eithier 1. Cloudy. 2. Rain. 3. Cloudy with sun now and then. 4. Blazing sun for about 40 days of the year. (if we are lucky) You see more clear skies in winter than summer. I'd be totally useless in the cold of canada we rarely get too cold over here 2C lowest average, And for for a month or two can get hit with minus 10 that fluxes like a motherfucker. If I had a choice of weather southern france all day! Monsoons in spring but the rest of it is kick ass!
  14. Canada log cabins and the like. Just dont go writing a novel and crashing your car in the snow...
  15. im going to Canada london to see if bambi is real.
  16. GAME OVER Insert 10p to continue
  17. Only computer I had in this mold was the Atari ST. I swapped it for my mountain bike, was worth it at the time. Monkey Island 1 FTW!!!! Then a part of the game used to crash, the cunt id go back and get the disc sorted from was a right wank. ripped me off twice, being young i didnt know any better. A few years later my dad got into the PCs so it evened out in the end.
  18. you are leeds aint ya supes? wakie lad n all?
  19. We got beat 2 - 1. England players looked like little girls at the start of the match. Showed too much respect to an ageing Pirlo. Should of started with the younger players in Barkley, Lallana, and wilshire! I hope the next game gerrard and flockon are left out or we wont even make the quarter finals! American football/soccer can be fun to watch, but the american game is all about hard graft and high pressing game. Leeds my club team, have had two american players. Eddie lewis, and robbie rodgers. (almost admitted to being gay with his time at leeds) A gif from last nights
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