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  1. http://neo-cream.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/ron-perlman-is-harassing-me.html Please.
  2. Does one count? Chubbies? It was alarming. I had drunk some beer, and my friend couldn't get any, these women held back for me. I stuck my dick in her ass, Then the other one lied on the bed. Society is wired wrong. We need to return to the nuclear family. To be fair though, well rounded 18 year olds cant be scoffed at! The bed fell through!
  3. Got some pnatera kicking out, also just grabbed slayers entire back log of tunes!
  4. What about a pressure hose, sneak it up to her ear then BLAST THE FUCKER!!!
  5. Im half way through season 3 of the walking dead. That Jail house is some grim shit.
  6. I like to keep them captive at gun point. They sometimes make a brake for it but my fences have improved significantly. ​Im teaching one to play the violin right now.
  7. It's SATA and only one hard drive is plugged in. I had trouble with THREE drives installing windows 7 from an official windows copy. It just cant seem to find the drive path unless like i say i hit it in manually, otherwise it just goes in to an infinite restart boot or says "disc error"
  8. Man I looked around the bios, boot is set to the only hard drive I have plugged in to it....
  9. I have a boot up problem. I have to hit F12 to get up a screen to select the hard drive manually...
  10. VLC media player will do that and more mate.
  11. It lived. Bit bent near the Cable plug in, but yeah it fired up and its running well.
  12. AMD Phenom II X4 970 Processor (4 CPUs), ~3.5GHz Averaged 50FPS on the metro last light bench mark, compared to my other processor this one is superior by far.
  13. Im like you cinder like that, dont get spending a shit load of cash on a fecking phone. Can always get a good second hand one, essentially there is hardly any difference in all the phones out there anyway. All these folk that say "Omg the new iphone has a red light instead of a blue one!!!!! omgzers!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The fuck!!?
  14. Still the most positive guy I know on the webs.
  15. An oldish HTC touchsreen. Its dog shite, but it appears it never dies. I have punched it on a few occasions, there is a crack down the middle of the screen.
  16. You have to have money brah... Not many of us have it.
  17. As you may or may not remember my old dual core got smashed up. I managed to get a look at it today and im pretty sure the motherboard is toast, i can see a couple of resisters snapped, and Hard drive cable slots wedged off the board. But anyway, It was a 3.2 dual intel core. I have a replacement but im not all sure its what I want or need, its a quad core 3.2/3.4 (a freebie but not one to turn the nose up at I reckon) My old dual core ran everything how I wanted it to with my HD6850 card it did everything I wanted it to do. Will I notice any difference switching to the quad core, just because its quad does not mean it will be faster, or even any more stable now does it? Basically what Im saying is: Is this quad core gona suck worse? Added: Been told it was a "black edition" for gaming... I cant really get at it or test it just yet, i was just hoping someone would pretty much know what im expecting. Motherboard was £140 at the time and has 2.0 express, 3.0 USB..
  18. So you are still making your mind up? ok. lol
  19. Its entering young generations culture now.... Mad aint it.
  20. If im drunk can i just get a blowjob and be none the wiser?
  21. Just got done with season 1 of the walking dead. It reminds me of the stand by steven king only with zombies. Its got some goofy plot holes though, but im ignoring them as its quite a ride. Just downing season 2 now.
  22. Just got the first season of the walking dead and Im enjoying it, watched the first two... Starting a dodge charger with just a screw driver? lol Covering your self in zombie guts stops them notcing you? surely that is a Major plot hole right there. A synthetic spray would do the trick. Anyways still watching it.
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