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  1. I'm happy for you.


    What a lot of people dont get about working out - The first week is awful - but if you can get over that first week you start to see gains and improvements! It will hurt, it will suck, but everytime you workout you will feel better.


    Gains come slow at first but once you start filling out, just dropping and doing a bunch of press ups = instant gain. This is when it gets addictive, everytime you workout, you know you will look leaner, and FEEL good.


    I got round to cutting my drinking out last Tuesday.

    Not had a drop since then.

    Im not saying i wont drink again but I know that if I do have a beer I now know I find it hard to leave it alone on an evening, and i got tired of waking up feeling like shit.

    I want to get in good shape for the summer in england, and eventually cut my smoking out, but at the moment I just want to take it one day at a time.


    My next step for me is top get hold of a mountain bike. And eventually go back running.

    In the mean time its push ups, and the weight bench.

  2. I tried myspace I never liked that Joint - Then I tried facebook, that was pretty good but the only girls I slept with on there came from you guessed it REAL meetings prior to "adding" on facebook. that sould also help your facts. Then I tried plenty of fish.com Had a few openers but I really could not be assed, you always get the feeling they are looking for that guy who "has a good job" and im sorry hun but if I did have a good job I would not be trolling interent dating sites. I recently started using tagged.com at a friends emphatic suggestion = bunch of sad fucks or nigerians posing as women. A chick clicked "yes" to my photo so I promptly looked at her and though "BUTTSAUCE!" So i clicked yes back - tagged.com assured me it was a match, my mind raced - had I foud the true love of my life? Well I messaged her and I have not heard anything back! Maybe I was to rude in my message? Maybe She changed her mind? maybe I spelt a word wrong? Maybe she zoomed in on my photo and found nose hairs? OMG WTF!!! Getting a "cold" metting of the net is still a stupid idea which will only result in fail./Unless i go with plenty of fish and understand that they hook up more than 800,000 people a year! DAM WHAT AM I DOING WRONG??!!

  3. heyyyyyy,I work out i pump my weights and jog two times a week and go to soccer training two times a week. My friend had a hard time shifting "stubborn fat" from his gut - I got him to lift heavy with me and use his shoulders and back muscles to get the fat turned to muscle there, it started to work but then he just gave in... I would have said another two or three weeks he would have been almost there.I get gridning in my right sholder - I just ignore the thing... Push ups aim for 80 to 100. in set of ten... Shfting the weight from your gut and he man baps will require running (move it all to those massive muscles in your legs and butt?) You will have to diet to get full benefit. Im lucky been pushing iron since i was 21 all i have to do is 80 push ups and i tone up straight away... Had a lazy patch when i was younger though and man i went skinny!!!

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