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Girls vs. Woman (not pluralized for a reason)



I am not in a very good mood right now. I suppose this shall be my first ranting in this blog. I'm sure I will be skipping to and fro given I have A.D.D and I'm upset so I guess you'll have to deal with it.


Amongst my friends, I'm referred to as the "Aunt Agatha" type. I'm more grown up, I keep things under control when I know they're about to do something stupid, I dress however I want, I use common sense and I'm considered original. I have my moments of being silly. Especially when I drink but I'm not the type to follow the crowd. In fact, the crowd always stalks me....I mean this by saying that I find the crowd to be very ignorant, repulsive and dramatic but I somehow am a magnet for such unwanted attention. Sometimes I set myself up for it. When I really dislike a persons' antics, I state what actions were taken, what words were said and I throw my point of view in. It's not really the best choice because it would be considered "gossiping". Every single time I do so, words and truths are stretched from one person to the next and it causes a ridiculous upheaval of nonsense. I still haven't learned to keep my emotions intact...it's a hard habit for me. I am very outspoken and somewhat abrasive even when I have the most calm voice. I'm not good with choosing words when I'm emotional about something. When I fully disagree with something a person does, I voice it and I don't fear saying things to that particular person. Most times, I am unable to do so since I'm not out getting drunk and partying all the time like I used to. That seems to be all what people do in this town. So if someone mentions that particular event, I have my say-so and not worry if it goes back to the person because on my end, nothing was fabricated or made up. I have no qualms about saying my piece.


Girls put on a show. They can't be honest with themselves more or less other people. They throw things at others and attempt to make themselves as some bad ass or martyr. They cannot accept truth for what it is nor can they grow up. I know females that are older than me that act like they're still in high school but this time actually breeding children and teaching them the same behavior. Yeah..what a way to benefit this already messed up society. I'm not saying by any means that I am the perfect parent. I smoked when I was pregnant...was it wise? No. Did it affect my child? No. But it could have. I make mistakes and guess what? There's absolutely no such thing as a perfect parent. I do the best I can with God's help to get me through my negative aspects of people so it won't reflect on my child's world view. I don't have a mommy and daddy to take care of my kid when I want to go out and party. I don't have a husband who's willing to spend every single penny on me to shut me up. I have a responsible family life. My daughter and her needs come first and foremost. I'm hardly out having a good time. When it's offered, I usually don't take it even though I should every once in a while. I'm tired of seeing these "women" put on a pretense that they're all perfection and bash every other female they look at.


Reality check for these "ladies": You need to do something with your pathetic self image. Stop making things all about you.


I hardly have any girlfriends. The ones I do have, I really don't socialize with that often. I get along with guys more...I can joke with the rest of them. I like chilling out. I don't like freaking out about what I should wear to some club, what makeup to put on or make myself sexy as much as possible to have a good time. I'm content with crappy clothes and a bunch of friends that just want to chill and play games or watch movies.


I'm hungry.

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