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Here are the current pics as of 6/22/09



Overall weak and soft. I lack definition.


Tits and belly... gotta go


My arms have meat, but need alot of work. My entire body is weak and soft. Soft muscles, and alot of fat.


Well... I don't look so bad. But I don't look good. I wanna be fit again. It's been 13 years since I could have I was fit. It's beyond time. Fortunately I have someone to make sure I keep on it. Im gonna be ridiculous.


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Well I have been majorly slacking... But thats fine, as it gave my body time to rest. If you remember... I messed my shoulder up pretty bad 1 1/2 years ago. It been pretty sketchy. There is a muscle that doesn't work, so it doesn't hold my shoulder in place well enough. At certain points, you can hear popping and grinding in my shoulder, 'cause it isn't snug in the ball and socket. Well... I have been doing delt workouts. While I sit at the computer... I'll grab my sisters 3 lb weights, and do various workouts. What this accomplishes, is working out the small muscles that get overridden when you lift heavy weights. Do not disregard working out with 'lil weights. When you lift a heavy weight, the smaller stabilizer muscles get overridden, and they don't get worked out. Id say... work out these muscles too and you will benefit from this.


Anyway, I have also been doing girly pushups, as to not put too much weight on my shoulder. When I get to the point where I cannot do anymore, (not tired, just my chest is weak) I'll get to the extended position, and let myself down real real slow... over and over... because I lack the strength to push up after so many. This is great as it forces my muscles, beats me down. I'll do this until I can't even push myself up alittle. I gotta kinda roll to my side to get up!


Crunches mixed with opposing knee lifts. And a crazy back arc that works out my butt... as you need to make your butt look good. Guys... the ladies look at your butt. Work on it.


I'll start jogging again everyday. Sometimes I sprint 500 ft, then slow down, and do various movements. Like elbow to knee crunches, opposing of course, left knee right elbow touch... I also do this weird shuffle thing with my feet. Jog some more... then sprint again. My energy levels are rising. Last night I really noticed my "new" strength. I'm ready for the next step in my routine.


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heyyyyyy,I work out i pump my weights and jog two times a week and go to soccer training two times a week. My friend had a hard time shifting "stubborn fat" from his gut - I got him to lift heavy with me and use his shoulders and back muscles to get the fat turned to muscle there, it started to work but then he just gave in... I would have said another two or three weeks he would have been almost there.I get gridning in my right sholder - I just ignore the thing... Push ups aim for 80 to 100. in set of ten... Shfting the weight from your gut and he man baps will require running (move it all to those massive muscles in your legs and butt?) You will have to diet to get full benefit. Im lucky been pushing iron since i was 21 all i have to do is 80 push ups and i tone up straight away... Had a lazy patch when i was younger though and man i went skinny!!!

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Diet may help, but I'm not for that. I'll make sure I get the necessary food groups and all, but to hell with diet. I'll eat as I always do. Doesn't look like it, but my body is an inferno once it gets going... I... just gotta get in gear, I'm slacking.

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Hey I wanted to ask you to be a fighting hero in a video clip, after having seen this body I'll forget it !!! LMAO !

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