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Fitness... for real this time



Ok I mean to do alot of things but always quit once started. I procrastinate, I make excuses etc etc. My sister always tried to get me out to jog or workout, always asked if I wanted to do insanity w/ her... I always answered no.




I got sick and tired of being tired... and sickly. Depressed all the time, literally waiting for days to end. Merely existing in my room playing games or watching Netflix or something not very exciting, stuffing my face with junk food, drinking sodas like water. Did I mention depression? I had no motivation to do anything. Period. Well I started thinking about fitness... again... and the new workout video for Tapout was being advertised. Saw all these fat soft flabby people undergo major fitness training and saw such amazing results within the first month. I turned that shit off, went outside and began doing shrugs with a deflated inner tube from a bicycle.


I was keeping it light but still managed to hurt my rotator cup doing dips at work. Once that happened I had a few days to rest and think forward. Being out of shape is more than weak muscle tone, its ligament and joint health, cardiovascular health. On top of that I have two injuries, a messed up shoulder and a bad ankle. I already explained my shoulder issue in the other blog. That is what allowed me to hurt myself on simple dips. Once I healed up I slowly began my conditioning phase. On top of exercise I bought supplements focusing on joint health as I figured 16 years of solid gaming made my cartilage soft. (except thumbs) As I slowly conditioned my muscles the ligaments and cartilage were worked, then of course being properly nourished they grow stronger, tighter. It pays to be pro-active and not re-active.


I did/do small but frequent workouts that are simple, but very effective. I built up muscles in my shoulder by doing all sorts of exercises. Now my arm holds fast, tho it needs improvement. Ankle is much better from calf raises, toe raises, cw n ccw circles with my ankles.


Once I began getting definition I pushed further and harder each day, from jogging or walking fast to modified pushups, pulldowns whatever. I began to work out longer and harder. Progress is always obvious when you start out.


Week 3 has started and although my regimen has decreased (situationally) I still have so much energy. Motivation, drive. It is addictive and anyone who doesnt know this first had will not truly get it.


Here are some changes.

*When I wake up im alert focused


*Mental focus, acuity, reaction speed and reflexes have increased exponentially. My mind is shaper and senses are keen


*Im hungry all the time, but real hungry not glutton hungry. When I eat its generally less than when I stuffed my gullet full of crap. I eat better, and smaller portions... but I eat more often so it right where I need to be.


*Always feel hot to the touch, my metabolism is on fire around the clock


*Motivated to not only work out, but LIVE instead of merely exist. Im quick to do something once proposed instead of considering it and opting out due to disinterest or laziness.


*endless amounts of energy. I get the burn from exercise but my overall energy level is set to uber, so I dont crap out.


*Havent drank an energy drink in 3 weeks, no need as Im alert even when exhausted. I used to live off them at work. Id drag my half asleep ass into work and NEEDED a monster to get "right" not anymore


*Depression has evaporated. Its gone. Im a very upbeat kinda guy, but even under a smile I was suffering... Now im vital in mind and body. I feel the difference... its night and day. Im motivated to do stuff, I want to do things. I really want to do things opposing intent without drive. Stress is managed much much better, I brush it off instead of allowing it to linger and poison my mind further.


So I started out very light & worked on many many areas very very often until I had enough muscle to increase the regimen. For instance at work I lean forward at 45 degrees in pushup position at the counter. I did 4 sets of 30 plus an extra 10 so I did 130 cheating pushups at work throughout the night. I did 4 sets of 20 incline pushups before work so that was 80 real deal leg on a chair pushups. (yay) Knee raises. I raised one knee as high as it goes (now to my chest) then the other and alternate. I did 80 last night. I continue to progress and Every time I exercise even a bit I feel physically and mentally awesome!!!


Dude I couldnt come anywhere close to these figures 3 weeks ago, let alone being able to even DO some of the shit I can now.


I finally got off my fat lazy ass and did something about it!!!


So I challenge you. Does going up some stairs wind you a bit? Are you depressed (stop lying to yourself) Do you lack drive to do anything? Even the drive to go hang out with some friends? Are you a negative piece of shit thats always woe is me boo hooing on social networks... ahem some of our members. Tired of being fat or just weak? Wanna know how it feels to have drive and energy?!


Take small steps, just as I did... but do something. Do as many pushups as you can comfortably do... right this very second. Repeat that 2 more times throughout the day. Even if its under 10 just do it. I dont care if you have to do girly pushups just fucking do it... Stand and place a hand on the wall, lift your knee as high as it can go then alternate back and forth until it feels uncomfortable. Repeat that process throughout the day. This stuff only takes a second, you would already have finished those pushups if it wasnt for the fact that your still reading this. No time at all. "But I dont feel like it" NO FUCKING SHIT YOUR PHYSICALLY WEAK AND UNMOTIVATED... stop making excuses as I did and get to working something right quick.


Minus the brick I havent lifted one weight and Im getting very strong. Youll be amazed on your performance when muscles begin to tighten up and get some strength to them.


But I feel renewed. I was so used to being tired I didnt recognize how bad off I was. I didnt realize how sluggish my mind became. I felt comfortable with lethargy. Wanted to change... but not really. No drive.


NO LONGER! Im finally alive again.


I was so ashamed of what I became I took those old pics down just as soon as I coped out of exercising. Over 3 years later and I was basically the same.




Love handles then gut will be the last to go, but look at the lines. Yea that 1st pic was 3 years ago but thats how I looked 3 weeks ago. Im steadily loosing my "bitch tits" and also thats not me sucking in, it flexing ... besides I was sucking in on the 1st pic lol. Holy crap look at my chest progression!!! Dude do my counter pushups and do it now!!! Wow man im even more hyped up!!! This is 20 lbs less fat 10 more lbs muscle




So yea... see what small steps can do? Hmmmmmmm? I challenge you.

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I'm happy for you.


What a lot of people dont get about working out - The first week is awful - but if you can get over that first week you start to see gains and improvements! It will hurt, it will suck, but everytime you workout you will feel better.


Gains come slow at first but once you start filling out, just dropping and doing a bunch of press ups = instant gain. This is when it gets addictive, everytime you workout, you know you will look leaner, and FEEL good.


I got round to cutting my drinking out last Tuesday.

Not had a drop since then.

Im not saying i wont drink again but I know that if I do have a beer I now know I find it hard to leave it alone on an evening, and i got tired of waking up feeling like shit.

I want to get in good shape for the summer in england, and eventually cut my smoking out, but at the moment I just want to take it one day at a time.


My next step for me is top get hold of a mountain bike. And eventually go back running.

In the mean time its push ups, and the weight bench.

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