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  1. It's a shame what the Internet has become in the year 2014. I have stopped counting how many shock factor videos and blogs I have ran into online. All these top 50 countdowns, prank videos, and obvious bullshit that keeps getting the people to successfully watch or partake in this trivial nonsense. So many message boards have died (glad we're still here! toast!) and as a result have led us to create virtual extensions of ourselves at the expense of our anonymity, privacy, and most of all -- our unfiltered word. I will always miss the past, but I also realize how wonderful, and rare a place lik
  2. Hello Ghosti! Welcome to 1emulation! As the owner of this site since its inception in the year two thousand and two (2002), I wish you an amazing and pleasant stay. As the others have said, it is only a mirage if it appears we're dead, as we are actually quite alive and breathing!
  3. Superman!! Hell yeah! Good to see you brother.
  4. Any idea on an ETA of the next release then?
  5. What happened to MAME that we won't hear from it anytime soon?
  6. I'm still here. Just finding the right time to use whatever energy is left in my day for this place. If anyone knows how to create a great daily schedule or daily foundation that is easy to stick to -- hit me up.
  7. Coming from Emsley, must be legit. ....just realized how old this post is. Is Emsley even still alive? Woah, Ghosty! Welcome back man. What are you up to these days? Yeah, Emsley is still lurking somewhere. He's pretty active on Facebook. Make sure to like our Facebook page: http://facebook.com/1emulation
  8. Feel so lonely right now .... what you all up to this 2014 season to be sexual?
  9. Hey brother! Thanks so much for the kind message. Yep, we all here are fans of retrogaming, and glad you stumbled upon 1emulation. Our site is now entering its 12th year on the Internet. We are honored to have you here and hope to see you soon posting on our message boards.
  10. This thread from 2008 should help you find some great Dreamcast games: http://www.1emulation.com/forums/topic/28560-your-top-picks-for-dreamcast-games/?hl=%2Bdreamcast+%2Bgames&do=findComment&comment=288172 I wonder how the emulator would run on my tablet....
  11. Jesus... this is quite the thread bump. Over 10 years later .... Okay, first things first -- why are you using kawaks? Why not use MAME? I'm sure that emulator will save your hiscores with no problem.
  12. Didn't even know it existed. Got any links or videos to it?
  13. So fascinating. So I'm guessing for every cadaver you work with that it's extremely important to first know the religious denomination, correct? What if he/she is atheist -- is there a specific protocol for that as well?
  14. Thanks for the positive regard, dude. I am sure some women would find it intriguing and some would find it creepy lol. I have a girlfriend, though, who required some convincing before she let me join the program. I am also a pretty quiet individual who keeps to himself most of the time so that would only add to the "mystery" quality — I have even been called that by friends I made in the program lol. People often ask why I would want to physically deal with corpses ... and I answer by saying that I don't do it because I want to (it is not glamorous in any way), but like many professions out
  15. If I bring the arcade back... a few years later you're going to ask to change the forum rules back pre-2005. I am still hoping for that ROMs all the way!!! Well, you got archive.org now for the majority of that. They have the ability to take the risk, since they are a large non-profit organization. 1Emu on the other hand? Not gonna take the chance.
  16. If I bring the arcade back... a few years later you're going to ask to change the forum rules back pre-2005.
  17. You're telling me. Feels like yesterday I was fighting the emulation world to keep this place together from the spam attacks, crazy BS I'd have to write in a book one day, and also the amazing stuff like getting featured in Electronic Gaming Monthly. Honestly, I got to say that it is absolutely awesome you're a mortician. I find it quite on the mysterious side and furthermore -- it might actually work wonders for you with women. Of course, you would not tell them right away what your job is, but you would keep them guessing. Girls always like a guy who is dark on the outside, but soft on
  18. It's crazy... we've now entered the 12th year of running 1Emulation. Time really flies. Can't say it enough!!! What are your new year's resolutions? I'm sure everyone had a hangover on January 1st and January 2nd will have gyms across the world packed ....
  19. Merry Christmas my dear friends!! Glad to see you all are alive and well. A toast to another great year...
  20. You'd buy a whole system just to play one game? IMO, Nintendo really needs to get its act together, as Wii U really seems like a failure already. @ Bambi - PS3 is only old news if you don't have CFW.
  21. I don't have the money to buy either system right now, nor am I really interested. I still have plenty of games to play on both my 360 and PS3. Not to mention, I got a feeling it's going to take 10 years before we even see anyone hack the One or PS4, but then again, what is the point? I've got a wild feeling we will hopefully see more PC ports. Sooo who bought one (or both)?
  22. Blowing air to ear? WTF?! LOL.... Maybe breathing next to ear, but blowing in air might make her go deaf.
  23. You've grown quite the beard from the pictures I recall many moons ago.
  24. Sypherce and I were discussing this very notion yesterday. The 2nd most logical explanation as to why we haven't see an XBOX emulator is there is no real demand for it, as there was for Dreamcast, PS2, and Nintendo Wii. Most of the games for the original XBOX were already ported to the PC. The simple basics of economics of no supply without demand is sustained here.
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