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  1. I heard some people signing up using a proxy and an address in the USA routed to Canada. Heard of anything like that being possible?
  2. Coldstone Steve Austin? He's not an Ice cream cone ... it's Stone Cold And yeah, it's true -- everything is scripted now which really sucks. They use to have only bullet points in the past, but now it's literally word for word lines fed to every wrestler. It has made the product pretty redundant and mundane, but what can you do...
  3. 1Emu has always been filled with wrestling fans and I being one of them. Been debating for a while if I should get the network as it's $60 for 6 months (not too shabby considering you get to watch all live PPVs too). Only problem is Watch-Wrestling (google it) already has all this stuff for free. Any of you guys subscribe to it? If so, what's the experience been like? Worth it or just enjoyable for the first 48 hours? Here's the article they recently did on the network with Vince McMahon from Forbes magazine: http://www.forbes.com/sites/msolomon/2014/03/26/vince-mcmahons-over-the-top-move-why-the-billionaire-ceo-is-betting-big-on-the-new-wwe-network/
  4. Was on reddit earlier today and stumbled on the trailer for the new TMNT and had to express my dismay: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCjsWpM9zFU First off -- this movie literally looks like a reincarnation of the Transformers series while replacing the autobots with turtles. And don't get me started with Megan Fox. Really? This chick looks like she had a crap load of plastic surgery and not to mention I would put money that the only reason why she's in this film is that she's sucking on Michael Bay's _______. It's just sad to see Hollywood just rehashing these movies over and over. It's no longer about the art, but the money.
  5. And we use to have an IRC channel for many years. I'm not sure I would be a proponent on reviving it though only because I always felt that it took away from activity here on the forums. What do you think? g+ as in google+, my friend. And yes, I agree there is no shortage of pretentious young people nowadays who think much of themselves because of YouTube partnerships and Twitter. I mean ... it literally becomes a source of income for them, and while I admire those who have talent such as singers or musicians to put themselves out there in a competitive industry, giving back to the community is just as important since it's the community that inflated their egos to begin with. I just watched this a little white ago and thought it relevant: As for an irc channel, I suppose you have a point that it detracts from activity here, which would be a shame. We need a group project or something we can all get involved in to get things going, y'know? And not necessarily for gaming, although I have no qualms about that either lol. Oh gosh, this son of a bitch (excuse my French), Mr. Fousey... I've seen quite a few of his vids and they are all utter bullshit. He adds his sentimental music in the background, dresses up like he's Martin Luther King, and does these "experiments", which are utterly ridiculous, and sometimes even at the risk of others being scarred for life (see the bullying and kidnapping videos he's done). None of these experiments are anyway near scientific and are greatly flawed. A homeless kid walking on the street like that will most likely only raise one alarm in someone's head and that's "SCAM!!" Crap like this needs to be banned from YouTube. Of course, he's probably getting thousands of dollars because everyone signs up and watches more of it for their daily entertainment. He's not fighting for any cause except his wallet. All of it is disgusting. As they say, all you need is a few dumb people to make you famous. Indeed, he has done just that.
  6. To be fair, I have seen quite a few people with big followings have friends tag and take pictures of them, but sadly none of them are truly "famous". It's sad because a lot of this is truly not realistic, and, as a result, we get massive ego inflations, and just all-around jackasses roaming the streets. Most of all, he/she will probably believe he/she is more valuable and worthy than every other human on this planet.
  7. What is G+? Never heard of it. And yeah, pretty much agree with everything you said, but sadly it's not just Hollywood anymore. It's a new generation of self-entitled people who think they are famous. And I mean, why they shouldn't if they starred in a few short films or posed their ass or tits in a few modeling shots, while gaining a huge following? And we use to have an IRC channel for many years. I'm not sure I would be a proponent on reviving it though only because I always felt that it took away from activity here on the forums. What do you think?
  8. It's a shame what the Internet has become in the year 2014. I have stopped counting how many shock factor videos and blogs I have ran into online. All these top 50 countdowns, prank videos, and obvious bullshit that keeps getting the people to successfully watch or partake in this trivial nonsense. So many message boards have died (glad we're still here! toast!) and as a result have led us to create virtual extensions of ourselves at the expense of our anonymity, privacy, and most of all -- our unfiltered word. I will always miss the past, but I also realize how wonderful, and rare a place like 1Emulation truly is. A place that still holds die hard members (some for nearly over a decade) that still share their life stories and can do so freely without persecution, prejudice, or thinking if I should have said this or that. Do you agree? Disagree? Agree to disagree? Would love to know! Anyway, it's been a while since I posted a thread. My goal is to a post a new thread and news post a day. If I can do that, it will really help this place out, and I encourage you all to do the same if at all possible.
  9. Hello Ghosti! Welcome to 1emulation! As the owner of this site since its inception in the year two thousand and two (2002), I wish you an amazing and pleasant stay. As the others have said, it is only a mirage if it appears we're dead, as we are actually quite alive and breathing!
  10. Superman!! Hell yeah! Good to see you brother.
  11. Any idea on an ETA of the next release then?
  12. What happened to MAME that we won't hear from it anytime soon?
  13. I'm still here. Just finding the right time to use whatever energy is left in my day for this place. If anyone knows how to create a great daily schedule or daily foundation that is easy to stick to -- hit me up.
  14. Coming from Emsley, must be legit. ....just realized how old this post is. Is Emsley even still alive? Woah, Ghosty! Welcome back man. What are you up to these days? Yeah, Emsley is still lurking somewhere. He's pretty active on Facebook. Make sure to like our Facebook page: http://facebook.com/1emulation
  15. Feel so lonely right now .... what you all up to this 2014 season to be sexual?
  16. I'm really sick and tired of this new blog scene of these early 2010's... message boards > blogs

    1. LoRd_SnOw


      Times are changin'.

    2. veristic


      I have been an internet junkie since the 28k dialup days, and still haven't found a good reason for blogs lol. Boards > blogs forsure.

    3. LoRd_SnOw


      No doubt Boards > blogs, but from a professional outlook it's that type of mindset that can lead to ignorance when keeping up recent advancements and may even prevent you from growing your work/business. With that said for a hobby, I prefer the formal.

  17. Hey brother! Thanks so much for the kind message. Yep, we all here are fans of retrogaming, and glad you stumbled upon 1emulation. Our site is now entering its 12th year on the Internet. We are honored to have you here and hope to see you soon posting on our message boards.
  18. This thread from 2008 should help you find some great Dreamcast games: http://www.1emulation.com/forums/topic/28560-your-top-picks-for-dreamcast-games/?hl=%2Bdreamcast+%2Bgames&do=findComment&comment=288172 I wonder how the emulator would run on my tablet....
  19. Jesus... this is quite the thread bump. Over 10 years later .... Okay, first things first -- why are you using kawaks? Why not use MAME? I'm sure that emulator will save your hiscores with no problem.
  20. Didn't even know it existed. Got any links or videos to it?
  21. So fascinating. So I'm guessing for every cadaver you work with that it's extremely important to first know the religious denomination, correct? What if he/she is atheist -- is there a specific protocol for that as well?
  22. Thanks for the positive regard, dude. I am sure some women would find it intriguing and some would find it creepy lol. I have a girlfriend, though, who required some convincing before she let me join the program. I am also a pretty quiet individual who keeps to himself most of the time so that would only add to the "mystery" quality — I have even been called that by friends I made in the program lol. People often ask why I would want to physically deal with corpses ... and I answer by saying that I don't do it because I want to (it is not glamorous in any way), but like many professions out there, we do it because somebody has to. We do so with a high regard for the decedent's dignity as a human being — there are even laws that prevent us from certain behavior around the remains of a deceased individual such as foul language and behavior or any treatment of the remains in an undignified manner and regard. You would be surprised, however, by the type of people that show up when trying to enter the program. Today was actually the orientation for newly admitted, incoming 1st semester students to the program and a friend still attending who participated to speak to these new students told me (during their introductions) that ... and I quote: "I just like to cut stuff." There are no shortage of inappropriate types who show up to enter the field — and I say this thankfully — who don't usually last very long because of how academically rigorous it is to pass. It is not as difficult as advanced chemistry or mathematics, physics or some other specifically difficult subject, but it was the most difficult academic experience I have ever been through. Many friends and others I have known along the way have failed to pass semesters and are forced to repeat classes in order to pass or risk being denied re-entry in to the program. Some people I know have repeated on several occasions for not passing classes. It is statistically more difficult than undergraduate and even some graduate level programs and I knew plenty of people enrolled who had bachelor's and master's degrees say the same. Anyway, the point of my comment is just to let people know that we are highly professional and the field is very rigorous for a reason; that is to make sure those individuals who are employed in the death care industry have the utmost regard for professionalism and ethics, which is essential to what we do. Since people are basically trusting us with their beloved family members who have died, it only makes sense. Thanks for writing this all up! It was quite intriguing to read it. I am curious -- what about certain religious sects that deal with corpses? I am aware that the plots of land that Christians, Muslims, and Jews are buried tend to be separated and each denomination has its own ritual (if the body needs to be washed or cleansed in a certain way, etc.). So how do you deal with the religious stuff or does that happen after its in your hands? I am glad the program is strenuous enough to eliminate a lot of the crazy types (i.e. the one you mentioned that likes cutting stuff).
  23. If I bring the arcade back... a few years later you're going to ask to change the forum rules back pre-2005. I am still hoping for that ROMs all the way!!! Well, you got archive.org now for the majority of that. They have the ability to take the risk, since they are a large non-profit organization. 1Emu on the other hand? Not gonna take the chance.
  24. If I bring the arcade back... a few years later you're going to ask to change the forum rules back pre-2005.
  25. You're telling me. Feels like yesterday I was fighting the emulation world to keep this place together from the spam attacks, crazy BS I'd have to write in a book one day, and also the amazing stuff like getting featured in Electronic Gaming Monthly. Honestly, I got to say that it is absolutely awesome you're a mortician. I find it quite on the mysterious side and furthermore -- it might actually work wonders for you with women. Of course, you would not tell them right away what your job is, but you would keep them guessing. Girls always like a guy who is dark on the outside, but soft on the inside. And also as a 1emu buddy, I got to say it's pretty cool to say to others I know someone who deals with dead bodies. Gnarly stuff dude!! Hah, feels like this place transcends time. It's like a black hole. Time does not really exist here. See above reply to Drakey.
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