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  1. Because I'm still running Windows 2000 on 0.5GHz Celeron? Later versions of Firefox will install and run, but they are so bloated the entire machine almost freezes. Chrome won't install, although I've heard that it will work if you hack the installer. I have an old version of Opera installed, but it can't even display the Google logo properly. And, of course, the infamous IE6, which is much less supported than FF 3.6 is, and has major problems with many sites. I'm curious, how do you avoid viruses? Just yesterday governments across the globe panicked that IE has an exploit that hasn't been patched for the now defunct Windows XP. But you're on Windows 2000... so how do you make sure to keep your system secure?
  2. Phased - My bad... we've been a little loose on rules lately. I probably should do a full overhaul of them at this point. Some of these rules were written so long ago that I have forgotten them. But yeah -- let's keep the nips and vags links only. Everything else can be shown automatically.
  3. I ain't digging the asian girl, but the other blonde girl was mighty fine. Just a quick note -- only link to the images and add an NSFW warning if it's got a nip in there.
  4. Just stay away from Safari -- that shit has got more holes than swiss cheese.
  5. Indeed. Although we would hate to see Neosource not return, 1emulation always is a home here for all neosource developers and members of the FBA family. Especially with our rising downloads section, we can definitely create a section dedicated to FBA, and have you guys upload your stuff there as well. EDIT: Neosource appears to be back online.
  6. Oddly enough, I recently changed my avatar to Ultimate Warrior about a week ago.... I heard about it a few hours after the news came. I truly have never felt so shocked and saddened for any celebrity in a long time. Ultimate Warrior was a marvelous character that inspired me as an individual. It has come out of his past bigoted comments, etc. -- however, (not trying to give it a free pass here) I've always known about Warrior (he legally changed his name to that) and all the crap he's said in the past few years, but the character to me and what it represented was filled with just so much positive energy that I tended to look past his political stances. I look for the good in all people and what I saw this weekend and on Monday was a guy who genuinely seemed like a changed man, who forgave a lot of people, including Vince McMahon who was his arch nemesis for 18 years. To see him inducted into the hall of the fame, walk in with his 2 beautiful daughters, and to now know they don't have a father, and the fans don't have an Ultimate Warrior, really sucks to witness -- even if it were only on television. R.I.P.
  7. Do you watch Total Divas? Summer Rae comes off as a bit of an ass ...
  8. The match itself sucked. Taker looked old as hell.... did you know Sting is 10 years older than Taker? Kinda sad how beat up Taker is. Then again, I feel like he brought this upon himself. He should have trained harder for the only match he does a year now. Anyway, did you wake up when you heard Taker didn't win?
  9. Wait for what? MAME? BTW, you got a broken picture in your siggy
  10. P.S. Make sure to like, follow, and subscribe to 1emulation on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube! We need all the help we can get!
  11. It's so wonderful to see you back here, Agozer! To be honest, I have in many ways decided to look forward and not back to many of our long time members that have not been seen here in a long time. The 1emulation heart is still beating -- slower than usual, but still kicking. I am very much the same as you. The Internet has become smarter and more of a clusterfuck of things that manipulate us daily to grab our attentions (and many quite successfully). Old sites like us tend to go missing in the fray, but not forgotten. I hope you stay longer this time! Congrats on the new job. And I don't own a PS4. I'm opting out of the next gen consoles this time around, as there are still too many great games to play on the 360 and PS3.
  12. Watched all of the Hall of Fame 2014 ceremony last night.... my 2 cents on the speeches: Lita = Very boring, lacked structure, and honestly didn't really care all that much about it Jake Roberts = Best speech of the night. Marvelous introduction by DDP (Jerry Lawler accidentally called him DDT ) Mr. T = 2nd best speech of the night. He may have said "mother" over 75 times, but it was hilarious, and very fun to watch. I thought it was a really stupid call to have Kane come out of nowhere to tell him to end the speech. Does WWE not have people in the front row to motion to the inductees that they have 5 minutes remaining, 30 seconds, etc.? It made WWE look like the jackasses with Mr. T leaving with "Sorry, sorry, I'm sorry". Not to mention, the jokes said later about Mr. T was uncalled for and again made WWE look like the bullies. SMH. Razor Ramon = Too short of a speech. He looked like he just came back from a Florida beach tanning for several hours. Was really disappointed in this one. Carlos Calon = Carlito's WWE jabs were hilarious and great. It made the Carlon segment... listening to Carlos speak in Spanish for 5 minutes was idiotic at best. Ultimate Warrior = 3rd best speech of the night. Great start, but rambling end. It's as if he realized he had some extra time to get some more stuff off his chest, but just sounded scatter brained. I won't lie though and it was wonderful to see him amongst the WWE's greatest once again.
  13. BTW, fun fact, but in the last 12 years we've had 3 IRC channels (#1emu @ EFNET, #1emulation @ EFNET, #1emu @ GameSurge), Kaillera server for MAME, FBA, PJ64 network play, GGPO server for FBA network play, Direct Connect hubs, Teamspeak server, Shoutcast/Icecast servers for 1Emulation Radio, and a bunch more I can't even remember
  14. Hey hey! The sexy beast is back baby!! How you been Mr. Agozer?
  15. I don't mind. Looks great!!
  16. So my money is on Daniel Bryan to close out the show as new WWE champion! Word on the street is that there are rumors circulating that perhaps CM Punk might even make an appearance. Stone Cold has already been confirmed. This is also a super amazing class of Hall of Famers for 2014 that I'm probably more excited to see the ceremony than Wrestlemania! Warrior, Ramon, Snake, Lita, and more. It's gonna be a wild ride and this time we actually can see the full thing on the network! So who do you guys think is gonna win the main event? I'm just hoping it's not Triple H.
  17. I broadcast on the channel twitch.tv/bambiemu I only use emulators like snes9x or mame. If you guys can decide on a good night I'll start up the feed and see how it goes! Hmmm... how many viewers/views do you normally get broadcasting emulators?
  18. Please don't tell me you're still on Windows 2000.... it's time to move on my friend!!!
  19. So I've been reading some Batman comics. I never really read any comics growing up, so all of this is very new to me. Stemmed from curiosity and seeing all the Batman movies, I wanted to check out the comics. I started off with "Batman - The Killing Joke".... which was truly an impressively written comic. It was very thought provoking and even shocking for its graphic content. The ending leaves you with a wonderful cliffhanger as to how Batman deals with the Joker. I then read "Batman - Vengeance of Bane" parts I and II, but both left you wanting more, and seemed totally incomplete. I then decided to just read a single issue "Batman Beyond" comic from this year and was annoyed that there seemed to be no ending and simply appeared to be just nonsensical dialogue between Bruce Wayne and Barbara Gordon. Stupid shit, really. I'm now reading "Batman - Knightfall: Volume 1", which is a collection of comics that tries to complete the story of Bane breaking Batman's back, and also includes "Vengeance of Bane", which I mentioned above. I'm about a 150 pages through of 600 and it's been entertaining, but not thought provoking in any way since reading "The Killing Joke". What gives? Are most comics like an old Jackie Chan movie? Lots of kicks and punches, but meaningless dialogue? I hope to at least have a conclusion with the Bane and Batman story this time. FYI - Bane in the comics is nothing like Bane in the "The Dark Knight Rises" film. Someone help this newbie out.... please
  20. So there's this cute blonde at my work place that I've been wanting to date for a while, but have no idea how to pop the question. I'm aware she's single and that she's dating guys, but that's about it. I know this sounds odd, but I am a bit hesitant to ask. What if it ends badly? What if it ends well? What if she refuses to be intimate, but only wants to be friends... then what? Awkwardness now at the workplace? I'm not even sure how to start it. What do I say to entice her to meet up outside of work? Coffee, Beer, Lunch? Any of you guys have experience with this?
  21. I've never even heard of Twitch.tv. I just briefly checked it out --- live video streaming of game play with chat rooms. How would this fit with showing emulators, etc.? Are we showing games that people are playing via these emulators? Broadcasting a network play using kaillera or something? I'm lost. Help me out
  22. What are the four? My guess is you know French as well.
  23. So I haven't watched porn for about a month now and I got to say it feels good. My mind is more clear and relaxed. I just hope I can keep this up (or down ). The problem with porn is simple --- some guys won't admit it, but it's human chemistry, and that over the years you need to get more and more hardcore just to get off. The human brain gets tired easily (i.e. taking the same pill over 10 years may not work anymore without increasing the dosage). And what I've also always felt is that porn also pushes us away from actually going after the women we want because the fantasy is somewhat and continuously fulfilled. Anyway, I normally would watch porn a few times every 2-3 weeks. I could also watch porn (flipping through a ton of videos) for about 3 hours straight before calling it quits. How about you guys?
  24. I started the 1Emulation YouTube Channel back in 2006. Currently our stats are very abysmal -- 59 subscribers and 200,000 views. I haven't uploaded a video in years (we have 25 videos in total). Most of the videos I uploaded are from my reviews of gaming products at the time, as well as emulator footage of when Naomi was emulated. What new videos do you guys suggest I upload? Should we continue using it? Here's the link to it: https://www.youtube.com/user/1Emulation/videos BTW, make sure to SUBSCRIBE if you haven't already! It would be nice to hit past 59 subscribers.... Anyway, would love your guys feedback on this!!
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