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  1. This video has been trending all day today and it's fucking hilarious. http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/83609486f9/between-two-ferns-with-zach-galifianakis-brad-pitt Zach is right... I know nothing about Brad Pitt except he's been a male sex symbol for the last 20 some odd years along with George Clooney and the rest of Ocean's Eleven.
  2. He's been AFK for years now. What's the urgency? and welcome to 1emu man! Give yourself an avatar and make yourself comfy. We used to keep in touch outside of forums, but lost touch a while back. Was trying to reach out to him again for something. I was hoping someone here would be close to him, as he co-founded this forum. I haven't been in the emulation scene in a long time due to life but I might come back, depending on a few circumstances. Yeah, I wish I could help you, as I have wondered what has happened to him as well. I won't be surprised if he'll just simply drop by and say hello again one of these days. I should tell you -- we are called 1emulation -- but much like A@H -- our most popular topics are non-emulation related. So feel free to talk about whatever! A cool place to start: http://www.1emulation.com/forums/forum/101-mens-corner-swag/ Oh yeah, if you click the yellow fist icon under a profile, you will access our own forum attack system!
  3. He's been AFK for years now. What's the urgency? and welcome to 1emu man! Give yourself an avatar and make yourself comfy.
  4. These are wonderful instructions! FYI - the system will credit you if you upload new emulators/apps!
  5. What the heck is Wechat? Is it like the new AIM? will google this in a few moments lol...
  6. Are you still living in China? Are you working there? When did you propose? So many questions and such an awesome revelation! Congratulations man!!
  7. we're all lurking lol. nobody is going anywhere! love you all! hope to rebuild this place again and again. we will live FOREVER!
  8. Lots and lots of world news as of late. I didn't expect Germany to win the world cup. Can't say I am surprised Israel invaded Gaza... in fact, as soon I read about the Malaysian plane crash, I pretty much knew it would coincide with an Israeli invasion (how much of it was happenstance shall remain a mystery). It's crazy how many have died with both of these stories. The story of ISIS taking over parts of Iraq only solidifies how pointless the entire war was. Would love to know from LSD (our 1Emu veteran) what Malaysia's internal reaction to the 2nd Malaysian plane falling from the sky is/was...
  9. Privacy risk I can understand, considering your IP address is shown unless you got yourself some sort of botnet or proxy. But security risk -- in what way?
  10. I doubt you will see any improvements. How much ram do you currently have in the system? 4GIG lol Been told it will run slightly slower but will be tougher against viruses and stuff like that. Not sure about the viruses and stuff, but you should upgrade your ram. 4GB is the bare minimum for a 64bit system AFAIK.
  11. I noticed some of the new emulators have got IRC channels. Any of you guys still on IRC these days? FYI: If you don't know what IRC is: it's an ancient chat system. Internet Relay Chat... popularized with the Windows client, mIRC.
  12. I doubt you will see any improvements. How much ram do you currently have in the system?
  13. Fair enough. I'm not ignoring you. I just see your messages when I'm either away from the computer or asleep. I will look into setting you up ASAP. edit: Just PM'd you an idea.
  14. The best way to increase activity in this site is with your help. I have many ideas, but only so little time throughout the week. I have never given up on this site, but sadly, my life is not what it used to be 10 years ago when I had more time at my disposal. If you want to help, please send me a PM, and I'll send you some details. Everything counts. The more we work together, the more we can really make this place explode with new blood!
  15. Was it really? Perhaps it would also be the same for me, but alas, I also remember a time without the Internet, and somehow we always found a way to make the best of it.
  16. During these 12 years that have transpired during the existence of 1emulation -- our personal worlds and life itself has changed dramatically for all of us. I've had to deal with my own personal bouts of bullshit numerous times -- to the point that I question why humans must endure so much. However, for each pain I have endured, I have conquered. I always use that energy and manifest it into positive energy. By positive energy, I mean moving past it, seeing there is always other options, slowly improving my own spirits and health, etc. etc. It hasn't been easy though. For one - I'm not really an advocate of anti-depressants (which is the only thing Dr.'s know these days), but I do know they work for many. Second, alcohol is not something I enjoy binging on to ease the pain, which many of my friends do when the going gets tough. Third, I'm not into marijuana either, or any other drug for that matter. I guess I'd rather feel the pain at 100% than simmer it down into nothingness. So how do you guys deal with the crap in life?
  17. Speed Reading and Guitar. Haven't started the speed reading practice, but apparently all it takes is a good workout of your motor skills... seems like everything does actually. Check this out: http://lifebyexperimentation.com/2013/10/speed-reading/ and this http://fourhourworkweek.com/2009/07/30/speed-reading-and-accelerated-learning/ One big reason why I find speed reading incredibly important is there is just too much information out there. Especially when you add the unlimited data that is the Internet -- it seems impossible to get through the daily grind of news, books, magazines, and other written or typed pieces. For me, maximizing whatever brain I got in my skull is imperative -- be it with the ladies or processing new information. Second thing I'm working on is learning the guitar. My goodness -- this has to be one of the most difficult instruments to learn. I remember watching a porno where the guy is just pretending to play before he starts having sex with his hot lady and it got me to realize he probably couldn't learn to play if his life depended on it. Instead of practicing the motor skills that are in my eyes for speed reading -- I'm working on my finger speed, finger strength, and callus development on my fingertips -- all of which are a major PITA. Who knew learning two of the most basic chords (C and G7) and switching between them quickly is actually very difficult? So much mundane to get through before the fantasies become a reality. What have you all been up to?
  18. I believed you! I know you're a big fan of that OS. Still don't get though how you can keep your system running secure with it...hmmm...
  19. Because I'm still running Windows 2000 on 0.5GHz Celeron? Later versions of Firefox will install and run, but they are so bloated the entire machine almost freezes. Chrome won't install, although I've heard that it will work if you hack the installer. I have an old version of Opera installed, but it can't even display the Google logo properly. And, of course, the infamous IE6, which is much less supported than FF 3.6 is, and has major problems with many sites. I'm curious, how do you avoid viruses? Just yesterday governments across the globe panicked that IE has an exploit that hasn't been patched for the now defunct Windows XP. But you're on Windows 2000... so how do you make sure to keep your system secure?
  20. Phased - My bad... we've been a little loose on rules lately. I probably should do a full overhaul of them at this point. Some of these rules were written so long ago that I have forgotten them. But yeah -- let's keep the nips and vags links only. Everything else can be shown automatically.
  21. I ain't digging the asian girl, but the other blonde girl was mighty fine. Just a quick note -- only link to the images and add an NSFW warning if it's got a nip in there.
  22. Just stay away from Safari -- that shit has got more holes than swiss cheese.
  23. Indeed. Although we would hate to see Neosource not return, 1emulation always is a home here for all neosource developers and members of the FBA family. Especially with our rising downloads section, we can definitely create a section dedicated to FBA, and have you guys upload your stuff there as well. EDIT: Neosource appears to be back online.
  24. Oddly enough, I recently changed my avatar to Ultimate Warrior about a week ago.... I heard about it a few hours after the news came. I truly have never felt so shocked and saddened for any celebrity in a long time. Ultimate Warrior was a marvelous character that inspired me as an individual. It has come out of his past bigoted comments, etc. -- however, (not trying to give it a free pass here) I've always known about Warrior (he legally changed his name to that) and all the crap he's said in the past few years, but the character to me and what it represented was filled with just so much positive energy that I tended to look past his political stances. I look for the good in all people and what I saw this weekend and on Monday was a guy who genuinely seemed like a changed man, who forgave a lot of people, including Vince McMahon who was his arch nemesis for 18 years. To see him inducted into the hall of the fame, walk in with his 2 beautiful daughters, and to now know they don't have a father, and the fans don't have an Ultimate Warrior, really sucks to witness -- even if it were only on television. R.I.P.
  25. Do you watch Total Divas? Summer Rae comes off as a bit of an ass ...
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