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  1. There are so many MAME frontends that it's hard to figure out to use. What's the best for Windows right now? I remember when MAME32x was the thing.
  2. Everything needs an upgrade around here. I don't know the status on miskie, but I'll try to contact him regarding the server errors.
  3. Hey solidius... if you see this, miss you buddy! Hope life is still good and not hopefully not stone cold lol
  4. More than likely with the next update we won't have the battle mod anymore. Sadly, it hasn't been updated for IPB4.
  5. congrats to everyone who made it happen!! finally over 200 likes on facebook! beautiful!!

    1. Bambi


      Still waiting on the 100 likes party...

    2. Jitway
    3. Robert
  6. I just contacted miskie again. Hopefully there is a solution that will be provided soon.
  7. Awesome work!! Did you happen to rename your version of the emulator as well?
  8. Not exactly... https://www.reddit.com/r/Windows10/comments/3h5wwg/windows_10_disabling_pirated_software_not_so_fast/
  9. How do you know they would share them? And there are a lot of privacy controls for Windows 10, so you can turn most, if not all of that cloud stuff off.
  10. You actually don't have to wait. Just download the tool from Microsoft: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10
  11. Any of you guys update yet to Windows 10? If so, what are your experiences thus far?
  12. Hey hey! Look who's back. My favorite blogger. How you been? How are the ladies?
  13. Alpha

    Need help

    Hmm...before I look into this, could you try saving it as a JPG file and uploading again? Let me know if that fixes it.
  14. Alpha


    Big welcome to everyone!
  15. Alpha

    Need help

    Please check your PM. Ignore my PM.. didn't notice Robert's response.
  16. i've been playing it all week! this is awesome! great work!
  17. we got to have a party when we hit 100 likes on Facebook! let's make it happen!

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    2. Robert
    3. Robert


      100 likes !! Where's this party???



    4. Bambi


      Yes I am also waiting for the party!

  18. I dig the GQ look hahaha.... as for Veristic and Phased -- ya'll looking great!!
  19. What an amazing game that was!! and Jim Ross? Are you trying to make the game uber difficult?
  20. Must be why I bought a JXD S7800B. That's pretty badass. Can it play Wii or PS2 games as well? If you want to help upload mobile emulators and/or cover mobile emulators & homebrew since you have this device, let me know.
  21. PS3: rpcs3 (boots games, shows graphics) Xbox360: Xenia 3DS: Citra (runs some games) All opensource, very active. Thing is emusites stopped being a viable center of development, so folks are taking it to their own sites to accomodate their needs much better (including those of monetization, like with ads whose gain flows to support development). Regarding mobile, maybe a (public?) master list of hardware ownership in any form could help along another for new purchases, in case discussions or testing need to be focused on specific hardware (you cant ask everyone every time who's got a specific model of tablet and expect timely positive responses too). Does Xenia have a forum? Maybe we can offer to host it. Seems like EmuNewz.net got the official forum for rpc3... missed out there. Any idea who owns EmuNewz.net?
  22. today's music is utter crap...

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    2. Jitway


      Not Rock n Roll

    3. Bambi


      Depends on the RnR...Some does suck. Indie rock isnt to bad

    4. Jitway


      There are a lot of new RnR bands and supergroups that are pretty good. But ya some do suxx.


  23. We need to focus on the mobile emulators for smartphones and tablets.... but I just haven't got around to it (and honestly, my life is so busy these days that it would have to be one of you guys). If one of you decides to do this, it'll give us a huge boost of activity. May as well ask -- Anybody here know if there are any emulators for the XBOX 360 or PS3 in development? I wonder.... Another thing we can do is have a few of us active on places like reddit and their emulation subforums. We can help them by referring to our site with links to emulators to download from our downloads section and topics with questions we've already answered here on the forums. Lastly, if any of you are interested in posting on the Facebook page to help us gain more followers (or invite your friends to the page!), let me know.
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