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  1. No chip is needed. All you need is a PS3 with firmware 3.55 or lower (unless the requirement has recently changed) and a usb thumbstick. You would essentially install the new custom firmware as you would any regular firmware update on the PS3. Of course, the one drawback with custom firmware is that it's not recommended to go on PSN (possibility of getting banned), but I believe people still do.
  2. From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dolphin_(emulator)
  3. Just to keep you guys in the loop, I submitted this question to Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/cade/comments/1j199o/mame_the_mame_compatibility_discrepancy/ They have a lot of interesting reasons developing. Definitely a great read.
  4. Humans intrinsically want to be liked by their peers. Of course, humans don't always get liked, and sometimes it is based on circumstantial evidence, and other times it's based on a 5-minute glimpse. What pisses me off is the 5-minute glimpse which is almost always baseless. Examples: The hot girl / cashier at the grocery store. You've been in her check-out line over 15 times. But every time you talk to her, she's an asshole to you, but nice to the other people in front of you. You keep asking yourself why this person dislikes you so much, yet you never will know the answer. The boss at your 9-5 job. You ask him how he's doing when you get there and all he does is nudge his head. Doesn't look at you, doesn't say a word... but when other people come up to him... he's warmer and receptive. What do these two people have in common? Neither of them really have gotten to know you under any personal level, and if they have, it's only a 5-minute glimpse. I've become an extremely positive person in the last year or two. Being positive is not just telling yourself "I'm going to be positive today", but it's a struggle, and it's constant work against the negative energy around you, while having an appreciation for the choices each and every one of us have. But how do I deal with assholes? I'm nice to them. Always kind. But sometimes I ask myself -- do they deserve my common courtesy? Do they deserve my smile when I'm really pushing myself? If I am nice to them for a long time... will they one day see that I'm a cool guy and change their ways? (I still appreciate their assholeness because I learn to later screen out for it and abstain from it.) So, it's a complex question that I haven't yet answered, which is why I've brought it here. How do you deal with assholes?
  5. I appreciate the concern. I would say my stress is at an all-time low compared to previous years. At the same time, I have a lot of goals -- one is to make this place even more amazing again. Stress can definitely be an important factor and I do my fair share of meditation and exercise. Oddly enough, the more I work my body, the more tired I am. I know it sounds normal, but I would hope to gain more strength during the day from a more fit body. Perhaps I am just impatient...
  6. Agreed. I was only joking about the social networks. We have to embrace them to grow.
  7. It just feels like the Matrix all over again, under the Samurai label. They pick Keanu to be "The One" and the only guy to save the people ....
  8. Hey I fit that description at my age I have to take a nap every now and then. But I would say GC that you are just not getting a good restful sleep. Do you toss and turn a lot or do you sleep right through? I usually sleep right through. I sometimes switch left and right. I'm seriously considering to rent an oxygen tank for a week and hook one up to my face to see if it makes a difference. Tired of being a zombie ....
  9. I thought newsgroups were on their way out? I could swear I read of many getting shutdown a few years ago. That, or I'm dreaming
  10. It seems like Neo, the one, has returned as a Samurai. He must save the world... again. Looks good to me!
  11. I heard a lot about this torrent tracker over the years. It was a kingdom of full roms sets and had a lot of rare abandonware. However, it was just brought to my attention that it was recently shutdown. I'm quite shocked. http://torrentfreak.com/underground-gamer-goes-down-citing-legal-problems-130602/ https://opentrackers.org/underground-gamer-has-shut-down/ Legalities aside, I wonder what people will do or go to now this place is gone?
  12. Good call. You can actually overdose on Vitamin B. I should check the contents of it in my multivitamin.
  13. Yep, I tend to take one fish oil a day with B complex, vitamin C, vitamin D, citracel calcium, and a multivitamin.
  14. Sleepy throughout the day? I usually equate sleepy with lack of energy. And yes, I need to start exercising daily... that, and stretching. It's just a pain in the ass.
  15. Fascinating. Do you suck on the entire ear lobe? I tend to just start doing kisses with slight pressure under the ear lobe. Tends to work really well.
  16. Lol i like how you said just pictures and lots of searching. I guess that's the latest rave in anime, there's one that I just finished watching "eve no jikan" and it's basically about some dude that stumbles into a cafe and his interaction with the people there, keep in mind that it's 6 episodes and all the people are the same, he slowly finds out that everybody there is an android and even finds his going in there. (androids usually have a glowing ring above their heads indicating that they are androids) but in there they act like humans and in a way depict free will. The reason I bring this up is that I read on one of my favorite facebook pages the "i fucking love science" one in which scientists have recently developed an AI system with the cognitive recognition of a 4 year old. Pretty fascinating if you asked me, but it really comes down to, where will humans stop trying to make something inanimate slowly become real. Some like sex dolls and others like something you just want to love and show affection to. I dont think you ever watch anime but if you ever decide to have a closer in-depth to what it is I was just talking about there that really arouse my intellect when it comes to science fiction and I guess would surely maybe not soon become a reality. Armitage III (what if cyborgs became a reality) Chobits (what if people fell in love with their androids) Eve No Jikan (what if androids could think outside of their parameters "free will") That's quite philosophical anime. For some reason I just imagine watching a bunch of funky cartoon explosions, freaky sex, or Dragon Ball when I think about anime . Humans have been trying to make sex dolls real since the 60's. Others who just need unconditional affection (not sex), will buy a dog or cat. The problem is like I said -- I believe it's too easy to be satisfied with all the virtual bullshit. You need a level of testosterone to want to go out and talk to girls. We're built to reproduce... all you got to do is ask yourself what you feel like doing after you've jacked off. Do you still find the woman attractive? Do you still love her? Do you still love your job? Or does everything just feel like you're doing it for the wrong reasons? That reminds me of something else I worry of -- humans who live their entire lives actually through their hormones without knowing it.
  17. What are some other "buttons" you've found? I also found kissing the stomach is a huge turn on. I'm essentially trying to understand the best erogenous zones, excluding the vagina ....
  18. Well, is it just me, or have you had similar success with the neck smooching on a lady?
  19. Well said. The problem is that there will be devices soon in the future to simulate sex (already exist in its very mechanical forms), including 3D sex. You have this entire new generation of men who grow up on pornography literally being 2 clicks away -- all for free and in HD video. We didn't even have video at all when I first started looking at porn... it was just pictures and lots of searching ...
  20. I've noticed it with many women I've dated. It's what makes the "hicky". But I never forget how shocked I was the first time I started kissing up a girl's neck to right under her ear. She literally started gasping for air.... orgasming during the entire experience without me or her even coming near her vagina/clitoris. What is it about the neck that drives girls crazy? It's almost funny to me because I could never imagine a woman driving me crazy if she kissed my neck. There just doesn't seem anything special about it. What has your experience been with a woman's neck? The last girl I dated asked me to stop kissing her neck because she loved it so much and she was getting "hickies" everywhere .....oh the pleasures of kissing.
  21. I've never had any issue dating women of various heights. However, I've always had limits. The shortest can be 5 feet. The tallest can be around 5'8''. Anything taller or shorter feels highly unnatural and seemingly uncomfortable. However, I get heat sometimes from my friends for dating the shorties. It's never really mattered to me -- some women I've dated have been absolutely gorgeous at 5 feet. Hell, has anyone ever heard of Shakira? So you guys have any experience with short or really tall women? Or better yet, ever date a woman who's taller than you (I never have)? And to be clear -- in the sack, there really is no difference. You can match torso's at any height!
  22. Reading my old blog posts reminds me of how my mindset was back then. Fogged by negativity and unable to appreciate or see the positive aspect in anything, I appeared as if the world was about to crash land in my face. Instead, I should have realized I was in a very unique time period for 1Emulation. What can I say? Negativity: it's like a cancer, it rips through your mind, and makes everything seem worthless. Let's just say my perspective has changed greatly since 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, etc. And indeed, the years have moved fast since the time I started 1Emulation as EmulForums in 2002. It's very fascinating to see how many people still visit 1Emulation on a daily basis, including our returning and veteran members. We've sustained ourselves through the toughest of challenges --- hackings, crashes, server mayhem, etc. We could have always pulled the plug, but I refused to do so. Call it persistence or call it a love, this place has always been my Internet sanctuary (fuck the rise of social networks! ). I guess my greatest goal for 1Emulation is to see it blazing in activity again, but this will take a lot of patience. We've got all the tools in our disposal -- a community hungry for change, an amazing website backend, and a fabulous staff. Anyway, I felt like writing something after years of not posting on my blog. Cheers!
  23. You mean they run smoothly on the Ouya or through cloud gaming? On the original xbox, I couldn't think of any emulator that could really benefit from it. Ah, I see what you're saying. I forgot where this thread was posted ... I don't see how this wouldn't be possible on the original XBOX. But who would implement or allow it? I figure if the XBOX can output video, it should be able to do this, but I can't imagine it happening in the near future. XBOX homebrew is pretty much in its dying stages. PS3 homebrew on the other hand -- that's a possibility because now we can output 1080P video.
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