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  1. I've been considering a mechanical keyboard for some time now after I tried one once. I'm using a wireless keyboard and there's sometimes an atrocious typing delay. I've tried moving it around, but there's probably too much wireless interference. What mechanical keyboards would you recommend?
  2. Sorry I can't think of anything except trying VLC or making sure you downloaded correct subtitles for the video.
  3. Actually, I would say obsolete is a bit of a stretch after just 2-4 months. I bought a GTX 680 in March of last year and it still holds up to the top cards this year. The price has hardly changed on average as well: http://camelcamelcamel.com/EVGA-GeForce-DisplayPort-Graphics-02G-P4-2680-KR/product/B007KC1R3A?context=browse
  4. Well said. I wouldn't call myself a player though, just someone participating with another woman in the heat of the moment. Anyway, you didn't answer my original question of the thread? How does a first kiss with a new girl usually go for you?
  5. So this past girl I was dating, I was surprised to find she only french kisses. And once we started, it was hard to stop. Literally, first kiss I was feeling her back, suddenly grabbing her tits over her dress, and then slowly, but surely, moved my hands back down her back and grabbed her ass cheeks really tight. But, comparatively, this normally never happens on my first kiss with other girls. Yes, normally no ass or tits grabbing .... it's much more "casual" (at most just a lot of massaging around the back).... but at times could be french as well. What have your guys experiences been like? Did you go for the french kiss as the initial smooch? Did you usually grab her ass? How did you go about it?
  6. See topic title. Vote in poll.... As for me, sometimes I need at least 10 hours to not feel groggy. That and I drink a lot of coffee which doesn't help. Normally I maybe average around 7 hours. It fluctuates a lot with my wacky schedule. You?
  7. Wow. That's quite a difference. That reminds me of Will Smith and his wife. May I ask, what makes you so attracted to shorter women? Is the sex better? Yeah I feel like a porn star who's hung like an elephant! No...actually I just don't much like tall women, and I find petite ones have like a complex similar to that of a chihuaha that makes em feisty! Ooooooh.... so they're wild in bed! I dig it. I think he means overall, it's more like a girl with an attitude, but not necessarily a bad one...or should I say a bad thing, but yeah usually wild in bed. It almost seems like the shorter girls are subconsciously battling against the taller girls and this is the net response. Quite thought provoking, yet absolutely sexy at the same time.
  8. Wow. That's quite a difference. That reminds me of Will Smith and his wife. May I ask, what makes you so attracted to shorter women? Is the sex better? Yeah I feel like a porn star who's hung like an elephant! No...actually I just don't much like tall women, and I find petite ones have like a complex similar to that of a chihuaha that makes em feisty! Ooooooh.... so they're wild in bed! I dig it.
  9. Instant FAIL...only guido's (ala Jersey Shore) wear that Axe shit, stuff smells like cheap gin. Old Spice is ok though, but I've prefered Irish Spring for over 15 years now. Never heard of Irish Spring. I've been using Old Spice since the dawn of time. I think I may just give this new one a try.
  10. How did I miss this amazing response last year? (I have no idea what I just read)
  11. Just read this. Gotta say... you always post quite the stories, Emsley, and we love ya for it! Sorry to read about all the work trouble. It's true. Some people who are put in positions of power turn into assholes. I'm not surprised that the older gentleman was an asshole to work with. He probably was threatened by your youth and wanted you to face the tough times he probably endured when he started at the company. It's a common veteran maneuver to break down the rookies. Unfortunately, it's most likely going to be part of much of the workforce bullshit. You either suck up and play the game or start your own business. And honestly, it seems to me you've got the experience. I'd recommend starting your own plastering company. What do you think?
  12. Wow, this actually happened to me last year. I asked this beautiful woman out on a date after meeting her at a coffee shop. We talked for about 20 minutes straight and I got her number to hang out again. Texted her a few times, but she would respond days later, with no apology, nothing. It was getting so frustrating because I couldn't establish anything. Eventually, I saw her a few days later at the same coffee shop. She was sitting with a girl that looked like a Tomboy. Sure enough when I approached her and started talking, she introduced me to her girlfriend. Most guys would have been pissed, but I was quite pleased to know it really wasn't "me", but it was her (not that there is anything wrong with that). Now that you mention it, I do recall a few instances, and you may be absolutely correct (it's not the first time I've heard of this). It's just hard for me to believe that adults who tend to have more empathy (not children) would continue the same games, especially when it can cause the other person to feel quite shitacular.
  13. Alpha

    Back in action

    I can host the site for you. Message me and we'll figure something out. Glad to see you back!
  14. Agreed. I responded to this same question, as I submitted this to reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/1j53k5/oculus_ridiculous_my_take_on_the_oculus_rift_with/
  15. You'd probably be paying around $2k once your rig is complete. The GPU only is around $1k.
  16. I spent the great deal of my early morning reading about the Oculus Rift and how it might change computer gaming. Apparently, it's the new Virtual Reality Headset of the 21st century, and with the power of today's Hi Definition graphics, it will revolutionize your gaming experience forever. The funny thing is -- Nintendo tried this and it failed with the Virtual Boy. And by the way, they already have a Virtual Boy emulator now for Oculus Rift development kits. But, perhaps it was a fluke? Just poorly designed hardware for a damn good concept? At the moment, Sony and Microsoft seem to believe this, as we might see VR headsets in the near future with the XBOX ONE and PS4. Regardless, the Oculus Rift is about PC gaming, and the cool thing is that it's open source. But, the majority of people are going to buy it to play the newest games, and currently the only game that fully supports it is Team Fortress 2. But, where it gets interesting is that according to the latest August 2013 issue of Custom PC (UK Magazine), you will need a hefty graphics card to run a game with Oculus Rift. Your GPU will have to be able to run the newest games at least at 60FPS with V-Sync and Stereoscopic 3D enabled. How many GPU's support just 60FPS of the major games currently out (i.e. Crysis 3)? According to Custom PC's recent benchmarks (with zero note of having VSync or Stereoscopic 3D enabled for the tests), that would be the nVidia GTX Titan 6GB, which can run Crysis 3 at a steady ~61FPS on a 1080P HD Resolution (1920x1080). Of course, that's if you can buy an Oculus Rift right now, and start playing, which you'd be stuck with a development kit (nothing wrong with that, but it's buying a beta product). Finally, don't forget, your GPU will have the game set to a 1080P resolution, but currently Oculus Rift only supports a viewable 1280x800 resolution, or each eye at 640x800. Maybe they'll up this in the final consumer version, but there isn't even a release date set. Anyway, let's say you did want to play with Oculus Rift right now at its full potential... how much would it cost? Oculus Rift Development Kit = $300 nVidia GTX Titan 6GB = $1,019.99 (newegg Price) Total (not included the CPU you will need) = ~$1,319.99 Projected release date for Oculus Rift? Maybe... 2014. The moral of the story here is you're going to need a damn good computer if you want to use Oculus Rift at the best of its capabilities for PC gaming. The only way this might change is if the requirements to use Oculus Rift will change by its consumer release, or if you use it for 3D porn, with penis sensor capabilities (I'm not joking). [ADDED: It's also very bothering with the reports of numerous people feeling nauseous / motion sickness [1, 2, 3] after limited (5-10 minutes) to extended usage of the Oculus Rift. The good news is Oculus VR (company behind Oculus Rift) has taken extensive note of this and has called upon game developers to try to work on adjusting their games accordingly to limit this, but even they admit it may be impossible to completely eradicate it.] Until then, I'm calling this the Oculus Ridiculous.
  17. What modern day artists do you enjoy listening to? (unfortunately, I've never been modern with my choice of music, hence my asking)
  18. First you need a newsreader. There are many for free. I use Newsbin Pro and it is not free. Second you need a newsgroup service. Some internet providers give you access to them for free but free ones are very limited and slow. I use NewDemon and it is not free but very nicely priced at $6.95 a month. This allows me to access all the newsgroups out there and get very good download speeds. Next you need to use a NZB index service. Now there are many for free and they work almost as well as the paid ones. I myself use a free one but it is invite only. Search google for NZB sites and also. Here is a great site that explains newsgroups in further detail. http://www.zeropaid.com/news/86516/how_to_download_from_newsgroups/ I hope this helps answer some of your questions about newsgroups. Feel free to ask me for more help if you need it. I still am confused on newsgroups vs. torrent sites. Is there any "seeding" involved with newsgroups? And, historically, do you know of anyone who has ever got caught downloading pirated material using newsgroups? Or is it too hard to track?
  19. Never thought of the top cartilage part. I see some people get ear rings there (always looked quite painful). Anyway, noted.
  20. Wow. That's quite a difference. That reminds me of Will Smith and his wife. May I ask, what makes you so attracted to shorter women? Is the sex better?
  21. Ok well first off, you guys are gross. You sweat in your sleep and you walk around with that funk all day, but to be perfectly clear I meant showering after exercising. It's a nice way to start the day smelling fresh. LOL... I can actually relate to Cinder. I've showered at night many times. I don't know what it is, but going to sleep squeaky clean is really refreshing, as it relaxes a lot of my body before hours of rest. Of course, you're probably right, and there is going to be sweat while sleeping, but I'd argue not that much. Showering in the morning does make more sense though to me. I see it as a battle between instant pleasure and delayed gratification. If you elect to go for the latter, you may find that your daily life might slightly alter as a man because now you look even more handsome (based on opinion here) in the mornings!
  22. Backup games (PS3, PS2, PS1, PSP), more media center like options, Linux, etc.
  23. Our staff has been hard at work adding more emulators to our downloads section. As I have said before, our ultimate goal is to create the largest and most up-to-date repository of emulators available on the Internet. Of course, this will take time, which is why I have created this news post to update all of you on the latest that have been uploaded. Enjoy! [ Enter the Downloads Section ] PPSSPP x32 0.8.1 »» Playstation Portable (PSP) Emulators PPSSPP x64 0.8.1 »» Playstation Portable (PSP) Emulators PPSSPP x32 Git 0.8.1-749-g3139c5f »» Playstation Portable (PSP) Emulators PPSSPP x64 Git 0.8.1-749-g3139c5f »» Playstation Portable (PSP) Emulators Dolphin x32 3.5-1668 »» Wii / GameCube Emulators Dolphin x64 3.5-1668 »» Wii / GameCube Emulators pSX 1.13 »» Playstation 1 (PS1 / PSX / PSOne) Emulators FinalBurn Alpha »» FBA Emulators Gens/GS Release 7 »» Sega Genesis / Mega Drive Emulators Mupen64Plus 2.0 »» Nintendo 64 (N64) Emulators VBA-M r1149 MFC »» Game Boy Advance (GBA) Emulators No$Gba 2.6a »» Game Boy Advance (GBA) Emulators NESten 0.61 Beta 1 »» Nintendo (NES) Emulators RockNES 5.10 »» Nintendo (NES) Emulators Virtuanes 0.97 »» Nintendo (NES) Emulators Nestopia 1.40 »» Nintendo (NES) Emulators Nestopia UE 1.44 »» Nintendo (NES) Emulators Jnes 1.1.1 »» Nintendo (NES) Emulators Nintendulator Beta 0.975 »» Nintendo (NES) Emulators Nintendulator 0.970 »» Nintendo (NES) Emulators HDNes (2013/07/19) »» Nintendo (NES) Emulators FCEUX 2.2.1 »» Nintendo (NES) Emulators Snes9x x32 1.53 »» Super Nintendo (SNES) Emulators Snes9x x64 1.53 »» Super Nintendo (SNES) Emulators ZSNES 1.51 »» Super Nintendo (SNES) Emulators higan x32 092 »» Nintendo Emulators higan x64 092 »» Nintendo Emulators
  24. ... do you actually listen to this or only for a laugh? Here's my current pick:
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