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Blog Comments posted by Alpha

  1. It's so wonderful to see you back here, Agozer! To be honest, I have in many ways decided to look forward and not back to many of our long time members that have not been seen here in a long time. The 1emulation heart is still beating -- slower than usual, but still kicking.


    I am very much the same as you. The Internet has become smarter and more of a clusterfuck of things that manipulate us daily to grab our attentions (and many quite successfully). Old sites like us tend to go missing in the fray, but not forgotten. I hope you stay longer this time!


    Congrats on the new job. And I don't own a PS4. I'm opting out of the next gen consoles this time around, as there are still too many great games to play on the 360 and PS3.

  2. I got here today because I decided to drag out and dust off my old Commodore 128D. Very first computer I ever owned (1988 or 89..i forget). Sadly my 1902 monitor no longer works. So I am using a TV now. I found that one of my disks has errors for an old fav game. I found an emulator online and thought, how great would it be to write that disk again from the same software I found online for the emulator. And sure enough, I found out how to build a XM1541 cable to write from the PC to the 1541 disk drive. I am still waiting on the diodes to come thru the mail to finish building the cable. Then to understand more about the emulator (CCS64) I am using..I found this site. Nice to see so many ppl still using computers old school and having fun doing it.

    Keep on keepin on!

    Hey brother!


    Thanks so much for the kind message. Yep, we all here are fans of retrogaming, and glad you stumbled upon 1emulation. Our site is now entering its 12th year on the Internet. We are honored to have you here and hope to see you soon posting on our message boards. :)

  3. I will do what i can to be more active *shoot! didn't think i would get cought lingering on other websites :P j/k* Cheer up! Anything dead can always be recharged (well atleast batteries can) Pretend that 1emulation is 1 big battery that needs to be recharged :)
    What I'd like is a new battery: bigger, better, badder. :)

  4. Weird...either Tiger Direct has a special version of the processor or that's a typo.Here's the specs on NewEgg -> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16819103747
    Well it does say "2 x 512KB L2 Cache," so I assume that means it has 2 512KB caches which total 1MB... :naughty:
    Yes, but that means each process has 512kb cache. If you say 1MB, then that means 1MB each processor. You're really not supposed to add them up, but that's maybe what TigerDirect intended. :naughty:
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