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Yeah, I'm about ready to give up now.




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To make a post in my blog after over 2 years... Yes, I am ready to give up.


I think I lose more brain cells than a woman who goes into a tanning salon. This upgrade was fucking hell. :banghead:


Thanks for reading.


Your buddy,




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Don't give up GameCop, the place would not be the same, congratulations for the new site / layout.This upgrade may of been F**King Hell to do, but now it looks like F**King Heaven now, well done, keep it up man, you can do it. :)

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I really appreciate the kind words KingPepper. It means a lot. :)Two questions though, why have you suddenly started posting? What happened these last 4 years you've been a member of 1Emulation? :)

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Yeah i know mate, i am not really a forum's type of person, i like to read what others have to say, thats all, but i must say, hearing that you may give this up, made me write in, as the site would not be the same, keep at it mate, as knowing whats being released in the emulation scene is what interests me the most, hence why i love your site, as i have always done. :)

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Look GAMECOP I cam back out of protest and look how long Ive been gone bro .. haha Just remember the emulation scene wether it be direct connect or these websites will keep growing and people need you to teach them about it

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Ive came and gone and came and gone ...is cinder still around, magnis too?? ....ahh Im a old man with a kid and a wife now Im back on the forums so I can contribute to the scene

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