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Camping and a New Phone




On Friday one of my friends called me up and invited me to go to his cabin in northern-ish WI for the weekend. Not knowing how fricking cold it would be, I eagerly accepted. He informed me that we would be leaving at 9:00 AM on Saturday and I should pack for out door conditions. Then my parents went into an overprotective rampage and made be pack a bedroll that was quite possibly 2 feet in diameter, with a sleeping bag, 2 flannel sheets, a pillow, and 2 blankets.


The next day, after a two hour long car trip spent listening to the Ace Combat 5 and GTA:SA soundtracks, we arrived at the cabin, if you could call it that. Whit it was was a small, one room hut sitting atop a septic holding tank right next to a deserted freeway with a wide open field behind it. First impressions weren't that great (We were told to use the indoor bathroom as little as possible) but the little area had a certain charm and mystique, mostly because it was surrounded by tall grass and broken down buildings.


First we decided to take a walk on the beach of Lake Michigan, which was very nearly a fatal experience for me. We decided to get down to the beach by way of frozen waterfall and ravine, which would be challenging, to say the least. As I was attempting to work my way down the frozen waterfall, I was holding onto the nearest tree branch and balancing on some rocks. After I took one step onto the ice, I felt my foot slipping away, very fast. The tree branch slipped from my fingers and I went plummeting down. After what seemed like a fraction of a second, I found my self some 12 feet away and 3 feet below where I had been standing the moment before. Falling 3 feet on your back while traveling at a high speed is very painful, let me tell you. After I recovered from the pain of a bruised knee, a skinned arm, and a banged-up head, I noticed that I landed less than a foot away from a pile of big and sharp rocks.


The rest of the trip was not as dangerous, but not a single bit less exiting, either. Between each of us taking turns nearly sinking into the snow over the lake, we found a total of:

- 3 dead birds (completely decayed except for their feathers, bones, and feet)

- 4 dead fish (One of which was frozen into a puddle, but an animal had eaten the exposed part, so all that was left was a spinal cord spanning a gap in the ice)

- 3 dead rodents (1 partially decayed fox, 1 freshly dead raccoon, and one rodent skull, which I kept)


The rest of the weekend was spent tending to the fire and gathering wood, but at night we got to have some fun. We came up with a fun game to play in which one person would act as a guard patrolling an area, while the other three people would try to sneak into the area from the pitch black dark, 11 acre field. It was very intense. When I was the guard, I would hear footsteps, but my flashlight would reveal nothing. It took just about 30 minutes for me to find the three people. Being one of the infiltrators was not easy, either. While trying to get to cover to avoid the flashlight beam, I once spent 10 minutes in the exact same spot without moving a muscle.


However, the whole thing was overshadowed by the fact that the highest temperature for the entire weekend was 23 F, so sleeping in a small tent (which was not meant for winter camping at all) was hell on ice. Therefore, on Sunday night I opted to sleep in the cabin.


New Phone

Not much to say here... I *finally* got a cell phone. It's a Samsung SGH-c417 with service provided by Cingular. It's pretty nice... VGA camera, bluetooth, caller ID, etc. Only downsides to it: Few ringtones to choose from if you don't want to buy any more, and you can't set what the two options on the home screen are (You know... usually they're "Menu" and something like "Shop").


Pictures may be coming soon! :thumbsup1:




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