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My St. Louis Ordeal



So my past two blog posts were rather short and pointless entries that I was in St. Louis. It was quite an experience for me. During the orientation session of my second interview (Tuesday), the dean came in to inform us about the coming bad weather that would most probably ground our flights (we were all from out of state). That was very bad news for me since I had a major History test the next day I was hoping to study for when I got home. Every chance I got I checked the flight status on the computer and it still said "On Time." But just a few minutes before my actual interview at 1:00 PM, I checked my flight status, along with another applicant, and we were quite dismayed to see our flights canceled.


Right after the interview I raced over to get my bags and head to the airport so I could try to make arrangements and get some meal vouchers or a free hotel stay out of them but all I got was a flight the next morning at 6:50 AM. It was the only flight going to New Orleans that wasn't fully booked thanks to Mardi Gras. The next morning I get up at 5 AM and skip my shower because I have to get to the Metro by 5:30 so I can be at the airport for 5:50. I arrive at the Metro in time and everything is making good progress until after that 3rd to last stop from the airport there is this loud BUMP! noise. The train slows to a stop and the lights go out. This is not good. The time is now 5:45 AM. So the people behind me start complaining and getting belligerent that they'll be late for work. The girl I was riding with, who also interviewed with me, was not pleased at all since that day was her birthday and it was already ruined for her. I realize it's no use complaining since we're in the middle of nowhere in freezing cold (oh yeah, I'm not used to snow and major cold since I'm from the deep south) so I just kick up my feet on the seats next to mine and relax and call the airline to try to make some new arrangements. I realized that if I don't make the flight I won't have to take my History test so I don't fret at all.


However, we're told that a new train is coming from the other track that normally goes the opposite direction so all the trains are delayed. The time is now 6:25. I arrive at airport terminal at 6:30 and have to stand in a long time to get my boarding pass. By the time I get to security it's around 6:40 (flight leaves in 10 minutes) and that takes about 6 minutes. I learn that my gate is at the absolute end of the concourse so I have to run with my heavy backpack, suitbag, and long overcoat. I get there at 6:48 and thankfully the plane is delayed a few minutes otherwise I would not have made it.


What a crappy day that was.


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What an amazing story. So did you get any responses yet from the interviews?Either way, it's good to hear you're still in one piece.

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It'll be a while till I hear from most schools. I heard back from one school and I got in so I can relax.

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