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Accents Anyone?

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If the BLUE FAIRY came to you and proposed you may have any accent of your choice what would you choose?


a Hardcore Irish/Welsh Accent, Example of the accent: Rent the movie TRAINSPOTTING


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    Your Ayatollah of Rock N' Rolla!

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I'd probabally go with an English accent. :lol:


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I thought the guys on Trainspotting were scottish!....acckk...anyways, accent eh..hmm...I guess I'd want a Russian accent and then hang around dark places where ppl can't see me and I can just say stuff to creep them out



    The Houston Rocket

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i would go for the southern Texas accent, oh wait i got that. (not)

actually i would go for the italian cuban accent like tony montana, ahem
her womb is so polluted...



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I'll just go with "awkward foreigner's english accent" :lol: Although my english is very good, along with the accent.



    Needs Sunlight

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i got a ghetto accent from califonria
then i moved and now have a southern accent
with the two combine together i have ???
but i try to speak proper english



    Emsley here. That's right.

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I will jsut stick with my Yorkshire [english variation] accent.

Althogh i am origanly from wales...



    aka Gouki :)

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A metallic android accent. :)

No, in fact, I come from an european country.




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To replace my almost non existent irish accent........mmm
Id chose a king of fighters 95 accent, "Bobart bersus Andi, wond one Fighte". It would be mad ordering chinese food.



    The K Man

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I'd want a Brooklyn accent. It'll make me sound tough. "Ey! I'm walkin' ere!"



    ĐR€ĹMÇŧT ]v[ŘD

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I'd keep my accent I have now. People seem to like scottish accents, especially women from other countries :lol:

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