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*NEW* Sony PSP Pictures..


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If they make MvC2, I'll die alone :)

Hell yeah.. forget Mario if Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 or ANY Capcom Fighting games are on the PSP. :)


I will get one now :D

And they have Genki supporting it.

I am always a fan of Genki's produced games :)

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They're not roms. From the looks of it, it looks like it's based on mini-cds. Not like the gamecube's minidvd. I think it holds about 250 to 300 megs of memory.

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I want to PSP now. Call me a SONY fanboy, but I just want one. I don't care if most games are ports.

I'm a Nintendo fan boy. The thing is.. I think I am going to have to change to Sony this time if the Nintendo DS doesn't step up to the plate.


Sorry Nintendo.. you lost this one for now.. :)

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DS isn't a gameboy fools!

I know that..


I just don't understand the 2 screens. I'm sorry but I can't focus one eye on the bottom screen and my other eye on the top screen, it's just not happening. :)

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