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GryphonKlaw  Today, 04:47 AM Post #58 

It's rumored that the battery lasts about 90 minutes. And the thing has heating problems which is why it's being delayed.




Muahaha, serve them right!



It DOES serve them right. Scumbags. They (Sony) are trying to put the nail in 2D games' coffin and they've been trying since the flamin' PS took off. There will be no market left for these types of game if this damn thing flies off shelves (which it will). Nintendo still support 2D games, whereas as Sony have categorically admitted they only want games that push their machine (PSP) and would frown upon 2D. Absolute bastards. So Nintendo are forced into releasing a 3D handheld early, thus ending the GBA's life. Thus ending 2D games. The GBA was the LAST bastion of 2D games. Sony should be frickin' proud of themselves.


Sony still know F-all about video games and are just a grabbing electronics company. Obviously, Nintendo know what they're doing. There was a reason they waited an age before releasing a COLOR gameboy, there was a reason that their 32-bit handheld (GBA) was 2D oriented, there is a reason the handheld they are releasing now that their hand has been forced (DS) is only really equal to N64 power. It's because battery technology as of this moment (rechargable or otherwise) simply CANNOT support powerful systems with a reasonable battery life. Of course, the ineptitude of Sony say's "more power, more power" and goes the whole hog with something almost equal to the specs this generation of consoles have. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. I hope they never get this thing off the ground. Or they do and everybody says "half-an-hour maximum battery life?! Are they out of their mind?!!" and labels them with an even higher level of stupidity than that which got Sega and Atari creamed in their foolish attempt on the Gameboy's dominance.


You're damn right it serves them right.

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SONY better fix those issues or think of other solutions or they'll have a disaster in their hands. I don't want to see revisions N-Gage QD -style.


I want more side talkin' action! It would be awesome if the PSP had a phone in it too. ;)

Dear Lord, what was Nokia thinking with that? I'm mostly proud of Nokia's achievements in the mobile phone industry, but whoever thought came up with the concept of the N-Gage must have been mentally challenged.


Anyway, back to topic... Since the only handheld I've ever owned is the Gameboy (original B&W), I'm strongly leaning towards getting a PSP, even if it does have questionable battery life and whatnot.

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Statement: PSP has more power then the PS2 - Sony Rep.

Truth: PSP is more powerful then a PSX(PS1) and lower then a PS2 by specs


Statement: PSP will have PS2 quality games - Fan speculation

Truth: E3 and TGS "tech demos" and "videos" were all played behind a network, seeing footage of GT4 was actually just a video being played via network. The footage from there was actually from the PS2 build. None of the games shown at E3 or TGS were playing in REAL TIME using it's Processors. This is where Nintendo dominates teh feild of tech demos. They show real-world polygons in their games, as oppose to other companies who just show really nice renders but end up being low-ass polys on the PS2.


Biased against Sony? Hell yeah I am, I've had more Sony products failed on me within a 3 year base. My PS2 is always on the edge of it's life and now my controller doesn't work! Nice "Quailty control' Sony.


And this special accessory will ship with the PSP since it gets hot.

Exlusive stuff!

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