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(Snk vs Capcom 2) what are your hopes


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The Scissorman  (The REAL one[or two], which may not be Capcom's.  Oh well)

The Scissorman? No, no, no! I don't want this character to ruined that whole event of SVC2 then. :P

Come again? How would Scissorman ruin it? Because he's too cool?

Keeps me remind of that Edward Scissorhand. :P


BTW, if he is included. What will he do with big scissor? :punk:

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Metal Slug characters :punk:


The mars people was fun to play with.


Hell, you get sick of playing with fighting game characters after a while. :P


You could recreate these fights with mugen but the smaller characters dont work out too good.

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I just hope some characters from SFEX series could involve in this next game too. Man, I miss Pullum and C. Jack in action! (Others as well.) :thumbsup:

Go Go Copyright Infrigment!

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Dan doesn't count.


And it's Aotusukan.


Damn you Capcom U.S.A. and fscking up translations, and removing the fight dialogue against Gill, in all 3 versions of 3s, I'm sure they did other things, but Fsck them.

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